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I was late – again. Mr. Masen was sure to call the Chief this time. He had threatened it before, but somehow I had charmed my way out of it. Jessica was thoroughly convinced that he was harboring a crush on me. As unlikely as the idea was, I had to admit to myself that I desperately wished for him to feel the same way I did. Edward Masen's dark rimmed 'intellectual' style glasses framed his butterscotch eyes, combined with a chiseled jaw line, hint of stubble, and crazy bedhead copper hair was the world's best eye-candy. I wanted to tangle my fingers in his hair and pull his mouth down to mine every moment I was in his class. I paused at the door to stare at him through the small window blatantly. He looked up after a moment and smirked before raising his hand and beckoning me by curling one long finger. I could feel myself blush and my eyes grow wide as I fumbled for the doorknob.

He stared at me wordlessly as I fell into my seat. He smirked at me again, amusement dancing in his eyes as he continued the lecture. Instantly I felt Lauren turn slightly and glare at me, hating that I had drawn his attention away from her. A couple of the boys in the back of the room began to talk and Mr. Masen stood directly in front of my desk, his hips directly at eye level. My eyes glazed over and my mouth opened slightly before I realized that he had stopped speaking to the boys and was looking down at me, mirth clearly altering his expression as he tried not to laugh. I looked down in embarrassment as I felt a note tucked under my arm. I didn't have to look to know that it was from my best friend, Alice Masen.

As soon as Mr. Masen's attention was on the whiteboard, I read the note quickly. Alice was inviting me over for dinner before the party. I was just getting ready to scribble a no when Mr. Masen grabbed it from my hands, read it silently, and pocketed it without a word. He finished our class and the final bell rang, signaling the end of my high school education. Finals were cancelled due to the mysterious deaths in the town and so all I had left was graduation and the party I knew I would have to attend at the Masen's house.

Just as I was about to leave the room, the last one out – as usual, Mr. Masen stopped me.

"Bella, I am so glad that this is your last day at Forks High. As of the final bell you are no longer my student – Thank God!" Mr. Masen exclaimed.

I was confused until he leaned down and whispered; "Now I can have you without getting fired."

I shuddered in pleasure as he gently swept his fingertips down the side of my face before moving away. I pouted and he laughed before saying, "I'll see you at my house tonight Isabella. My family will be so glad to celebrate the end of this school year. I just might have something special – just for you."

He laughed again, brushed my arm with his fingers and then walked from the room. I ran for my truck. No need to keep Mr. Mas – Edward waiting.

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