Chapter 1: The Man In White

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Just some background info about my Shepard: Kyler Shepard is sixteen years old, son of John and Jane Shepard. He has his fathers dark brown eyes, and his mothers reddish-ginger colored hair, usually kept short, though not buzzed, and is thoroughly tanned due to his life as the son of a farmer on Mindoir. His mother was exposed to ezo-dust, and had a complicated birth at a special facility. She died of a prolonged cancer when Shepard was ten. If you don't like his appearance, then just add your own Shep. His appearances will have little to no effect on the story.


Shepard watched in horror as the tractor's safety break disengage and slowly inched forward towards his father, who was working in the fields. He tried to call out, but fear robbed him of his voice. He found himself staring at the tractor with disbelief. He squeezed his eyes shut and pleaded to the God he had no faith in that the tractor would stop. He opened his eyes and stretched out his hand but nothing happened. He saw his father, still oblivious to the oncoming danger, dutifully tilling the soil for the next seasons harvest. Just before the imminent collision, his father looked up at the tractor and then at his son and gave a frown that said: why didn't you warn me, why didn't you save me?

He awoke with a start and took in his surroundings trying to calm himself. Cold sweat still cluing to his skin and night shirt. He had this nightmare every night since the incident. He could still recall the day with perfect clarity.


Two weeks ago

He had just got home from school, and was heading back home. Shepard groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. He had had a splitting headache for two days now, but nothing made it go away. He had even shocked one of his teachers just by touching her. The entire colony was made of metal, so there weren't many places he could have got a charge. He shrugged off the pain as best he could and walked over to the western field. The sprinklers there had malfunctioned, and it was the start of a new season, so they had to be working soon.

Finally, walking around the house, Shepard smiled as he saw his dad working in the field. He was hunched over a pipe, and repairing it as best he could. That is to say, he had duct tape in one hand, and the other hand was busy scratching his head. John had yet to notice his son, so Shepard decided to push his luck, and relaxed in the shade of one of the Guara trees, plcking some of the sweet fruit from a dangling limb. He had never understood why, but his father had decided to get quantity over quality land. As a result, much of the land here was rocky, and sloped. Especially here on the western field, where they almost had to build a terrace. Fortunately, the land was rocky enough that most of the soil stayed in place, but it was still difficult to harvest the fruits and vegetables.

Shepard heard a small pop, and turned to look at the tractor. Damn I'll probably have to fix that later. His smile faded, as the tractor's safety break disengage and slowly inched forward towards his father. the tractor was nearly a half mile away, and his father was out of shouting range. He wanted to run and tell his father, but fear rooted him in place. Finally snapping out of his daze, he ran towards the tractor, but it was too late. Finally John looked up at the noise, and saw the tractor, but it was only a few feet away. John stood agape, and stared at the tractor. Shouting out, Shepard stretched out his hand. He felt as if his muscles gave out, as blue electricity rushed over his hand and forearm. The blue glow leapt from his hand and engulfed the tractor, tossing it aside.

John finally looked up, and saw his son crumpling to the ground as the tractor was blasted to the side in a flurry of blue energy

Shepard was too tired to be properly horrified as the tractor came crashing back to the ground. He saw his father looking at him, and smiled in a daze. He waved to his father, and as darkness began to crash over him, Shepard felt a sense of completeness rush through him that he hadn't felt since his mother died six years ago.


Two weeks ago
Three miles from the Shepard residance

He smiled to himself as he saw the tractor lifted from the ground through his sniper scope. The Man had been right after all. And it had worked. This specimen was the only one that had survived, but the experiment had been a success after all

He pulled out his comlink and activated it "Subject 42 is a success. Repeat, Subject 42 is a success"


Present Day

He exhaled and tried to clear his mind, but the inccident kept repeating itself in various ways. Sometimes he was forced to watch as his father died, and at others he saved his father, but was angry, or terrified that his son was a biotic. Of course, none of those things happened, but still, it was a persistant fear albiet an unfounded one.

