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The sweet smell of new scrolls drifted out of a tower as Quint and Maris walked by. The length of the walk to the docks didn't seem to bother either of them. Quint easily dodged rushing students and apprentices as their passages got more difficult. Maris, having experience, looked almost like she was walking normally. However, she didn't see a rushing boy who was tearing down the streets. Quint slipped his arm around one of hers and pulled her out of the way. She let out a sharp noise that was almost as bad as the sound of her ankle. The boy had tripped over it, in turn, hitting it with the heavy vase he had been carrying. The boy gasped, picked up the vase pieces, and ran off. Maris grunted as she closed her hands on the fabric of her shawl. Her ankle was hot and painful. Her teeth clenched as she pulled her legs in toward her. Quint was already down by her side, waiting for her to say something while he looked at her ankle.

"Quint!" She said. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "It hurts, so, bad." She said, gasping. He furrowed his eyebrows and moved a bit of fabric so he could see her ankle. It was starting to swell and turn black and blue.

"Maris, can you walk?"

"How, about, we, focus, on, thinking, around, the, pain, first!" Maris grunted. Then she said: "Okay, okay, it's not, THAT bad, but still I, I don't think, that walking is, a choice."

Quint almost marveled at seeing Maris hurt. She was reluctant to push through THIS problem.

'Gee, Quint, Maybe that's because she's HURT. Now stop being a PRICK and help her.'

Quint slid an arm under Maris's back, and under her arm. He pulled her up, and she leaned on him. They walked to the side of the street, and Maris grinned.

"Guess I won't be too much help now, will I?"

Quint laughed, surprising himself, and Maris chuckled a little. She sat down on a crate, and Quint pulled out a rag.

"Quint, that's NOT going to be long enough," Maris said. She reached to the end of her dress, and tore a length of lace off of it.

"I never liked the lace on this one, anyway." She handed it to Quint, who carefully held up her foot. He wrapped up the ankle, tying the bandage off, and helped Maris up. She walked a few painful steps on her own, and then placed a hand on Quint's arm. He linked their elbows, and then they made their way to the docks.

Wind Jackal peered out past the spot where he had been pacing, and saw what appeared to be Maris and Quint. But, one was limping.

Mistress Maris, the poor child. Quint was helping her along, and they made their way to Wind Jackal at a regular pace.

"Maris, what happened?" Wind Jackal exclaimed.

"My ankle, some kid on the street..." She said, grimacing a little. Quint put an arm around her shoulders, and boarded the ship. Wind Jackal boarded after them, and undocked the ship, heading out. He headed in the direction that Quint described from their encounter with Vilnix and his little skyship.

Quint helped Maris down the little hallway, though she said she could make it herself. She opened the door and Quint followed her. She eased herself into a chair, and propped a foot up.

"Thank you, Quint." She said, smiling. "I'm sorry that this happened."

"Oh Maris, please, I'm just glad you aren't hurt!" Quint replied, momentarily averting his eyes as Maris removed her shawl. She sent him out of the room for a minute, and changed into a lighter, more comfortable dress. She made her way around the room a little easier now, and was getting used to her ankle. She opened the door and let Quint back in.

"Now don't think that because you've seen me all hurt that that means I'm a helpless girl." She said, walking determinedly on her own.

"Maris, I couldn't think that about you, it's not possible."

"Gee, thank you." Maris said rather dryly. Quint flushed a little and smirked.

"Be nice, Maris, I'm a pirate, not a Duke."

"I know, and that's one of the reasons I like you, Quint."

"Well, you're not going to like me after I say this; you aren't going to help."

Maris looked at him with a snap of her head and said;

"And what makes you think you can stop me?" She untied her braid loops, letting them fall on her shoulders.

"I tell you what, Maris. If you can walk on your own and run decently by the time we find him, you're welcome to help."

"And if not? You're going to make me sit here? And wait?" Maris said, crossing her arms. Quint got up and walked over to her.

"I'm going to make you stay in the ship, and make sure that you stay safe." Quint said. Maris glared and was about to open her mouth to say something, when Quint pressed his lips to hers. She gasped and he walked out of the room, leaving her to her thoughts.