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Night was clear, revealing a beautiful full moon illuminating brightly the neighborhood, but most, the magnificent pink house in Prescott street. The music crickets were playing was the only thing people could hear, except for the noisy laughter from inside of that magical and special house.
In the living room, the table was set for all visitors. Phoebe with her husband Coop, carrying an eight months baby bump, Paige sitting next Henry, Chris and Wyatt giggling about something Leo just said and him, next the head table, where was Piper.

"Something is wrong", said Piper inmediately, making all shut up and looking everywhere.

Guest loked at her surprised and curiously, except Leo, who was as surprised as his wife. Both stared at eachother, worried and nervous. He touched his thigh, trying to find the arrow's wound but couldn't find it. She looked her hands, and couldn't believe how soft and young them were, but even more confused at realize she was pregnant: she was expecting Melinda.

"What's wrong?", asked Paige seeing them pale.

"What day is today?, What are we doing here?", inquired Piper, touching her hair and seeing it brown again.

"Today is your aniversary, we are celebrating. Piper, honey, you feel good?", asked Phoebe trying to stand but without success.

Her big sister looked the clock on the wall and suddenly, rememebered that that day, at that time, she also did. She had read "8:36 P.M" and asked if anybody wanted dessert before...before...

"They're attacking", shouted Piper, alerting all, "Coop, take the kids, Henry and Leo to the magic school".

"No, Piper...", tried to say Leo, scared of what would happen now.

"I won't lose you", she yelled back.

Piper's gaze was waterd, she was one with desperation and couldn't understand anything besides she wasn't giving up nor permit anyone take Leo away again.

"Not again! No!"

"Piper, who is attacking us?", asked Paige nervously, walking to her.

Coop decided to do what he was asked for and took his nephews hands before Henry's and Leo's, while Phoebe tried to stand as Piper.

"Piper, are you sure you're feeling well?, Wha..."

Phoebe's question and voice, Coop's steps, the confused gazes of Chris and Wyatt, Paige's movements, and Henry's scared face stopped moving. Suddenly, the whole living room was frozen, except for Leo and Piper.

A small breeze, nor cold nor hot, made them turn back and see that, by the door of the kitchen, one Angel of Destiny was standing with a warm smile.

"You're not taking him", warned Piper, grabbing Leo's wrist, "And if you want to, you'll have to kill me".

The Angel smiled and shook her head slowly. Sighed before speaking.

"Years pass and you're the same Piper Halliwell".

She raised an eyebrow, still with a wild beast pose and gaze, almost ready to bit, attack or do anything at the most minimal provocation . She had foguth for Leo, understood her life meant anything without him in it and took the hard decision of follow him every and anywhere, even to the after life: and she would do it again. Thousands times, all necessaries to be with him forever.

Leo was nervous. Everything that had happened had him confused. He had told his life was a lie, tried to get his family back and end up locked up with Piper in a cave before dying, and, when he opened his eyes again, was not in the other side, limbo or wathever, but in the manor. But, for some reason and unlike Piper, the presence of that Angel made him feel secure, thinking that couldn't be related with any evil force nor good force, since Destiny was neutral.

"Why you came?", asked him, softer.

"If you came with a threat or an stupid reason to separate us, you can go: we don't care", said Piper, without giving up her aggressive stance.

"Tranquil Piper, I didn't come for that reason, but for the opposite", explained without exalt, quietly, making Piper more furious.

"Then?", said Leo again, while her wife just looked at him with suspicion.

"I know you are confused, but all what happened in that reallity you came from, was not part of the grand design..."

"No? Why am I not surprised?", interrupted Piper ironical, "The grand design of yours always ends up with a loved one dead or away in some astral plane".

"In the future you came from", continued, acting as she didn't listen her,"after Solom's lie and your bodies with no life were discovered, Destiny had decided it needed to rearrange the course of things, from tehe point them got twisted".

"Ha, from the Big Bang you meant?", said sacrastically, interrumpting again. Leo squeezed her hand, "What?", she complained, he shook his head.

"Piper and Leo, in name of Destiny I came to apologize sincerely and honestly, besides, to offer you a deal", added with a kind grimace, gathering her both palms of her hands, ignoring again the complainings of the Charmed one.

