A.N. Surprise, surprise…more Buffy. Ignores the comics, cause I said so. Sorry if Faith is out of character I have never written her before. Going to be multiple chapters this one, so please stay tuned. Enjoy

Buffy was drunk. She didn't notice until she went to stand up and then the world tilted and she had to concentrate really hard so as not to fall. "Damn B. save some for the rest of us." She squinted up at the brunette suppressing a giggle. "Faith, you're all squishy." "Yeah, I'm sure I am as many as you have had." She placed her arm around Buffy for support. "I'm fine." She assured her, pushing off the other Slayer. "A-ok Buffy here." She grinned, attempting to stay upright. "You've had enough that even I would be struggling to stand." "I'm Buffy, I got this." She said stumbling forward two steps…she wobbled and had to grab a stool to keep from falling. "B!" Faith yelled rushing forward. "You ok?" Buffy met the worried eyes of her fellow Slayer and grinned. "Five by five." She mumbled as Faith escorted her out of the bar.

Buffy was quiet once they got in the car, and her face seemed to pale as she muttered. "I don't feel too good." Faith handed her a bag from the back without taking her eyes off the road. "Thanks." "Don't mention it." She sighed running a hand through her brunette locks, resisting the urge to pump the blonde for information. "Sorry you had to come get me." Buffy sighed. "Naw you don't have to be sorry unless you spew in my car, seats are brand new. Just got them reupholstered." "Ugh. Could you be any more crude?" Faith smirked at her. "You know I can."

More silence…Faith debated turning on the radio just to have some noise in the car. Her curiosity won out in the end. "So, what exactly were you doing drinking your sorrows away?" "No, not drinking my sorrows away…celebrating. Celebrating life and non demons and normalness. Normal Buffy." Faith met her eyes with a hint of sadness in them. "It's boring as shit huh?" All Buffy could do was nod.

"It's about more than that though, this is about him too." Faith stated. "Him? Who him?" She rolled her eyes in response stifling a chortle as Buffy feigned innocence. "You are about three boyfriends too late to be trying that doe eyed stare. You know who I am talking about tall, blond, hard in all the right places." Buffy shot her a glare, as Faith laughed. "Easy girl, I'm reformed remember. I wouldn't go there again, but I am not blind either." Buffy dropped her eyes back to the floor. "Sorry." "Don't sweat it." "I really was celebrating," she answered feebly. "Celebrating?" she quirked an eyebrow. "Alone?" Buffy huffed in her seat. "Well yeah I mean you can have a fun time by yourself." she pouted. "Usually not with alcohol though." Faith snickered. "OH!" she exclaimed, blush rising to her cheeks. "Grow up."

"But seriously B, it's only been two months it's ok if you miss him." Buffy glanced over at Faith, at her earnest expression. She REALLY didn't want to talk about it, least of all with Faith. She looked slightly hurt as her eyes turned back to the road. Buffy didn't know what to say. "You don't have to talk to me," she began, anxiously drumming her fingers against the steering wheel. "But you should talk to someone." She finished, cranking up the volume as a song filled the car.

Buffy felt like crap when she woke up in the morning. The roof of her mouth was dry and her body smelt of stale beer. Not to mention the unpleasant churn her stomach gave when she sat up. She caught a reflection of herself in the mirror, groaning in disgust as she fingered the knot in her hair. "So not cute." She muttered, retreated to the bathroom. As she ran the shower as hot as human possible, a second beast started to chew at her insides. Guilt.

Faith had done nothing but be a good friend to her and try to help her out and she had shut her down. Cut her off. But she couldn't talk about it, talk about him…to anyone. Her and Faith might have becoming closer since the events in Sunnydale, but she couldn't bring that subject to life. 'Spike' The one word became achingly clear in her mind, accompanied by his smirk, his all knowing eyes, a gentle gaze uncommon on his rough face. She had to lean her head against the tile, forcing back the sting behind her eyes as the image faded. It was too much to think about, too much for someone who had accepted the good, the bad and the unspeakably ugly side of her to not exist in this world.

She smiled at her fellow slayer, taking the aspirin and cup of water gratefully. "Was about to come in and see if you were dead, cause they I would finally be top bitch around here." "Nope still alive and kicking." "Damn." Faith playfully punched her shoulder, watching Buffy with concerned eyes. "What? I'm fine." "Fine? B, you downed about twice as much alcohol as a normal person could handle." "Slayer constitution, great for not dying of alcohol poisoning." "I'm serious." "When exactly did you become the mother hen?" Faith lifted one shoulder in a shrug. "Someone has to pick up the slack." She teased. Buffy sighed wearily. "Ok, you obviously aren't going to let this go, so thanks for the help last night, really, but it won't happen again."

"Buffy," she replied. "This whole giving a damn about someone thing is new, so bear with me…but you have been really cut off. You sent Xander off to gather slayers, and Willow and Kennedy are off doing whatever and Dawn and Giles are in England. I've been where you're at; I mean granted by choice, but the more you are alone the worse it feels, the deeper you fall." Buffy met her eyes in surprise. "Wow that was extremely heartfelt." "Yeah well don't tell anyone. I'll lose my street cred." Buffy laughed. "Anyway I meant what I said, you have to find someone to talk to or you're gonna go nuts. And considering the last demon we fought you ripped his arm off and beat him to death with it, I would guess you are just about to blow." Buffy grinned sheepishly at her. "I'll talk to someone ok, I'll deal." "Good, cause I don't think I'm cut out for this babysitting crap." Buffy rolled her eyes as the brunette slayer walked out of the kitchen.

Her fingers perched about the phone, hands trembling. She took a breath to steady herself, shaking her head slightly. "You are the Slayer Buffy; you can take down demons, vampires, witches, handle apocalypses, die and come back from the dead, you can do this." She pressed the numbers rapidly, pushing the receiver into her ear, breathing a sigh of a relief when a cheery voice rang out on the other end. "Hiya Buffy!"