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KWIN Station

April 17th, 2009

"Although I know you're new to this kind of thing, the first time I met you, you have this air to you that can have others going to you as well as some discussion expertise. So as a final word before your show starts, understand that if you mess up, you're fired!" Tsunade Senju, the owner of KWIN, said.

In Konoha, KWIN is the station for all gossip, latest trends and music (including some flashbacks once in a while), podcasts and talk shows for any generation, and there is also the occasional celebrity guest that visits the station. All in all, it's the ultimate station that some rival stations would kill to become.

Naruto nodded his head in understanding before saying, "Yes, ma'am."

Tsunade smirked, "All right, then! Ready or not, here's the pilot of Fox Talk!" The blonde woman exited out of the studio's door before sitting by the window with her employees.

Naruto put on his headphones and put the microphone in front of his lips before pressing the red button signaling the show to start and the "On Air" light in place.

"Hello, this is Jin Chuuriki on Fox Talk. As a first-timer on the radio, I feel as if my blood is pounding into my eardrums; hoping that I don't screw up, and fail the audience that I have with me at this moment. As well as my boss," Naruto chuckled.

Some of the people outside chuckled lightly too before Tsunade glared at them to hush.

"But this isn't the only time that I'm nervous. It happens at school. Bullies comin' after ya, but you hoped that they would just ignore you for one day so you would be at peace. There's also the love letter that you wish your crush can agree to, but that person just tears it to pieces like your heart at that moment. Are there times that you, the listener, can't help but sweat in nervousness and hope for a better day? And if the day doesn't get any better, do you still keep hoping?

"I'll let this be a moment for anyone who would like to call," Naruto said softly for the moment. The blond gave out a small smile; satisfied that he could at least express his feelings, and no one wiser but his fellow co-workers and boss would know it was him. This is somewhat…fun, he thought.

Outside the studio Shizune, Tsunade's assistant, whispered, "Good so far."

"I know, but this is only the beginning," Tsunade responded as she stared at the blond teen on the opposite side of the sound-proof window.

Shizune nodded knowing that Tsunade was right. It's only the beginning.

"Oh, wow, you guys actually called," Naruto exclaimed with some light laughter. He pressed the caller button and asked, "Hello, this is Jin on Fox Talk. Who am I speaking to?"

"Tayuya is the name."

"Hey, Tayuya, do you have something to share with me?"

"I'm tired of it!"

Naruto just raised his eyebrows. "Huh?"

Tayuya huffed over the line. "My life…I used to be so happy to know that music is always with me. My flute gave me hope for better days. But when…some idiot broke it, it felt as if my confidence has shattered into a million pieces. A-and…an-and," Tayuya started to tremble, "nowadays, I-I just hide. Tension just jumps into my skin. I feel so bare-naked without my Doki, my sweet musical D-doki," Tayuya cried.

"There, there," Naruto tried to calm her down with the sound of his voice. "I don't mean to sound cheesy, but you know there is hope for you. Don't give up now!"

Naruto heard the girl sniffling. "Tayuya, there's going to be obstacles in life, but they are what makes us stronger. As a musical gift to make you feel better, I'll play Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'". How about that?"

"Journey's good."

"All right, then!" Naruto said before playing the famous 80's song.

"Just a small town girl
Living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere…"

Konoha High School

April 21th, 2009

Konoha High School was a place of the most random people. One of those random people was Naruto Uzumaki; a loudmouth with only a few amount of friends. A very small amount, so to speak. However, both of those factors are good enough to hide his radio occupation.

Naruto yawned. During English class with Mr. Umino, he was busy writing down ideas for the next show before a board eraser hit his forehead.

"Ouch!" Naruto winced.

Mr. Umino made a noise in the back of his mouth. "Uzumaki, learning English would be better if you actually pay attention." The class laughed while Naruto pouted as he walked down the aisle to give his teacher the eraser before sitting up straight in his seat.

"All right, since everyone is paying attention, let read this…"

Surprisingly, lunchtime started to feel quicker than usual. Of course like many high schools, Konoha High has students going off to their circle of friends during this time. As the unpredictable, idiotic, loudmouth (or so everyone claims), Naruto sat by the tree himself. For years now, he doesn't know why he was dislike, but it was how it goes since he was small. Adults steered children away from him as if he was disease, most shopkeepers looked at him warily but a few bother to kick him out of the store or overprice him and the glares…the glares from all ages was too much for him.

He had to ignore them and act like an idiot to lessen those disturbing looks. Naruto rather wants a few minutes of laughter instead of hatred. And it was just his luck that he got a job that would accept his wish; a radio host. No glares (well, evil glares) equal to beautiful peace. Plus, there was the money for his rent and whatnot.

