The Evidence

One thing with Rukia was she always hung out with Ichigo. Even though she had a nice room in the Squad 13 Barracks, a spare room at Kisuke Urahara's and even a room that Orihime offers for Rukia, she still insisted on staying, eating and having fun at Ichigo's. He had to admit, her company was good to have, better than his worry-some sisters, his tough father and Kon, the Mod-Soul in the form of a plushie; at least with Rukia, there was a good conversation to be had, as well as good laughs and good exchange of opinions. Others speculate it could be love for the Substitute Soul Reaper, but she merely says it's more comfortable as well as more private (With a cupboard all to yourself, how could it not?), but slowly she was convincing even herself that love was keeping her at Ichigo's...something those others can't have.

Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of Squad 6 and brother-in-law to Rukia, began his day with a regular cup of tea. The door was knocked and a Squad 6 unseated officer came in with a bow and offered the daily Seireitei newspaper. Byakuya gratefully accepted and looked to the front page and the banner headline was what caught his eye first. It read in bolt print:


And to add to it, there was a picture of Ichigo holding Rukia in his arms with a gentle smile towards her. Byakuya's face was that of utter shock. Ignoring the remainder of his tea, he stormed out of his estate, heading towards the Seireitei Daily headquarters. On arrival, he was confronted by Shuhei Hisagi, the Lieutenant of Squad 9, who was sitting at his desk and often in charge of printing the headlines. Byakuya smacked the newspaper on his desk for him to see.

"I demand to know how you acquired this photo!" Byakuya said in controlled rage. Shuhei took one look at the photo.

"Ahh, that picture came from the Soul Reaper's Women's Club, Captain Kuchiki." Shuhei replied. "They're in charge of the Soul Society's most juiciest stories." Byakuya heard enough and now stormed to the meeting room of the Women's Club, with only the vice-chairman present, Nanao Ise, Lieutenant of Squad 8, having to arrange the club's activities beforehand. Byakuya held the newspaper's banner headline in front of Nanao.

"How did you get this photo?" Byakuya said with malice in his voice, scaring the Lieutenant.

"We took a photo of it two days ago, Captain Kuchiki..." Nanao said in fright. "We were in the World of the Living taking pictures of it's strongest inhabitants, and we happened to take a photo of Mr. Kurosaki and Ms. Kuchiki..." Nanao recounted the events that took place between the two.

Ichigo and Rukia had the command to defeat a Level 4 Hollow; any Hollow above that would require two or more Soul Reapers to defeat it without affecting the town's people. The Hollow the two were up against was a large purple highly-built creature with strong arms and massive wings. The two made a charge for the strong adversary, blocking it's attack on a defenseless woman that was undoubtedly a Plus Spirit, using their Zanpakutou both in their Shikai form. Rukia made a quick slash at it to buy it's attention while Ichigo fired a Getsuga Tenshou at it. It made a hard impact on it. It was in a near-death state, but not before using it's giant fist to attack Rukia, smacking her away from the rooftop which they fought on. The Hollow turned into Reishi, not that Ichigo cared, as he used a quick-paced Shunpo to catch Rukia in mid-flight, which if left unchecked would have left her to fall painfully. Ichigo had Rukia in her arms and eased his Spiritual Pressure to give both a safe landing.

"Are you hurt, Rukia?" Ichigo said gently. Rukia gave a smile.

"I'm alright, Ichigo." She replied softly. That was the moment when Nanao took the fated photo.

Byakuya eased himself in the presence of the situation's photographer.

"I will give this club any sum of money they desire in exchange for similar photos of these two, along with a detailed report of their day-to-day lives." Byakuya explained. Nanao's eyes lit up behind her glasses

"Thank you so much, Captain Kuchiki! I won't let you down!" Nanao said, casting away her fears in light of this promise. Byakuya turned to leave.

"One more thing..." Byakuya said. "If you happen to take a photo of the two kissing, I'll make it double." This sealed the deal on Nanao, as she squealed in delight. The meeting of the Soul Reaper's Women's Club began with Yachiru, Isane, Nemu, Kiyone, Rangiku and Soifon present.

"Alright, we have a valuable opportunity to earn some good money through our photography!" Nanao started. "Our targets are Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki in the World of the Living. One good kiss shot of these love birds can see our Club last another hundred years!"

"Isn't this wrong, Vice-President?" Said Isane. "Spying on two couples around the clock?"

"Who cares?" Said the busty Lieutenant of Squad 10, Rangiku Matsumoto. "If it gets us good money, I'd spy on anyone!"

"I suppose..." Isane replied.

"We haven't a moment to lose! Every second we waste here is sixty love moments between the two! Move out!" The seven women of the club headed for the World of the Living to catch the fated kiss that the two companions would be expected to have.

Ichigo and Rukia travelled back from their nearest supermarket, having been asked by his father, who was busy with patients at his clinic; each of them carried a tonne of shopping, and between two people, it was quite the burden.

"Why does your father need so much stuff?" Rukia complained.

"Hell if I know." Ichigo groaned. "Now quit whining, aren't you supposed to be strong?"

"Idiot! Even if I was, I couldn't carry this much!" Rukia complained. Ichigo gave a groan and took two bags from her, much to her surprise.

