Dear readers,

I'm sorry to say this (and I hate doing this on a chapter), but I'm going to end this version of Radio Star. I know some of you like it as I do see the list of people who fave, watch and comment it. However, I feel like-as an author-that the story is lacking in many ways. There's the lack of drama, fun and etc. When I reread it, it feels like the whole thing ended by the third chapter and anything else would seem awkward to add in (I did try writing a new chapter, but it seems off). So I planned to have a different version of Radio Star that would work out for both me and you all. I'll update on my profile about what the new version might contain (not all of course).

Thank you for reading this mayhem,

Chiharu Hikari

P.S. I'll leave this old version anyways as a reminder of my first awkward story on Fan .