9 Worlds. 9 Kamen Riders. 4 Rangers. One Magic Mirror. One Passing By Kamen Rider. These stories intertwine into a history of worlds. Destroy everything, unite everything. A decade has passed, now it's time for the Final Ride.

Power Rangers: Decade

Written by Shaun Garin

Self, when you see a magic mirror in the middle of the road, never EVER pick it up. And what did you do? YOU PICKED IT UP!

This was Vivio's thoughts as she careened through space and time, rushing further and further into wherever the hell this mirror was sending her. Faster and faster she flew until with a loud banging noise, she landed.

Spitting up gravel, she groaned and rolled over onto her back. It was evening and in the middle of a city. "Oh man," groaned Vivio as she sat up, holding her head. The mirror was still gripped in her hand and thankfully not broken. After all, everyone knew that magic mirrors were the bane of existence.

"You really put your foot into it this time Vivio," she groaned to herself, pulling out the Riot Morpher and keying in a frequency. "SPD this is Vivio Hart, calling in on all frequencies, can you read me?"


"SPD this is Vivio Hart, can you read me? I'm setting up a beacon for retrieval. No doubt Mom's freaking on me by now." With a disgusted noise, she shut off her Morpher. "Damnit, I'm out of range. Must be on an undocumented world."

"Help me…!"

Vivio startled. Wait, voices in her head? That wasn't hers?

"Help me, someone…! Anyone who can lend me your power, please…!"

"Aw man, here we go again." Cursing her hero complex, Vivio bolted into the city, looking for the source of it.

The source of the voice said to be a very familiar ferret as Vivio ran up to it, but before she could do anything about it, a group of girls came around the corner and Vivio bolted into the trees, her white-rimmed SPD uniform standing out.

She blinked. "Suzuka, Arisa and… Nanoha. Huh. Am I in another reality again? I must be if there's Yuuno there and… wait, this isn't Reefside…"

As she pondered over the situation, the girls had taken Yuuno and Vivio followed in a mostly stealthy-like manner.

Vivio had gotten a few snippets of conversation from the others. This was Unimari City, and it was in Japan. It was definitely another world and Nanoha didn't seem to know about her magic yet. Strike one for being in her same universe.

Strike two was the giant dustbunny that exploded through the wall when Vivio was catching a few z's on the roof of the clinic, and the subsequent chase into the rest of the city. That was kind of frustrating. Vivio was about to step in when Nanoha transformed her barrier jacket with the longest route she had ever heard in her life. "Lyrical Magical," snickered Vivio. "Whatever happened to SPD Emergency?"

Looking at herself, she decided she needed to take some… liberties with the whole situation.

Hacking into the school records and making a false paper trail was child's play, courtesy of Kat Manx's training in an alien setting. The transformation magic, not so much, but she managed to distill the magical power into a nice concentrated form.

As such, Vivio Hart, an exchange student from America was attending Nanoha's class, much to her chargin. Sacred Heart, her plushie was hiding in her bag, the hybrid device playing the part of a plush toy.

Rule number one when you went to another time and/or place, blend in. And Vivio was a mistress of blending in. Until she was rescued, there was no reason for her to stand out, right?

"Vivio-chan, do you want to come with us to Nanoha-chan's family shop?" inquired Suzuka of the new student.

"Hmm? Well sure, I could do that," said Vivio, clearly surprised at the offer.

As the girls headed home, Arisa asked her all sorts of questions. "Where are you from in America?" inquired Arisa.

"Reefside, a small town in California," said Vivio.

"Oh I see. You speak Japanese very well," said Suzuka, clearly impressed.

Vivio had to blush. Japanese was her POOREST language in the world. It was by virtue that the Power acted as a universal translator. "Ah, well I have a friend who is from Japan."

"Oh?" said Nanoha and Vivio realized she blundered into problems. "Like who?"

