Written: 7.18.2010

Summary: Third time's the charm...right? Mystery Spot tag.

A/N: Two stories in two days, I'm on a roll! But anyway, this is the third time that I've written this story...computer keeps deleting it. It was written much better the second time, so pardon my writing. I don't write well when I'm pissed off, but I'm doing it anyway. I'll get back to Coffee Shop Soundtrack tomorrow. This is a oneshot with a Mystery Spot (3.11) tag.

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Sam watches as the light leaves Dean's eyes, for the second day in a row. It feels like hours that he's holding his dying brother, when in reality it's only a couple of seconds.

Heaaaat of the moment,

Sam wakes up and almost can't believe his eyes as he sees Dean lacing up his boots again. Almost can't believe it until he remembers that Dean has died twice now in his arms. Two days. In a row.

His throat gets tight, and he almost can't breathe. It was almost Wednesday. There had only been twelve hours left until then. How could a Wednesday seem so far away when it was already Tuesday? Tuesday again, he reminds himself.

Too many almost's.

At breakfast he tries to clear his mind, because the third time is always the charm...right? Right. It has to be. Because no living...or not living being could possibly hate him enough to make him hold his dying brother in his arms even one more time.

As they leave the mystery spot, Sam is nervous as hell, and elated at the same time. It's almost dark outside and Dean is still alive.

Sam doesn't think that he can handle another almost.

Dean is trying to give him hope. It's working. He stops walking and pauses, to weigh his options. Dean starts walking forward. Sam doesn't see a drunken elderly man in a car or a maniacal store owner with a shotgun so he allows him to.

He should have looked up. He doesn't realize his mistake until the piano crushes Dean. Oh God, he should have looked up, why didn't he look up? He has a few seconds before the worm-hole rotates him back. Back to Tuesday. He uses those seconds to let the shock set in.

Heaaaat of the moment,

He still hasn't gotten over the shock of Dean's last tragedy, but he doesn't think he expected to. Those few seconds he was allowed weren't nearly enough. Then again, even if he had been allowed a few years he knows, he knows, that he still wouldn't have gotten over the shock of his death. He finds a slight solace in the fact that Dean's only dead for a few seconds before it's all over, and he's alive again. Because that would be worse. Worse to know that Dean was no longer breathing beside him.

Three deaths. He lays back in bed, because it's Tuesday again. It's his fourth Tuesday in a row, and he doesn't think that he can take another Tuesday, another dying brother. Sam's face is wet. It's Tuesday again, and what the hell is he supposed to do? Dean's going to die again today. Die.

He can't seem to catch his breath, and everything is blurry, so blurry. He can't bring himself to care to figure out why, because Dean's going to die.

This is hell, he decides. It was almost Wednesday, but he never quite got there. He failed to get through Tuesday, and Dean died because of it. Because Sam couldn't save him. Dean's going to die today, because Sam can't save him. Again.

He can't stop crying.

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