Germany is sitting behind his desk mumbling to himself as he works on his never ending paperwork. He hears a faint knock on the door, "What is it this time?"
A soft voice on the other side says, "It's just me."
"Whatever Italy. Come in." Germany rubbed his forehead in an attempt to ward off the headache that always came when the Italian boy was near. As Italy steps inside, Germany jumps out of his chair and rushes toward him, snatching the box that was in the crook of Italy's arm.

"Where did you find this?" Germany screams.
Cowering under Germany's anger Italy's voice quivers as he says "I was cleaning and I found it under your bed and I was going to ask you what they were."
"YOU OPENED IT!" Germany's anger was growing the more Italy talks.

"Ve, Germany...I was just curious. What is that stuff?"
"Its nothing you need to worry about. Go away. I'll put these back later and do not tell anyone what u saw."
"BUT NOTHING NOW GO!" Germany screams turning away before Italy can see the flush dusting his cheeks. Italy turns toward the door and Germany catches a glimpse of something bright red tied loosely around Italy's waist.
Still trying to hide his flushed face, "What's that tied around your waist?"
Italy stops dead in his tracks, turning around stares at the floor in front of him, "A piece of ribbon that I found in the was pretty and you had plenty so I didn't think you would care if I used one."
Germany opens the box containing various sex toys and some straight porn and sees the other red silk ribbon folded up in the corner.

"Give it back," he says understandingly.
Italy walks over and unties the silk ribbon and pulls it out of the belt loops. He holds the silk out to Germany as it loosely falls across his hand and wrists. Germany feels a surge of lust come over him sending shivers up his spine.
"What's wrong Germany?" Italy asks as he holds Germany's arm with the hand that had the ribbon in it.
Germany is lost in the feeling of the cool silk against his skin surrounded with the warm soft touch of Italy. His mind begins to wander to the videos he watched and how he was only aroused by the males and sometimes jealous of the females. '"Germany are you ok?" Italy says snapping Germany out of his trance.
"Yeah yeah I'm fine." Germany says blushing again. He takes the ribbon from Italy's hand and ties it snugly around both of Italy's wrists leaving a little excess on the ends. Italy looks at him with a confused look.
"What's this for?"
"You wanted to know what this stuff was right?" Germany says with a hint of lust.
"Well yeah...I guess so" Italy said innocently.
Germany stacks and moves his paperwork, folders, books, and pens clearing his desk. He gestures for Italy to take a seat beside the box and the still confused Italy obliges.