"Wait, wait, no", she said, moving her hands in air, giggling burlesque,"You and your team pretend us to forget thirty-six years of pain and feeling miserable, that easy?, You really thought a stupid apology would be enough to make us forget everything? And please, how stupid you think I am to accept a deal I'm sure will put us in more troubles than help us?"

"Let her talk", asked Leo, starting to understand what they wanted.

"Thank you", said the Angel, and kept talking, "The only way to make you recover those thirty-six years of pain and feeling miserable", said repeating what Piper complained, "Is giving them back to you. One by one, and all of them".

"What?", asked both, togheter.

Now Piper didn't want to fight or complain anymore, and Leo was confused again.

"Thirty-six years you lost for our negligence, and those thirty-six you will get back because you deserve. Only if you agree, there is always the option of get back to the future and let everything end, the way it's ending".

"How is that?", wishpered Piper, feeling a known chest tightness with that horrible presentiment of that anything was going well in that place.

"The power of three doesn't exist anymore", said with all logic,"the future we saw with an evil Wyatt is the actual future, of course without him on the top this time. Paige, Phoebe and Coop died in battle, before even before you. For now, there are two of your nieces alive, and Chrstopher. The rest of the Halliwell line...", sighed, somewhat sad, "...doesn't exist...not anymore".

"The kids?", asked Piper, about to cry and feeling responsible for leaving her family when they most needed her, but if her sisters died before she did...it meant it wasn't her fault at all.

"Asley, Patricia and Chris", repetead, giving her to understand that anybody else than they were alive.

"What's the deal then?", asked Leo before fall in the same desperation Piper was in.

"A new beggining. Since today in the morning, until the last day of your lives guided by your own choises and fate".

"How are we suppoused to forget an entire life?", asked Piper, wiping her tears, "Do you think is easy?, that's just about to start again, with all those memories?"

"Dear Piper, may I finish?", asked, yet peaceful but becoming to stress.

"Go on", said Leo.

"You have choises: one of them is to decide if you want to get back to the future where you are dead, or to start again. If you decided the last one, you have two more options: forget everything, and pretend this nightmare never ocurried. Or, if you want, keep all your memories, but you two will be the only ones able remember".

Leo took Piper's hands on his before look her in the eyes: they knew the answer was clear, they had not even to think about it twice, but the second point...

"I don't want to remember a life like that", assured her, before he could ask.

"It's decided", spoke Leo, turning back to the Angel, "We want a new beggining, and not being able to remember anything of what happened after this morning".

"Are you sure this is your decision?"

"Yes", replied at the same time, thinking in all what they were going to win and going to forget.

They had been thirty-six years of pain, anguish and tears. Thirty-six years of a life with no sense, where not only they were the main victims, but their children. That was something that, any parent, would die for forget.

"Then, so be it. Success, I know you will take the opportunity and do well".

Leo and Piper smiled with a childish sparkle of hope. He took her face and pull her close, nervously, before the kissed after a very long time. The Angel clapped her hands, muttered something neither one heard, and disappeared the same way she came.

Slowly, the scene started to change. Night turned afternoon, and afternoon in morning, leaving two lovers standing in front of the portal to the magic school, as the Angel of Destiny had promised.

"Don't forget about the dinner Leo, or I'll kill you", reminded Piper, separating from his lips after the typicall goodbye kiss.

"I won't, and the most probable thing is the kids boo me in history class and I have to leave soon".

"They're just teens, don't be a coward", giggled, re making his tie.

"Do I need to recall you the oportunity they cut your head?", he mocked, talking about when the Headless Horseman was intimidating all students.

"No", she said, wrinkling her nose, "Good luck with the savages":

"Bye mom!", jumped Chris and Wyatt, receiving both a kiss and a hug from their mother before leaving.

Leo smiled and took his sons hands, disappearing of his wife's gaze. She smiled, staring at the empty space where, seconds before, the most important persons in her world were. She was happy, her life was perfect, and that day didn't anything but commemorate another year of her wedding and the beautiful family they had built, even though all the troubles they had been trough, even before met.

From heaven, in cloud fourty-two, Prue, Patty and Penny were sitting with a sweet smile as watching the scene pass.

"They look so happy", wishpered the first one, holding Andy's hand, "It was time Destiny fixed all the mess, but took so long anyway".

"The important thing is all damage is repaired, and they deserve this new chance, finllay it's their turn", sighed Patty, looking at ther mother who had always something to say.

"You're right Prudence, but never it's too late...less if it's about starting again".

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