Thinking of those benefits brought a small smile to his whiskered face as he continued eating his chicken-flavored ramen at the base of the school's cherry blossom tree. Sadly, that moment was destroyed by the two most popular girls in school, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka, squealing when Sasuke Uchiha was walking by. Instead of going to the table where all the rest of the cool kids hangout, he sat by Naruto.

Although they do not flaunt it, the Uchihas have the money along with a much respected reputation when Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha had brought up a law firm from the eighties that have proven its worth to their customers. When it comes to court and the opposite side has a lawyer with one suitcase, either Uchiha will bring two. So it's no surprise when their two sons Itachi and Sasuke have that kind of motivation in everything they do, which has lead to many fan girls.

Naruto sighed as he moved slightly away from the younger Uchiha. Nothing good will come out of this.

"Hey, idiot," Sasuke smirked like a cat with a canary in its mouth.

Naruto grimaced. Why can't this duck-butt get a life! I mean, really, does he have to try to rile me up to the ceiling every single day? I'm just tired of this.

As much as he wanted to walk away, Naruto knew that his reputation in school of being the class stubborn idiot would be questioned. "Bastard," Naruto growled. "Waddya want?"

Sasuke continued to smirk that has accented his excited gaze at the blond before him. Inwardly, Naruto wanted to smack the smirk off his face. "Well?"

Finally, the Uchiha answered, "You."

"Eh? Oh, funny. Reeeally funny, bas—"

"Uzumaki! Move out of the way! Sasuke doesn't want you here!" Sakura shouted while she and the rest of the cool kids head off to the tree. Her green eyes were clouded with annoyance; opposite of the daydream-y glance she had when looking at Sasuke.

Naruto sighed. When will there ever be a time for me to not get screamed at? Naruto snorted to himself. Work, of course. The blond packed up his things and was about to leave before a large pale hand wrapped around his wrist.

Am I really that small to handle?

Any other thoughts were ceased by Sasuke's voice. "You don't have to go, you know."

Naruto shook his head in disagreement as he answered, "Nah. It's about time I leave anyway. I'm done." Naruto nodded his head towards the empty ramen cup in his wrapped hand. "So, let go." In a few seconds, he was free and left the scene behind him.

He has a show to think about anyways.

Since Naruto's debut with Fox Talk gained a good amount of ratings, Tsunade demanded—yes, demanded; not suggested or asked—that Naruto should take his job afterschool and think up some ideas for the next segment. It's funny how she thought he could think up an idea in less than four hours while school was still in session.

However, thank the heavens that it was Drama class and the substitute teacher was here today. It makes Naruto's moment in life easier to deal with. While the remainder of the class was chatting, playing card games or just sleeping in delight, Naruto took out his orange spiral notebook with a fox sticker on it along with a plain number two pencil.

Okay, Naruto thought as he found a new page and titled it "Episode 2". Yesterday was nervousness, so now what?

He looked around the theater for inspiration. He looked at the two girls up at front giggling uncontrollably. Gossiping? Lame.

A boy was taking sneaky glances at a Playboy magazine. Life of a hormonal boy? Overdone along with hormonal girls.

"Charmander, I choose you!" Anime and fantasy? There are many podcasts of that on iTunes.

Really? What is there to mention about that not much people delve into? He dropped his notebook and pencil onto his theater seat table and looked at his hands in defeat. Five minutes have passed until he found his answer.

Me. No one has actually examined or talk about me as much as other things. I'm usually considered as a troublemaker to them, and then that's the end of it. Although a little depressed about the thought, Naruto picked up his pencil and book up in a new light. Judging others has been used, of course. So what about…masks. Naruto smiled to himself. Masks, it is.

A poke on the shoulder alerted Naruto enough to close his notebook. "Yes?" he asked as his blue eyes focused on the poker. The enigma that was Shino Aburame raised one of his eyebrows on Naruto's previous action before saying, "I was wondering if you would care to play cards with me."

Acting on his loudmouth mask instinct, Naruto quickly said 'hell ya!' For once, someone has bothered to talk to him in school politely. He wishes he could squeal like girl and sing that the hills are alive…but that would be embarrassing to do at school and drive Shino away.

So all he could do was smile as he was lured to the back corner of the theater with Shino and playing cards with him for the rest of class time.

So maybe there's hope for me after all.

I know it's a bit choppy and slow, but that how beginners write, right? Anyways, please send any suggestions, comments, or reviews about this story. It would really help.

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