I watched the small bird struggle beside me, before returning my eyesight to the battle taking place in the open meadow. It would have been a bloodbath, if it hadn't been a battle of the vampires. And some giant wolves.

I was supposed to be out there. I was supposed to be fighting. I couldn't do it. The bird beside me was now limp and lifeless. I wasn't sure how it had died. Life was cruel. I reached out and ran my fingers along it's shining blue wings. And just like that, the bird came to life again.

Its beady eyes opened and looked at me. Its chest rose and fell with every breath. I could hear its heart beating. And then it flew off.

I blinked and looked in front of me, awoken from my daydream. The pain in my head was gone, as were the black-cloaked vampires who had been watching me. Instead, the yellow-eyes were stood, staring at me, almost looking friendly. I looked at them questionably.

"Bree, we would like to welcome you to our family." The blonde one, who I believed was named Carlisle, smiled. "This is your second chance."

I looked up at him. "Thank you, but why would you do this, when you don't know me?"

"We've all been like you at some point."

"And I've seen a better future for you." The girl with the cute bob smiled.

"I must go to Jacob's." Carlisle said. "But I shall meet you all back at the house."

He ran off into the woods and the girl with the bob took my hand.

"I'm Alice, your new big sister." She smiled, widely. "Come on Bree, your second life is going to be wonderful!"