"Stop screaming!" Teddy shouted over the wind and rain. "I'm not going to hurt you!"

I had managed to get one of my legs free and I kicked him hard where no man ever wanted to be kicked. In an instant he had let go of me and fell to the ground in shock groaning in pain. I continued crying as I ran as fast as I could away from him. I didn't want to die out here. Not where no one would even discover my body. I don't know how far I had run before I had stopped gasping for air that was desperately needed in my lungs. I tried to keep my panting as low as I could but it was impossible.

"Please somebody find me before he does," I begged.

I looked around and saw flashing lights up ahead.

"HELP!" I yelled over the wind. "Please, help me!"

I saw a set of flashlights moving towards me. In the night the lights looked like little glowing fairies.

"Clara! Stay where you are!" Dr. Cawley yelled.

The only thing was I couldn't. I was so scared that Teddy would find me and kill me. I ran towards Dr. Cawley and what looked like a couple of orderlies.

"Teddy killed them!" I cried when I had reached them.

Dr. Cawley looked appalled. "Who?"

"Teddy. He killed Ray and Chuck. I saw their bodies," I said terrified.

Dr. Cawley nodded to the orderlies and I saw them walk up to me. One was holding a needle. I looked back at Dr. Cawley.

"I'm not crazy!"

Dr. Cawley looked at me sadly. "Yes, you are."

I felt the needle pierce my skin. That was the last thing I had remembered.


Dr. Cawley shook his head sadly at his patient that he simply couldn't save. He had order her to be put in the White Room. She was strapped down on a single bed in a white gown and stared unblinking at the ceiling.

"I failed her," Dr. Cawley said his voice breaking.

"You did everything you could doctor." One of the male orderlies said, trying to make the doctor feel better.

Dr. Cawley felt tears in his eyes. "I failed my daughter. I couldn't save her."

The orderly didn't know what else to say that would comfort the doctor.

Clara Cawley was now officially insane.

The End