Fanfic: The Edge Chronicles

The wind flew through Quint's black hair as he watched the horizon. Maris stood by his side, as stubborn as ever. She had refused to leave Quint's side after the poor treatment she had gotten from her distant relatives in Undertown And because of the letters, too. Quint felt a new wave of rage for Vilnix. The scoundrel had forged quite a few letters to Maris. They were rude, and demanding money, signed Quint, himself. She had cried. For a week. Quint's hand tightened on the rails of the sky ship and Maris hugged his arm.

"You okay?" She asked, knowing the look in his eyes. Quint looked at her, a slight smile on his face.

"Fine," He said, blowing a chunk of hair out of his face. She laughed as it fell right over his eye, yet again. Quint brushed it back with a hand as Maris said;

"Vilnix?" They both knew it was more of a statement than a genuine question. She nodded to herself, and then shivered as her shawl rippled away from her in the wind. The tattered shawl was hardly any protection against the cutting wind.

"Are you okay?" Quint asked, smiling a little despite himself. "Do you want me to try and fetch a blanket for you?"

"N-No…I'll be okay," Maris said, her shivers jerking her shoulders. Stubborn as a bull. Quint helped her re-wrap the shawl, and put an arm around her. Her cold hands wrapped around his stomach, stealing warmth from his shawl. She shivered heavily once more, then stopped. Quint pulled back a little to look at her face, make sure she was okay. Tears streamed down, but no sound escaped her lips. She had lost her father, and she had almost thought that she had lost Quint, as well. She wasn't about to take a chance now. He put his hand on her head, holding her from the wind and pain.

She wiped the last of her tears on her hands and shawl, and then gave him a weak but happy smile.

"Quint," a voice said. Quint sighed softly, the sound hardly escaping his lips, and said;


"Take over the wheel a moment, lad, and we'll make sure they haven't softened you." He said. Maris laughed, and said;

"No one can possibly soften Quint!"

"True, Mistress Maris, True."

Quint fingers were soon flying over the levers, lowering some weights and raising others. The sky was calm, and his father was discussing with Maris the fact that he would be willing to teach her how to fly. She said she wanted to feel the exhilaration of it all, the control and everything. She asked him when they could start.

"I don't know," answered Quint's father, "you'll have to ask your teacher, Quint." With his back facing Maris and his father, Quint's mouth turned into a small 'O' of happy surprise. He heard a breathy laugh of happy shock from Maris.

"And to think, once I was your teacher, now you shall be mine," Maris said, walking over to the wheel. Quint grinned and nodded. He told Maris the list of weights and sails, pointing to each, and then he let her take the wheel while he stood by.

"She picked up flying fairly easily, father. I didn't do much," Quint said. His father patted him on the back and congratulated him, walking off to the wheel afterwards.

"Didn't do much?" Maris giggled, "Didn't do anything's more like it." Quint laughed and gave her a friendly knock on the shoulder.

"So I take it you like flying?"

"Oh, Quint, I love it! The wind in my hair, the freeness, the soaring feeling…it's amazing!" Maris said, lifting her arms. Quint laughed, and Maris blushed.

"Haha…I was like that, too. Flying has…interesting effects on a person. The blue sky, the fresh air, the clouds, the storms..." Quint's face was lit with memories. He told Maris of some of his voyages before he had arrived at the professor's care. She listened intently and gasped in fear and sighed in relief at all the right places. There came a sudden gasp of absolute terror from her, and Quint said;

"-but he roped it just in time, Maris, we were perfectly fine." And then he turned around.

There was a tiny sky ship there, with only enough room for one person.

"What's-Vilnix!" he shouted. He drew his sword, holding it in front of Maris and himself, praying to sky that his father was okay. "You know you're no longer welcome here," He said, his eyes glinting with some unknown emotion. Vilnix walked forward, onto the deck of the ship.

"I thought some revenge was in order," He said.

"Yes, indeed; for me!" Quint shouted, twisting the sword around in his hand. Vilnix walked forward and looked at Maris.

"Long time, no see." He said, the creepy smile Maris hated so much showing on his face. Maris sucked in a breath.

"Sky damn you and get away from me you foul, gross, conniving, evil BUG of a man!" She shouted into his face. Quint stared. Then, in a flurry of movement, Vilnix punched Maris across the face. Quint roared and brought the sword down on Vilnix's foot, slicing open his boot. Vilnix sneered, and aimed a swipe at Quint, who dodged. Vilnix hopped back over the side of the sky ship and onto his own. He steered away.