Realizing that he wasn't going to get any more sleep, Shepard snapped himself out of his reverie, and walked to the refresher to splash a handful of cold water in his face.

Looking out the small window in the bathroom he saw a hover-car in the driveway. He frowned at that, non of the city folk came out here, and they were the only ones with fancy cars like that. On closer inspection he found the Alliance emblem painted on the door and a man in a white suit was on the front porch with his father.

Without bothering to change clothes, Shepard raced through the hall and hid on the stairs to listen in on the conversation.

"Be reasonable Mr. Shepard your son seems to be a very powerful biotic even without an amp. You must realize that because of his high metabolism he will only be a burden..."

The man in white never had time to say another word as John Shepard's face began to turn livid.

"Thank-you for your consideration, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline" John all but spat.

Shepard silently gave a "whoop" as his father stood up for him.

The man in white continued undeterred. "Hear me out Mr. Shepard. I am sure you have heard of what happened at BAaT, but I assure you, nothing like that will happen with your son. In fact, because your son shows such talent without an amp, we have decided we would like to try something... different. We will call in a private tutor for your son, and pay for all his food, and expenses that he will require as a biotic. This tutor will also be discrete, so your son will not have to worry about the any of the consequences any other biotic in his position would have to deal with."

John took in the facts and began to accept defeat, but managed to whisper with barley suppressed consequences rage "what's the catch?" The anger and fire in him was already dying out.

No, no, no please Dad, don't agree to this. But the man in the white suit continued triumphantly.

The man in white raised his right hand in reassurance. "No catch Mr. Shepard. We will benefit by observing your son, from a distance of course, as his biotics continue to manifest, but we ask for nothing in return." The man flashed a perfect smile that only a salesperson could fully appreciate.

John suddenly found the steel floor very interesting, but managed to nod his head.

The man in the white suit continued to smile "If that is all I'll be leaving now. The tutor will be here in one week, and will train with your son three days a week after school, or as she sees fit. Good day Mr. Shepard. I do hope to see you again very soon."

Shepard was shocked that his father had sold him out to the Allience rep. Everyone had heard about what they did to human biotics. It was hardley any better than how every other person treated biotics. Except the Allience also prodded them with needles instead of just malicious glares. Shepard sat down on the stars and rested his head in his hands. And felt someone wrapping their arms around him, but he didn't bother to look up to see his father.

John tried to hug his son, but was shoved away "No!" Shepard finally stood up and looked at his father, sittling were Shepard had been a moment before "H-how? How could you do that to me? Dad what are you thinking?"

John sighed and stood up. This time, when he hugged his son he didn't push him away, but nor did he return the embrace. "I'm sorry Kyler. I really am so sorry. But think about it. Free food, Alliance funding, you get to stay here, and your biotics will be kept secret. I'm sorry Kyler, but there really was no other way."

Shepard sighed and finally hugged his father "I know dad. I'm just overwhelmed with all of this, and I still have that headache. I know you just want the best for me. Thanks. For everything."

Shepard looked down, but John place his hand on his sons chin and brought it level with his face "Kyler I love you, no matter what. I just want you to be safe, and have a calm, peaceful life that I never had. And I don't feel obligated to the Alliance because I enlisted all those years ago. My only concern is for you and only you. I love you."

Finally Shepard sighed and leaned into his father again "I know dad. I know. And I love you too." He sighed again and looked up at his father. "Thanks. I just... I don't know I'm just so tired and fed up with keeping this big secret. "

John nodded his head "I know Kyler. I know."


Three miles from Shepard residance.

He but down his omni-tool and deactivated the listening bug. He could have turned it off when the Alliance rep had left, but he had to make sure Subject 42 wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the experiment. He activated his omni-tool, and established a secure connection to the Cerberus hub. Rereading his report, he finally sent the report to The Man, and one of his agents. He may not like aliens, but he had to admit, Sarona was one powerful and clever asari if she was able to infiltrate the Alliance, and get them to allow her to personally oversee Subject 42's biotic training. But even if she was on the Cerberus pay roll, that didn't mean he had to trust her.


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