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The house was dominated by an awful and deep silence, that was not interrumped for none kind of sound, except maybe, the crackle of the wood in flames.

Below the things that covered the floor of the manor, an arm and a small cough began to move some rubble, trying to get rid of them of the rest of the body to stand up and find the people who had been in the house before the attack.

" My oh my..." Murmured Paige, holding her right arm with her left, was possible that she had broken it when the old clock fell on it, but now, that didn't matter.

The house was a disaster, everything seemed to be at the floor: broken windows, broken wood, flames burning the house, broken pots and soil land from them dirtying the floating floor, the carpets were scorched and black, ashes flown everywhere.

" ¡Guys! " Shouted when recall about her sisters, they didn't seem near or even visibles.

She had to find them now, at that moment, were a lot of lives in danger.

" ¡Piper! " Shouted again, removing some tables and things of the floor, trying to find some signals of her sister there " ¡Phoebe! " Tried this time, making an effort and using her both arms, she didn't care if it hurt or not, the only thing she knew was that her sister needed her now, maybe more than ever, and she couldn't show any weakness in her attempt to save them - ¡Leo!, ¡Coop! - Yelled almost crying, feeling that just one of them heared her call and appeared behind her; maybe Leo was under the rubble, unconscious.

" Have you finished of...? " Began to ask Coop, changing his traditional and friendly smile for a face of shock when realized Paige's tears.

" I can't find them" Whispered Paige, starting to panic, like her brother-in-law " San Francisco municipal dump! " Said orbing some debris away, trying to clean the zone and find her family.

" Phoebe! " Cried Coop, scared, trying also to clean up the place to find her wife " Phoebe! " Continued shouting and moving things around. Coop was freaked out, he couldn't lost her, he just couldn't, not now...not now that they finally could start a family together, not now when she was pregnant with the twins.

" Piper! " Cried Paige, beginning to despair, ignoring the warm tear that streaked down her face, product of the terror and panic of losing her sister and the baby girl she was carrying, she was also scared about Phoebe and the twins...and about Leo, whom was not showing any signal of being conscious...or alive.

" I found something ! " Shouted Coop, from where a day was the dinning room "Paige ! " Said again, while the witch orbed behind him, looking for a place to put her hands to heal to whom Coop had found.

" Backyard! " She said, orbing some chairs and tables that were over the bloody brown hair that Coop saw and yelled for " Is Piper " Said looking at the wounds and bruises that she had dispersed by her body " Keep looking, we need to find Phoebe" Ordered, while Coop stood and obeyed, and she put her hands on Piper's body, praying that she still had enough time to save her life.

After a while, her hands stopped glowing over her, and she opened her eyes slowly when was totally healed.

" Are you ok? " Asked Paige, instinctively.

" Sure, are they gone? " Asked, sitting carefully, holding her eight-month belly with one hand. Then, paid attention to what was left of her house, and realized that a disaster like that had not happened in a long time.

" Yes, now we need to find Leo and Phoebe" Said while they both listened the desperate cries of Coop to find her wife, and joined them adding Leo's name.

" I saw her falling near the kitchen" recalled Piper, walking there, where everything seemed to have passed a whirlwind of such magnitude that it managed to pull everything around, from the microwave and the coffee pot, until the refrigerator.

" Phoebe! " Shouted at the same time, when they noticed that below of several plates and some napkins, was the middle sister " I'm going to call Coop and Leo" Said Piper leaving the kitchen, knowing that Phoebe was in good hands with Paige.

Had already spent more than half an hour wihout hearing from Leo. They had sought around the whole house more than once, cleaned up, had extinguished the fire and tried using the pendulum, but it seemed that he was not anywhere, had practically been wiped off the map.

" Piper, please, take a rest...you got a good blow, you're pregnant" Asked Paige worried, trying to feeling Leo by her powers, even when wasn't working.

"I do not ask me to stay calm when my husband may be dead" called trying to recite some spells, althought she knew that will not work, were all that she could do for him, and the only thing that make her believe that she was doing something and not leaving her helpless, watching as minutes passed and nothing was known of her husband.

" Piper, we are going to find him " Said Phoebe, trying to take her hand "But we won't get nothing usefull unless you take care yourself first"

Paige looked at them totally worried, thinking in how would being Piper feeling now and stood up.

" I'm going up, maybe they know something"

The girls and Coop looked at her and Phoebe said " Ok ", then made Piper lie down on the couch as herself.

Paige dissapeared between white and blue light sparkles, leaving a halo of fear and foreboding in the rest of the room.

Paige deep breathed and opened her eyes. She could see most of the elders seemed sad and depressed, talking about a terrible event that, she could she, had ocurred very recently. She was corious to know what had happened, but the search of Leo was much more important than find out the latest gossip from the heaven.

" I'm sorry, I don't want to interrupt the moment or something " Said a little nervous, unable to hide the sense to Johan, the elder who she was talking " I came from down, my sisters and I need Leo...and we have no signal from him, I can't feel him and, neither the pendulum or spells help to bring him back...do you know if...? "

She couldn't finish her question when she noticed the expression of the middle-aged man who was in front; his eyes looked sad, as if he had been crying and he dared not face her to respond the question that she had gone to ask.

" Is something wrong? " Said, starting to sense that the excitement that had up there was, precisely, because of the white lighter that she was looking for.

" I...I don't know how to tell you this, Paige..." Murmured Johan, worried, looking at the eyes of the girl who was in front of him, the ones that was beginning to fog while her head denied quickly and repeatedly, refusing to believe what the man was about to confirm "Leo...he...is dead"

Paige closed her eyes tightly and let the tears fall down her cheeks, feeling a strong pang in her heart that reminded her that she was the one that should get back home and tell everybody the truth, how was she going to tell her family that Leo was dead? That he will never come back home to hug her wife and kids? How was she going to tell Piper that he love of her life was gone forever, without meeting her unborn baby?

" Is there something that...we can do to...to bring him back? " Asked opening her eyes, trying to be strong at the same time that deep breathed and trying to avoid that the tears break her voice.

Johan shook his head without saying a word.

" What am I going to tell Piper? " Said covering her mouth with her hand, thinking in her reaction, feeling her pain " She is pregnant, my nephews...what are they gonna do without their father? " Asked again, receiving no response from anyone, but things were not going to stay that way; they had beaten and cheated death many times, so many that she couldn't tell an exact number...she was going home and tell the truth to her sisters, they will bring Leo back before she could blink; she knew that, they werenot the Charmed ones for nothing...they could do anything, anything in the world and they will prove it.

The only thing that Paige didn't remember, was that despite all the times they could reverse the effects of the angel of death, the family Halliwell had taken four failures: Andy Trudeau, Allen, Patty, Penny and Prudence Halliwell...and Leo, would be the sixth one and the last one for a while in that list.

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