"Ah, Nancy, Alicia and Sarah," said Vivio, quickly adding, "Their parents are both American and Japanese."

"That would explain the western names," said Suzuka and Vivio let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding in.

"Where are you staying for the time being?" inquired Nanoha.


"Um… nowhere really… just arrived today…"

The girls shared an aghast look. "You don't know? That's terrible! What about your parents?"


Figuring Vivio's fidgeting for something different, Arisa hugged her. "You poor girl, we didn't know! Come on, we'll let you stay with us!"

"That's right! My home is your home!" added Suzuka.

"Mmm!" exclaimed Nanoha.

This is the worst! screamed Vivio's inner monologue. What else could possibly go wrong?

"AH! After ten thousand years I'm free! It's time to conquer earth!"

Yuuno was certain there was something magical about the new girl. Not only had she moved like a trained warrior, she exuded a force that seemed like Power to him. Power with a capital P, something he was unfamiliar with.

His suspicions were confirmed when the girl ran out the house when a honest-to-god MONSTER ATTACK happened; a squadron of foot soldiers, gray with alien clay-like faces were bubbling all over the attack zone. Nanoha obviously wanted to help but they were all over the place.

Following Vivio from a distance, he gasped as the girl grew up in a flash of light and took on the foot soldiers with her bare hands and feet, dressed in some kind of uniform.

Putties. They had been briefed on their existence in SPD but this was the first time that Vivio had ever fought them before.

Why Putties? Shouldn't have Zordon called his Rangers by now? Why here and not in Angel Grove? thought Vivio as she flipped one over her shoulder and it shattered on the ground with a bubbling hiss.

"EEEK!" exclaimed an innocent civilian as she was manhandled by the Putties. Said innocent was Suzuka and Vivio groaned. "Oh, damnit!"

With a textbook flying kick, she booted it in the head as she turned to Suzuka. "Go, run!"


Vivio winced. "Now's not the time for this! RUN!"

"Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!" gloated the vaguely winged simian in golden armor. "This world will belong to Rita Repulsa!"

"Oh great, Goldar," groaned Vivio. She turned to the sky and yelled, "Zordon! If you can hear me, make with the defenders of the world by now!"

No answer. And Goldar gloated, "It's no use human! Calling to Zordon of Eltare for help isn't going to get a reply!"

"We'll see about that then," said Vivio as she snapped out her Riot Morpher. "Sacred Heart!"

[integrating~!] chimed the bunny plushie as it wrapped itself around the morpher. [setup complete!]

"SPD RIOT ENFORCER!" Vivio thrust out her hand and unleashed a blast of power that protected her from the attackers. In a shower of light, Vivio drew her bladed lance and spun it around. "SPD Riot 5 White Ranger!"

"Uh oh," said Goldar. A Power Ranger. With a capital P.

This could be bad.

"SPD Riot Blaster!" The plushie latched onto the front of the powerful looking axe which transformed into a gun.

Yeah, it would hurt a lot.


Goldar teleported out as the Putties were blown to hell.

Though who shoots bunny plushies at the opponent? Obviously someone with a demented mind.

"Well it could have been a whole lot worse," said Nanoha as Vivio banged her head on the table of the Midoriya café table. Suzuka was patting the older girl on the back and Arisa had a look akin to worship. "What were those things again?"

"Putties," said Vivio. "But what I don't get is why they're here, in Japan. They should be attacking Angel Grove."

"That could be a matter of geography," said Miyuki, spreading down a map of California. "Look, none of those cities you mentioned exist. No Angel Grove, no Reefside, no nothing."

Vivio banged her head on the table again.

"So something you want to tell us, Nanoha-chan?" asked Arisa in that sugary saccharine tone of hers.

"ERK! What do you mean?" blushed Nanoha. "There's nothing going on!"

"You transformed in front of me to protect me," said Arisa and Vivio realized that was where Nanoha and Arisa was in the whole mess. "Magical Girl Nanoha, I like it!"


