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I nervously glanced out the window. Stained on it were water streaks from before. I had cringed away from the rain, hoping it would stop before I got out of the car. I really didn't need to get wet now.

Moving in with Sam and Emily was going to be a big step, no doubt. Moving to the wettest place—well, ever—would be an even bigger problem.

Hey! Stop that! I scolded myself. Even though you'll have some trouble, think about the good times you'll have with your brother and almost sister…

Still, I had a lump in my throat thinking about when I'd left good old Gold Coast…

"I'll miss you," Emma said beneath tears.

"I'll miss you, too," I said, her tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

Cleo came up and gave me a big hug. "Call everyday," she reminded me. I nodded.

Rikki hugged me next. "And email us," she said.

I laughed. "How could I forget?"

Bella tightly squeezed me so hard I worried there wouldn't be any more room for air to escape.

When she'd let go, I had to board the plane. We exchanged our sorrowed good-byes, and I looked back only to see my four best friends—all together, we were the best five mermaids around.

I know, I said mermaids. My name is Kylie, and I am…a mermaid. I changed in Italy. I found a moon pool inside a dormant volcano, and so had Cleo, Rikki and Emma. Bella's moon pool was in Ireland.

When we'd climbed into the moon pool, something utterly magical happened. The full moon passed overhead. The moon pool bubbled and sparkled, and it was breathtaking to watch.

The next day we found out something extraordinary happened. Ten seconds after contact with water, we turned into mermaids with long, gold-orange shimmering tails and scaly tops to match.

It was a blessing and a pain in the butt all at once!

So moving to Forks, Washington for a whole year would be hard. But still, I'd have so much fun!

My mother parked on the hard dirt and pebbly driveway just then. I checked out the window just to make sure, and sure enough, it wasn't raining.

I tumbled out the car door quickly for two reasons: one was that who knew when it would start raining again? And second: I couldn't wait to see Sam and Emily!

"You sure are excited," mom noticed.

"Yeah," I admitted. "I mean, it'll be so nice to see Sam and Emily again!"

I took my suitcases out of the trunk of the car and faced my mom. After an awkward silence, I said, "Well…see you at Christmas time?"

She threw back her head and laughed, a long laugh. Then she said, "You're not getting rid of me that easily. I'm going to say hi to Sam first and good-bye to you."

We lugged my suitcases inside, to be met with a smiling Sam and the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

Sam gave me a really tight hug. When he'd finally let go, I said in amazement, "Wow, Sam! Work out much?"

He smiled and said, "I missed you, too."

It was crazy to see how much he had changed. First of all, he had these huge muscles on his arms. And he also had this really deep tan, which was weird…I didn't know you could get a tan in the rainy Forks!

Sam hugged my mom, too, and she said good-bye to me. She hugged me, and left.

I waltzed into the kitchen, following the scent of cookies. There I found Emily hunched over a stove.

"I knew Sam wasn't the one baking those cookies!" I said.

Obviously I had surprised her. She jumped about a mile at the sound of my voice, and then spun around. When she saw me, she hugged me. "What's up, sister?" she said.

Technically, Emily wasn't my sister, because she was Sam's fiancée. But we still pretended we were.

We hugged it out. As we did, I happened to get a glimpse out the window. There was a forest, and along it, I could see a stream running through it. I immediately thought of accidentally slipping into it, with Sam and Emily and all their friends watching, and snapping photos, and shipping me off back to Australia to be tested…

I shuddered. No, that couldn't happen. I came here for a new beginning, so that no one knew my secret. It couldn't be hard, right?

Wrong. Keeping the secret a secret involved lying, hiding, sneaking, and…well, lying again. Everyone that I knew here, every living soul that came up and said 'hi' to me, every person that laid their eyes on me…they were just more people to be secretive to.

I could go back and practice my powers with the stream water, I thought, keeping my mind off the previous subject. Oh, I almost forgot. Powers!

Cleo could control water and wind, Rikki could boil things, catch things on fire, and control lightning, Emma could freeze things and manipulate clouds (snow, sleet, hail, rain), and Bella could turn things into jelly and crystallize it. Me? I know it's hard to believe, but I had all of them.

When I left, we were dealing with this water tentacle that always attacks on a full moon that (evidentially) was tomorrow night. That reminds me, I needed to plan something with the girls.

"Hey, Emily?" I asked after the hug fest was over. "What are you doing tomorrow night?"

"Were you planning something? Sorry, Ky, Sam and I are going to a movie, then staying at a friend's house. You'll be on your own."

"Okay," I said. Perfect. We could stay here; I could board up the windows…and better yet, the sinks, too. We couldn't risk a water tentacle attack.

Then Emily took out trays of cookie. I was amazed at how many there were.

"Emily, what's with all the cookies? Is Sam a bigger pig than I remembered him?"

Her smile disappeared. "Um…actually, they're for me," she said.

"Oh, I'm sorry! No, I didn't mean to call you a pig or anything…" I trailed off.

She laughed. "I'm just kidding! These are for Sam and his friends." Before I got to ask how many friends he had, she turned to the cookies. "Okay, let's see…chocolate chip, M&M, peanut butter, cookie dough, butterscotch pecan, oatmeal raisin…" she sighed. "As if any of those pigs with eat oatmeal raisin."

"Don't worry, Em, I'll help." I picked up a cookie and took a delicate bite out of it.

"Need something to drink?" she asked. I nodded happily.

She grabbed a water bottle and handed it to me. "Better eat the cookies while they're here, I hear a stampede coming," she joked. I stuffed another one in my mouth. Man, were they good.

The stampede arrived. They were all boys, and they seemed to look exactly like him: tanned body-builders.

Sam let them in, and they herded to the cookies. After the crowd was gone, no cookies were left. Now I was thankful that right when they came in, I stuffed another in my pocket.

I don't think they noticed me at first. They were too busy engrossed in the food, which, I might add, by then was pretty much gone.

"They are pigs," I whispered to Emily.

They must've heard, because they turned around to stare at me. I headed towards the cupboard (with them watching) and selected a straw for my drink.

I just stood there, sucking down the water and being careful not to get any on me, while they stared. When I was almost done, Sam finally introduced me. "Everyone, this is Kylie, and Kylie, this is everyone."

I smiled. "Hey, everyone." I put my hand on the counter and set my water bottle by it. Big mistake.

Sam started to walk back to his friends, running his fingers across the countertop. I knew I should have been more careful.

Sam knocked the bottle over, the remaining liquid pouring out of it. I could have frozen it, or controlled it away from me. But I couldn't. The water got my hand all wet.

"Oh, crap, sorry Kylie—" but I was already off. I stormed up stairs, silently counting, 10, 9, 8, 7…

"Kylie?" Emily called when I'd reached upstairs. I immediately located the bathroom. 6, 5, 4…

I stepped inside and closed the door, locking it. 3, 2, 1…

I made sure to sit on the floor. At the number 1, my gold-orange tail appeared. It thumped on the floor.

I put my hand over it, drying it with Rikki's power in the process. Steam rolled off my tail.

Then I heard a, "Kylie, are you okay?" followed by the turning of the doorknob.

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