"You really are a nuisance." Ichigo said with a grin. Rukia returned it with another. Unknown to the two, the Women's Club got that shot on photo. The seven hid themselves in a nearby bush, stalking the two as they went along.

"Yes!" Kiyone cheered silently. "With good shots like these, Captain Kuchiki will reward us handsomely."

"Don't get so excited." Soifon said emotionlessly through a close-up lens of a camera. "It's the kiss we're after."

The two returned to Ichigo's room once the shopping was successfully delivered. Ichigo's hands however were deeply marked by the weight of the bags.

"Damn it." Ichigo groaned. "That jerk of a dad really knows how to take advantage of people!"

"Quit whining!" Rukia said, mimicking Ichigo's voice as she peeked out of the cupboard. "Here, if your feeling sore, you should have asked." Rukia took Ichigo's marked hands and began a simple healing Kidou on it. "Right?" She gave a smile at this.

"Yeah..." Ichigo replied returning the smile. This little piece was photographed too. This time, the seven were on top of the adjacent house's rooftop, taking pictures with a perfect view of Ichigo's room.

"They're making it too easy!" Yachiru sniggered.

"Hold on..." Nanao eased. They seen through their close-up cameras that Ichigo and Rukia were looking at each other romantically.

"The kiss is close..." Nemu identified. Indeed, Ichigo and Rukia were edging closer towards each other, ready to kiss. All seven of the girls had their cameras and notepads ready. The two were almost there until the door knocked, making the two jump back into reality. The two immediately separated at the sight of Ichigo's sister, Yuzu, coming into the room. All seven of the girls gave a loud moan at the unbelievable chance that was missed.

"I should assassinate that little brat..." Soifon growled in malice ready to summon her Zanpakutou Suzumebachi for the instant kill.

"Calm down Captain Soifon." Isane soothed. "If it happened once it may happen again..." Though this wasn't exactly true, as two days passed and all was pretty much at the same level of romance as before.

"Let's face it, the only chance we could have taken the picture is lost." Kiyone said in despair.

"I hope Master Mayuri won't be mad at my disappearance." Nemu said, hoping she won't be punished by her cruel father. Nanao was busy still writing a daily report of the two's activities, including "Art reviews", "Hollow hunting trips" and the one she took most pride in: "The Unstolen Kiss."

"It doesn't matter if we don't get the kiss, we still have sufficient evidence to earn us some money." Nanao said.

"Does that mean we can go home now?" Rangiku muttered in boredom, using her breasts as a pillow.

"I suppose." Nanao said, ready to pack up and leave. Just then, Yachiru spotted something in Ichigo's room.

"Wait! We may have a breakthrough!" Yachiru said. The girls resumed their position to see Rukia coming in wearing summer clothes: a long yellow dress embroidered with flowers, flip-flop sandals and a nice whicker hat perched on her head, and presenting it to Ichigo.

"How do I look?" Rukia said, twirling herself to give the dress a little twirl itself. Ichigo couldn't help but look amazed by it.

"You've been raiding Yuzu's drawers again, haven't you?" Ichigo smirked. Rukia's mood dropped instantly.

"I just happened to like Yuzu's sense of style, that's all!" Rukia said with a huff.

"You better not ruin this chance, Kurosaki!" Soifon whispered in tension.

"So, wanna go for a walk?" Asked Rukia. The girls waited for Ichigo's reply expectantly.

"Sure, why not?" Ichigo said, getting into his own summer gear, consisting of a t-shirt with a floral pattern to them, blue shorts and a set of black flip-flop sandals. The two took a stroll down the park, sharing an ice lolly to keep themselves cool from the hot baking sun. Once again, the seven ladies kept a close eye on the pair from a nearby bush.

"Don't you think the chances of them kissing is drastically reduced with them being outside?" Asked Isane.

"No way!" Squeaked Yachiru. The two sat on a park bench under a tree to give them a nice spot of shade, keeping them warm and cool simultaneously.

"Ahhh! Nice to be out of that boiling sun." Rukia sighed as a breeze came in and cooled her down some more.

"You said it." Ichigo said, wiping his brow of sweat. Ichigo edged forwards, getting the girls excited. "You got a little bit of ice lolly on you." He brushed away a single segment of the ice lolly away from Rukia's cheek. She gave a smile.

"Thank you..." She said. The two gazed at each other's eyes for the longest time possible. Each of them was entranced by the other's beauty and charisma. Then, the fated moment had arrived once again, the two edged closer to one another. The girls took their positions in different secret spots for different angles, each time as the couple grew closer, so did the expectations of the girls, along with their finger on the trigger.

And then it happened. The kiss had happened, Ichigo and Rukia were intimately kissing each other to no limit. All the while the seven girls were cheering mentally while being camera happy and taking flash-less photos of the two, making sure the photos being shot were of high quality. The two separated their kiss with a smile, but that kiss was enough for the girls to do their business...

The next day, the seven girls presented their reports and photos to Byakuya Kuchiki. His fists were clenched when viewing the kissing shots, as well as the close and love-filled shots that came with it.

"Well done. Your reward will be taken to your headquarters as soon as possible." He said, keeping his calm in front of the victorious women as they gave a cheer at their achievement and excused themselves. Byakuya, now having evidence of Rukia Kuchiki's closeness with Ichigo, was now on the verge of exploding with anger.

"These events will not go unheard...I swear it..."