Chapter one

The case

It was bright and sunny; the BAU had just got back from another case, as they were unloading their suitcases from the jet Chief Strauss walked quickly over to them

"Keep those bags on that jet you have another case." She said handing them all files "you've been specifically requested to take this case and arrive as soon as possible; Agent Jereau will brief you on the jet."

"Ok then" Prentiss said as she put her suitcase back onto the jet

"But chief Strauss there's already a behavioural analysis team working on this case. Why would we need to go?" JJ was scanning through the file

"Because this has been going on for over thirty years, and we all this that it is time for this to stop, don't you?" Chief Strauss said before sauntering off

"Hey JJ, where exactly are we going?" Reid asked

"California. San Francisco" JJ answered, still flicking through the case file.

Back on the jet JJ started to brief them

"Between 1970 and 1979 twelve children were abducted, Marianne Bryunell, Jordan Peyterson, Cara Harrison, Aiden Gray, Harriet Swain, the list goes on." JJ said as twelve pictures of children appeared on the screen "all seven years old at the time of the abduction. In December 1980 they were all found dead, all laid in a row, on their backs with their arms crossed on their chests. Beaten to death apart from one, shot in the head and left there"

"So the Unsub beats eleven to death, and lays them in a mass grave with remorse. Then shots the last one, and doesn't show remorse. That makes no sense" Prentiss said

"1981 till 1989 twelve children were abducted again all seven at the time of the abduction," JJ continued "late 1990's they were all found dead, the same way, eleven beaten one shot,"

"What makes the Unsub change the MO?" Rossi questioned

"Not Unsub, Unsubs, there's around five,"

"How do we know this?" Reid asked

"There was a victim," Morgan answered "Caitlin Lamden, abducted September 12th 1996, her seventh birthday, she was on holiday. She was rescued when she was eleven"

"Why do you know so much about this?"

"I worked the case, before I came to the BAU." Morgan explained

"So where is Caitlin now?"

"Witness protection, she asked for it, she was convinced that they still wanted her."

"So apart from the different MO, is there anything else about these bodies?"

"They were all sexually abused if that what you mean.'

Morgan sighed and looked at his watch, "we're landing in five minutes."

"let's mean this other team then." Hotch said.