WORD: keep

COUNT: 100 on the button

A/N: Sorry for the late post, I went rafting all day Sunday and when I got home I showered and completely crashed on my bed.


Sam watched the small pug burry his face into the dog food.

"Slow down, pup." Sam laughed.

The dog looked up and growled and continued eating. Sam rubbed the small dog's head and the pug looked up and whimpered.

"Yes Dean, I know you wanted the cheeseburger but when you're walking on two legs again I'll treat you to diner."

The small pug looked up and growled once more.

"Ya know. I prefer Pug-Dean. It's a lot more quieter."

Dean stared, barked, and then continued eating. Sam continued to rub the top of his head, "I think I'll keep you."