Lucas hated cloudy days.

Okay, not really. He was a complete fan of when the sun was covered by immense clouds, causing the entire sky to dim and cast off shadows on the ground. He would never admit that to Marley, though. She was strictly a summer and sun person-something he didn't understand whatsoever, being that she was pale-skinned brunette- and was currently attempting to get them tickets to visit Hoenn for a bit.

This was not a very exciting prospect for the black-haired male. He would much rather watch Barry and Dawn have a conversation than travel out of Sinnoh.

Okay, maybe not. Whenever Barry and Dawn had a conversation, they usually ended up with them kissing or giving each other the lovey-dovey eyes and Lucas would have to excuse himself and try not to puke at the sugary apocalypse.

…Hoenn seemed like a much better option.

"Hey, Lucas!" The girl's yell caused Lucas to nearly fall off his gray rolling chair, his papers flying everywhere, his heart racing.

"Arceus, Marley. Make some noise next time you walk in." Lucas snapped, all while picking up his pieces of paper and fallen beret. Marley gave him a smile and reached the red beret before Lucas, picking it up and twirling it around on her index finger. Her dark eyes were focused on the hat and Lucas used the distraction to finish organizing his files.

"Where'd you get the hat?" Marley tilted her head slightly and the male sighed, and turned towards the girl, while crossing his arms.

"Why? Want a beret, too?"

Marley scoffed and threw the hat back to its owner, only for Lucas to catch it with ease. The boy put the hat back on, while running his fingers through his already messy jet-black hair. The black-haired girl strolled towards the male and handed him an envelope.

"We're going to Hoenn in two months. Isn't that exciting?" Marley seriously squealed and Lucas groaned, pushing the beret over his eyes.


"Aww, come on. Show more emotion!"

"This is from the girl who barely spoke two sentences when I met her."

Marley pouted and reached for the beret once more, only to be intercepted by Lucas' hands, holding fast to her wrists, keeping her locked in front of him. She narrowed her cobalt eyes and he rolled his navy blue eyes.

"I'll give you the beret, if you do me a favor."

Marley attempted to squirm away. "I don't want it anymore. Let go."

Lucas sighed and let go of her wrists, like she commanded. Marley rubbed her wrists and tilted her head to the side.

"I don't get you, Lucas."

"I could say the same thing about you."

Silence wrapped around them as another cloud covered the sun, that was previously shining through the cracked window in attic. The attic grew dark and Marley shivered. Lucas arched his brow and got up from his chair, and slowly approached the shuddering girl. He carefully placed a hand on her waist, and the other found her hand. Marley furrowed her brow and realized what the lab assistant was doing.

She placed her free hand on his shoulder and he led her in a dance. They twirled and dipped, dancing to imaginary music as the cloud continued to roll by.

Maybe cloudy days weren't so bad, Marley decided, after they crashed into one of Marley's ancient lamps, their laughter echoing in the dusty room.