This is going to be very, very confusing for people who aren't familiar with the fifty sentence challenge. Basically, it's not a oneshot or a collection of drabbles. I went to a random word generator, got fifty prompts, and wrote out a sentence for every. single. one. All based around Kanji/Naoto.

Anyway, there's a few things I should clarify

- There are some based in Inaba.

- And there are some based after Inaba.

-Souji and Naoto are together. So Kanji's love went unrequited.


The Fifty Sentence Challenge

Pairing: Naoto/Kanji

1. Bridge

His ma had always told him never to burn his bridges, and he did just that with Naoto by letting Souji have her.

2. Doubtful

Of his many mistakes in life, the only one Kanji ever regretted was having doubts about Naoto.

3. Body

Naoto was skinny, too skinny, and Kanji found himself actually worrying about her eating habits, so he made her a lunchbox.

4. Try

The least he could've done was try for Naoto.

5. Safe

He would keep fighting just to make sure she was safe.

6. Initiative

She was going to take the initiative with Kanji, as par Rise's advice.

7. Phase

When he thought Naoto was a guy, he'd hoped it was just a phase; now he doesn't.

8. Flood

When he held her tight as she cried into his arms, Kanji couldn't believe the flood of emotions that lay beneath her cool, detective-like fa├žade.

9. Tap

She blushed when he tapped her shoulder in class and asked if he could borrow her notes and Naoto had no idea why.

10. Captain

He felt like the captain of a sinking ship when Souji pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

11. Basement

In Naoto's basement, there are pictures of her friends and single blond delinquent.

12. Terminator

He fell asleep in the middle of the movie, and his head lolled onto her shoulder, drool peaking out of the corner of his mouth.

13. Ringing

He sits by the phone, wondering if she'll ever call.

14. Eleven

The picture of her when she was eleven was cute enough to make Kanji smile for once and then Naoto snatched the fading picture out of his hands, blushing hard enough to make her resemble a strawberry.

15. Companion

When Souji leaves, he acts as if he isn't happy.

16. Sorting

Seven years after Inaba he is sorting out past pictures and finds one of a beautiful blue-haired detective trying hard not to smile while she is surrounded by her friends.

17. Heresy

Voice ragged with an emotion he can't place, she presses an angry kiss to his mouth and he backs up into the wall.

18. Wishing

Sometimes he wishes he were like Souji, whose intelligence and quick wit mirrors Naoto's.

19. Nine

She was nine when her parents died, and she was nineteen when she realized her real fate lied with a blond delinquent named Kanji Tatsumi and not with Souji Seta.

20. Sabotage

Years later, Kanji wonders if he should've sabotaged Naoto and Souji's relationship.

21. Beg

Naoto makes him beg.

22. Transit

She meets him again in transit, floating between what could've been and what should've been.

23. Hydrogen

She volunteered to be his science partner and immediately regretted it when she realized Kanji couldn't tell the difference between Hydrogen and Sulfur to save his life.

24. Sample

The white jacket her Shadow wears is only a sample of the poor girl inside, and Kanji knows it.

25. Counter

Her hand brushes the counter of Tatsumi Textiles, and she blushes when she asks him if he can sew up the tear in her jacket.

26. Deal

It was a silent deal that they would never speak of the affair, at least not where Souji was in earshot, and not where he could see their bodies melding in the darkness of Tatsumi Textiles.

27. Omission

"I," He tells her, and Naoto knows it's a lie by omission, "I mean, it's s'not like I like you or a-anything."

28. Firework

Years later, when they all meet up again in good old Inaba, he sets off fireworks while Souji who's arm snakes around Naoto's waist and the rest of the gang watch.

29. Sharp

Her eyes are a sharp, sea-blue as she watches him undress, and Kanji doesn't know how anyone could be so cold about an affair.

30. Minimum

He's always settled for the bare-minimum, but he knows it's not Naoto.

31. Business

The case, and the friendships built around it, is all business to her and Kanji's not sure whether or not to hate her for it.

32. Exploitation

Naoto's exploiting him.

33. Down

She doesn't let anything scare her, or get her down, and Naoto appears to not have any special emotions around him.

34. Pass

He passes him while they walk together, steps in sync as the boy talks about the case and Kanji wonders how a boy could be so pretty and doll-like.

35. Perspective

Naoto had always been good at looking at things in a new perspective which is why Kanji wants her to look at him in a new perspective.

36. Transmission

She asks him for the microscope in class and their fingers touch by the glass.

37. Truth

Izanami said the truth hurts, which is why he can never tell Naoto that he loves her, because he's afraid of how painful the truth of rejection hurts.

38. Flash

Years later, he swears he sees a flash of ultramarine hair whenever he thinks about her.

39. Egg

Naoto and him paint Easter Eggs for Nanako-chan together, and Kanji has to teach her how to get the designs just right.

40. Eyesight

He wishes his eyesight would fade when he sees them together.

41. Training

She teaches him how to use a pistol when he asks, but it was really just an excuse to be close to her.

42. Seriousness

Naoto is too serious, sometimes, and Souji tells Kanji of her ticklish spot.

43. Reputation

He refrains from telling her how cool it is that she's a girl, even though it ruined her reputation.

44. Mainstream

Naoto has never liked mainstream, but she has liked blond delinquents with silver piercings.

45. Year

2011 is the year that Kanji fell in love, and then lost it.

46. Make

Sometimes he wishes he could make her love him.

47. Doe

She's as graceful as a doe when her naked body presses against his and Kanji grunts his approval.

48. Recollection

He has no recollection of the morning-after, only that she threw him out while furiously blushing and holding him at gunpoint.

49. Historian

Any historian would have called this an affair, but Kanji only sees it as something that should've happened years ago, in Inaba.

50. See

When he saw her, he loved her, and now she sees that she loves him too.