"Well if it helps, she's one in my world?" said Vivio.

"Yeah, but still!" exclaimed Nanoha.

"Well we'll just have to wait for the next Jewel Seed to reveal itself," said Yuuno, having come out of the woodwork. "But soon the TSAB will be here with questions."

"And Fate Testarossa," said Vivio, earning looks from the others. "What, you didn't think that you were the ONLY one who had an eye on those did you Yuuno? Dad took care of her in our world, and she's my sister."

"I thought your name was Vivio Hart?" asked Suzuka.

"Yeah, Vivio Hart Testarossa Oliver." She shrugged. "My family's kind of weird like that." She frowned. "But what I don't get is why Zordon wasn't here."

"Maybe the old sage doesn't exist here?" inquired Arisa.

"Maybe…" Vivio looked over into the mountains. "Suzuka, how long do you think it would take to search for a temple in the middle of the mountains?"

"Hmm, two, three days tops?"

"Can you do it for me? I'd like to check a theory."

Nanoha fought a giant kitty. It was par for the course.

She also got her butt kicked by Fate. Vivio found this particularly funny. Especially when Nanoha said she had "amazing gentle eyes."

"Found something here," said Suzuka three days later. "It's close to the place we're going on vacation for."

"Well, field trip. Pack your bags, swimsuits and be sure to hold onto your panties," said Vivio, folding her arms across her ample bosom, something all three girls thought was incredibly unfair for a girl to be hiding under that Lolita body of hers. "When we go on vacation, magical girls get attacked. It's in the handbook."

"Sure they will," teased Arisa. "Sure they will."

"Fine, don't believe me. I'm going to be hiking. Try not to blow up anything important while I'm gone."

Vivio pulled herself up over the ledge as she found herself standing in front of the Command Center. "Just like the map said," said Vivio.

The distant crackle of thunder alerted her to a battle in the valley below and she rolled her eyes. "Told them. But does anyone listen to the genre savvy? Noooooo."

Pushing the doors open which opened without the use of a Power Coin, Vivio frowned as she stepped into the dark room. "Zordon? Alpha?"

Panning a flashlight around, she scowled at the turned-off Alpha. "C'mon, let's get you back on your feet…"

"Aiyiyiyiyiyi! Zordon, what happened?" asked Alpha as he was reactivated, powered and informed of the attack.

"An evil energy surge knocked all of our systems offline," reported Zordon, the old sage looking apologetic about the whole thing. "Apparently Rita thought ahead, and prevented us from acting in on time. Thank you for your aid, young Ranger."

"All in the days work for SPD," said Vivio. "You need to find your five Rangers stat. But I gotta ask, whatever happened to Angel Grove?"

"The city burnt to the ground during the frontier age," said Zordon, "Due a massive fire. I relocated to the second best location, and set up command here outside of a ley nexus."

"Here in Japan. Makes sense. And it would explain why I was able to access the Grid here too," said Vivio. "Who did you have in mind?"

Kyouya wasn't too certain about the whole sentai thing but it didn't stop him from raising the Morpher to the sky and calling on the power of the Tyrannosaurus when the next battle began. Miyuki looked great in yellow though.

Rounding out their group were two of their live-ins: Akira Joshima and Feng Lianfei, the combat waitresses of the Midoriya, and Shinobu Tsukimura in pink, black and blue respectively. Vivio stood to the side, smug as their temporary mentor.

"You guys looked good out there," said Vivio honestly as they returned from their first battle."

As Zordon laid out the rules of Ranger combat, Vivio checked her watch. Ten days away from home. It was most definitely that SPD had discovered her location.

"STOP!" exclaimed Chrono as he got between Fate, Arf, Yuuno and Nanoha. "By command of the TSAB you are ordered to stop!"

"You idiot, you don't just stand there, catch them!" berated another familiar and gladly appreciated voice of the older Chrono as he appeared and before Fate and Arf knew it, were judged. "Yo."

