A/N: I wrote this assuming Cobb was in reality and that he did wake up. Honestly though, I don't know what I believe.

Disclaimer: Don't own them or the movie.

She gets the call a few weeks after the job.

"We've got work. Are you in?"

She recognizes his voice, serious, to the point. She pauses for a moment before asking. "Is Cobb in?"

"Not this time."

Three hours later, she's on her way to Germany.

She wonders why he does it. "It's pure creation," she had said. What was it to him?

One day, they're going over the layout, and she catches him looking at her, hint of a smile playing at his lips (she's started to notice when he's not around her, he's so straight-laced).

"What?" she says a bit self-consciously.

"The old architect never made dreams like this."

She doesn't say anything because honestly she doesn't know what to say. But then he adds, "Cobb was right; you are a natural. You make me want to go into the dream."

The room is charged for a moment, and she is very aware that they are alone (even if they had been numerous times before). She remembers the way his lips had felt as they had lightly brushed hers.

But then he is back to the layout, asking more questions, and she realizes that maybe he does this for the thrill of the game. Maybe he likes the feel of making anything possible.

"If it's in a dream, does it count?" She asks one day. It was worth a shot, echoes in her mind.

"Depends on your definition of a dream," he says in all seriousness.

"Quick, give me a kiss," she whispers. He doesn't hesitate before leaning down and capturing her lips with his. It's longer this time, deeper, and there's no false pretensions lingering behind it. As they pull away, they both pull an object from their pocket. She sets her pawn on the table and watches it fall over. He grips the die between his fingers.

They smile.

Two years later, they are lying in bed together. She can't sleep.

"Do you dream anymore?"

He answers no.

They become more daring in their shared dreaming, despite the cautionary tale. He never really knew the whole story anyway.

When they end up in limbo, she knows what to do. He does too.

It doesn't make it any easier to pull the trigger.

They wake up side by side. She watches her pawn fall over. He grips the die between his fingers.

Just like the first time, he calms away her trembling breath.

Just like the first time, she cannot walk away.