Heinrich Morgan stood on the deck of his ship, the Swift Wind, watching the waves roll past. They were some distance from land at this point and even though they only left Portland a day ago, the West Coast lay in the distance, just beyond sight. It wouldn't do for anyone to see his business. Piracy was frowned upon by most.

"Any luck figuring out what happened?" Henry asked his navigation tech.

"Fraid not, Captain," the dwarf said. "That ship no longer shows up on our sensors. Think she sank somehow?"

"That'd be the most likely explanation…but without a storm or other ships around, the next question becomes, 'Why did a lone ship suddenly sink'?"

"Sir!" the lookout ran up toward the bridge, waving his binoculars. "We might have a floater!"

Captain Morgan walked down onto the deck and took the binoculars away from his crewman to look in the indicated direction. A figure appeared to be floating on a piece of debris, coming from the direction of the former ship. "Bring us about. Let's see if they can provide any answers."

The Swift Wind turned and its motor revved up as the vessel moved to where the figure lay in the water. As the ship pulled alongside the figure they saw a cybernetically augmented ork lying atop a partially submerged piece of deck board. His body was burned and had several gashes over his exposed skin. His cybernetic arm hung limply in the salt water, threatening to drag the ork to the bottom should his weight shift.

"Pull him aboard and tend to his injuries. I'd like to learn something from him before he dies."

"Sure thing, Captain."

Henry Morgan returned to his place on the bridge and pointed the ship in the direction the ork had drifted from. Perhaps there might yet be something of value adrift on the waves.