"CHRONOOOOOOO~!" exclaimed Vivio, hugging him, much to the shock of the other who was mouthing things about Temporal Disturbances and WTF. "Are you here by yourself? Please tell me you're not. Please tell me you brought ZORDS."

"No, yes and yes, we brought zords," said Chrono placatingly as he hugged his step-sister.

"What's going on here?" exploded the younger Chrono. "You're in direct violation of temporal law!"

"Oh, temporal law can put a sock in it," groused Chrono, rolling his eyes. "Durandal, was I ever this much of a stick in the mud?"

[Nope sir,] chirped the device. [Not since the Seed Incident.]

"THAT is reassuring," said Vivio, rolling her eyes. "So, now what? Do we go to the Garden and kick butt?"

"Jewel Seeds respond to thoughts and desires," said Chrono. "Everyone clear your minds!"

Without warning, the Jewel Seed popped into the air, earning a curse from Chrono before Nanoha could seal it. "What happened there? Who thought of something? Who was it?"

All eyes went to Vivio who was cringing and trying to sneak away. "Vivio, what did you do?"

"I dunno… it just popped in there," said Vivio weakly. "Something from my childhood just popped into my head, something nothing…"

"DON'T SAY IT!" exclaimed Chrono loudly. Little Chrono blinked.

"Wait, is the ground shaking?" said the little Chrono as they looked up at the giant form stomping through the middle of Unimari.

"Holy puff puffing… VIVIO!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to conjure up the Stay Puft!"

"Alright, let's take stock of what we've got here," said Chrono as he and the others sat around the table, the assembled "Midoriya Rangers" as they were dubbed by the younger generation said. "What do we know?"

"First off, we've got a magic mirror that is allowing us to transfer between worlds. The magic mirror seems to have a charge or at least functions when a task is done. The next part of it stems to the fact that we're looking at an uncontrollable dimensional flow following patterns in the grid." Said Carter. "At least that's what the brains are saying. Anyone who follows along the grid will undoubtedly make a rotation but at the same time, it'll be some time before we loop back to our world."

"And that's why they sent us, with the Super Train Megazord," said Yuuno as he drew a pattern across the table. "But with every dimensional travel, the other 9 worlds will recognize us for what we are: invaders."

"It started with Vivio," said Chrono and the girl who summoned the Stay Puft lowered her head in shame. "She was the trigger to all of this. And what's different is that there's someone that they say is acting the same way. We figure the power of the Saint Armor plus the powers embedded into her Device Morpher has opened links to the Morphin Grid upon worlds that haven't tapped into the grid itself, thus causing us to flood to other 9 worlds that are interlinked into this mirror."

"And that would explain the energy flow that is invading this world and the other 9 worlds." Said Chrono. "There are shades to the grid which correspond with these 9 worlds: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Purple."

"But that's ten colors," said Kyouya with a frown.

"Vivio makes up the White power which gives us the power to shift through worlds," said Chrono. "We followed on what we call a Vapor Trail of Power in laymans terms."

"And with every world, the world itself will respond in kind, developing the opponents needed to be defeated in order to continue, or at least contained with a team of Rangers. It's a balance effect, in part of the effect of the grid itself." Chrono sighed. "Which means we're taking our troubles along with us as we cycle back to our world."

"9 worlds, 10 powers. That seems a little unbalanced," sighed Vivio.

"Ten worlds if you count ours," pointed out Carter.

"Didn't Kotoha say something about someone who was on a journey as well?" said Yuuno with a frown. "About a passing by Kamen Rider?"

"Could be. Could be that our journey will now be intertwined with theirs." Said Chrono. "I'm not a big fan of coincidence. According to the official report filed by Kotoha, they arrived years ago. But with the way magic works, we could be meeting them again on their own journey. Time is NEVER linear with this sort of thing."