AN: Just a quick one shot for ninjacookies101 on DeviantArt, who wanted some XigDem fluff. Not a pairing I normally write, but I had to give it a go thanks to the prompt. This is for Orgxiii-Yaoi's Wishathon.
Pairing: Xigbar/Demyx
Prompt: Xig/Dem, with Demyx being super adorable and being surprised by something Xigbar is doing, with a hug.

Demyx woke up, half covered in sand. He tried to move and found himself buried. He whimpered, moving his hand to try and dig himself out. After a few minutes he managed to scramble into a sitting position, frowning as he tried to remember how he'd got here.

There had been some nice people, he could remember that. Frowning, he could recall sitting around a fire with the rest of them. He'd been playing his sitar, and they'd been smoking, and then he'd smoked too. The world had gone kind of fuzzy. He stretched, feeling a little dizzy still. It was still dark, but it looked as though the sun was beginning to rise. He crawled out of the sand, curling up again on the sand. He didn't feel well. The world swum in front of him and he collapsed back down again.

Demyx's eyes flickered open. He was somewhere warm, somewhere safe. He leant down on the pillow and smiled, inhaling Xigbar's familiar scent. He stretched, feeling a few grains of sand falling off of his skin. He looked around, realising that the sun had long since risen. He got to his feet, unsteady, and headed to the door.

Xigbar was awake in the kitchen, working hard. He was struggling to get the tension right, but he couldn't get it wrong, couldn't let Demyx down. It had been his idea to go to the beach in the first place. He should have known that Demyx shouldn't have been allowed out of his sight. The boy was too innocent, too trusting. He'd have got himself in trouble.

When Demyx hadn't returned that evening, he went to track him down. He'd scoured the bars, and hadn't found a thing. Eventually he'd given up, returning home, hoping for the best. He had laid down on the bed, before realising where Demyx was. Demyx would be at the beach. He'd raced down and found him, curled up in the sand, with the broken sitar lying a few feet away.

He'd taken a quick decision, picking up the sitar and returning it to his room, before heading back to the beach for Demyx. Demyx would never have forgiven him if the sitar had been damaged. He was glad he'd done this. The guitar's strings had snapped though, so he had to fix it first.

Demyx stepped down the stairs, and walked over to Xigbar, a smile on his face. He gasped as he realised the other was hunched over his guitar, running to it. He examined it.
"What...what are you?"
Xigbar smiled, glad that the other was alright. It had been his idea to go on this holiday with the other, and if Demyx had been hurt, he never would have forgiven himself.
"I'm just fixing it for you, the strings were broken and there was sand inside...I think it's alright now."

Demyx reached out, picking up the sitar with trembling hands. He held it to his chest, playing a chord. He visibly relaxed as the correct sound came out. Xigbar walked behind him, wrapping his arms around Demyx's waist, peppering his neck with kisses.
"You're welcome."
"Thanks." Demyx whispered, leaning back against the older man's strong body. Xigbar ran his fingers through the other's hair.
"It's alright. Now that that's sorted, let's go to the beach. You promised me surfing, and you've already been in bed half the day." Xigbar chided gently, making Demyx smile and grip his arms tighter.
"Alright, just don't sulk when I beat you old man."