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The curious question of the Italian, sounding as innocent as could be, drove Ludwig's desires over the edge. A crack of the leather strap on the boy's ass and the sudden cry made him hard.

"Owwie!" He whined as he felt the sting, looking back at him and blushing bright red, "You smacked my ass, Germany!"

"Es tut mir leid, I should have warned you…" he muttered in apology, lowering his head to place a kiss on the red mark, making Feliciano give an embarrassed smile. "I hope you know, though…I'm not finished yet." He licked the strap of leather slowly, crystalline blue eyes hungrily shifting along each curve of his body. Another crack down made the boy squeal.

"Veeehhhhh~!" He groaned, his amber eyes batting open beneath soft lashes.

"Does that feel better?" He nodded in response to Ludwig's question, panting harder as his own cock hardened against the desk. A final, rough crack caused Feliciano to squirm in a bittersweet pleasure, the whine escaping his lips a sweet, harmonious melody to the German's ears. Overly aroused by the Italian's contortions, he tossed the crop down on the desk for later use and relieved himself of the sweat and oil drenched clothes in a swift paced manner.

"Mm…Germany, something smells yummy~" The Italian cooed as Ludwig popped open a bottle of French vanilla lubricant. Slicking his fingers with the transparent liquid, he darted one into the warmth of Feliciano's tight entrance. The boy moaned deeply, wiggling his hips to take him in deeper. The more he received those perfect reactions from each stretch of the tightened muscle, the more he yearned to slide his own cock into the Italian's constricted, heated center, but he knew that he must finish what he had already begun.

"N…next toy, Italy…" Reaching once more into the box, he shivered in his secret ecstasy as he lifted his solid red, extra large vibrator. Hoping that his fingers had stretched him open enough, he turned on the device, the buzzing filling both their ears.

"Germany…I didn't know you had a-AAAAHH!" The loud whine of the Italian made Ludwig shudder as he slid in the vibrator, sinking it halfway inside him. Shaking from the intensity of the feeling, he bit his lip and arched his back.

"A…are you ok…?"

"…M…m…m…m…m…" Feliciano stuttered, cringing as it moved deeper, "M…more, Germany…!"

Shocked, but willing to oblige, he began to slide it out and back in with a steady tempo. Louder moans filled the room as the speed increased. Harder and harder, shoving in and out, until tear-filled screams filled the room. Slowing until reaching a stop, sounds falling to a whimper, he carefully pulled out the vibrator and turned it off, lube dripping down Feliciano's thighs. His cheek pressed to the desk, his gentle amber eyes gazing up at the German and making him delighted by the reaction.

"Ok…" He slurped the hot liquid from the toy and placed it back inside the box. "I…think you've been stretched enough…it's my turn." Ludwig gave a glance to his throbbing cock and returned them to the gentle eyes of the Italian lover beneath him.

Giving a gentle nod, Feliciano lowered his legs further with a velvety moan. In a smooth movement, he scooped the Italian into his arms, resting his hands against his chest to feel the fluttering rhythm of his heartbeat.

"Are you ready…Feliciano?" He whispered, lips pressed to the boy's ear.

"Ludwig…try to be gentle~" He replied.

Pressing the tip against his entrance, he quickly shoved in, tensing as the heat surrounded his cock; ecstasy comfortably washed over his emotions. To him, this was the most pleasurable feeling in the world…no doubt in his mind.

"Ludwiiiiig!" The Italian wriggled around beneath him as he forced his cock in deeper, causing him to cringe.

"You sure you're ok?" He asked once more before continuing, receiving an impatient whine when he paused.

"Sì, sì! Don't stop!" Getting anxious from waiting, he attempted to jerk his hips back, only to move them upward and shifting the cock further into the lust-driven inferno of his body. Both gave moans of delight as the previous pace was obtained. The contraction around his member drove Ludwig wild as he began to thrust rougher and rougher with each movement.

"Aahhhhhhh~ F-faster, per favore!" Tugging at the ribbons in need, Feliciano lowered his forehead to the desk, feeling the swift rocking movements as he obliged to the Italian's pleads.

"Spricht mit mir, Italien. Tell me how it feels." Said the soft, rich voice of Ludwig between each breath he panted.

"Mmm…it's the best, Germany~ You're the best~ N-never had something…fill me this way…before~"

"Gut~" He muttered, feeling a triumph unlike any other as he rammed his cock into sensitive nerves. Squealing loudly, Feliciano dug his nails into his palms, trying his hardest not to break the skin and failing miserably. Seeing the bright red of the blood trickling down his hands only stimulated Ludwig's frantic movements; faster and faster he thrust, the both of them now drenched with sweat.

Gripping hard onto Italy's hips for support, he gave a final thrust before spilling his hot cum inside, shuddering in orgasm before loosening the ribbon. Quivering beneath him, he leaned up to turn over onto his back, his damp russet hair spreading along the desk like a deep wildfire.

"G-germany…p-please…I…want to cum…"

"Shh…let me fix this~"

Kneeling down and raising his legs over his shoulders, he slid his tongue slowly up the underside of his cock, making Feliciano groan. He curled his lips around the tip and lapped at the pre-cum before deep-throating him. Before he knew it, Italy felt as if he were seeing stars. The skilled tongue curling around and pumping his cock left him feeling heavenly.

At the brink of reaching his release, he was disappointed to realize the warmth of Ludwig's mouth had left a few moments after he began, only to apply the vanilla lubrication for added taste. In just a few seconds, his mouth had returned to sucking him off, slurping at the creamy lube. Swallowing when his cum squirted down his throat, Ludwig leaned back up, the soft blue eyes scanned his body amorously.

"Fe…liciano~" Pulling him into his arms, he relaxed against his desk, the Italian giving a happily exhausted sigh before falling into slumber against Ludwig's chest. As he watched the boy sleep, the German silently agreed to himself…

"I will definitely purchase more for the box…for next time~"

P/N: O3O It's me again~! I hope this satisfies both you and my lovely, traitorsblood~ Alright, now for some translations, to those of you who aren't familiar with German or Italian:

"Es tut mir leid": A German apology; along the lines of "I'm sorry"

"Per favore": "Please" in Italian

"Spricht mit mir, Italien": "Speak to me, Italy" in German

"Gut": "Good" in German

Thank you, all, for reading!