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Spike shifted his weight between his feet, rocking back on his heels as Buffy took his hand. "I'm coming back. Try not to look so sad." "Yeah I know." He muttered. "I have responsibilities…I have to go." She whispered, touching her forehead to his chest. Immediately his fingers tangled themselves in her hair, she sighed at the comfort of his touch. "You just got here…" She smiled up at him, leaning into to kiss his lips. "And I'll be back before you know it." He looked unsure, trying to hide the fear he felt by turning his head. "Well if you have to go." He jerked his head toward the door. 'How could she make him understand that she was coming back?' Her eyes brightened suddenly as she pulled away from him. "I'll be right back." She announced, tearing out of his door before Spike could even blink. She was back within minutes and as the door opened up and the sunlight caught on the wicked blade, Spike beamed widely. "Bullocks, there is no way you just happened to have that on you." He teased as she held out the scythe at arms length. "A girl's got to know how to accessorize." She nudged him with it softly. "Take it." She commanded as his hand closed around the weapon. "Buffy…I don't understand." She smiled fondly, caressing his hand that was gripping the scythe. "Now both of my favorite things will be here, I'll have to come back." He didn't reply, just crushed her to his chest in response.

Several weeks later…

Spike was drenched, and cold and all around miserable as he took his place next to Angel. "Well looks like we've done some good after all." Angel spared him a glance with a soft "Yeah." as Illyria dropped into the alleyway, landing with a soft thud. "Wesley's dead." She stated, standing as still as a statue. "I'm feeling grief for him. I wish to do more violence." She says resolute as both vampires nod at her. Spike looks around as Angel says. "She's not coming Spike." "Tell that to your twice burned sofa." Spike smirks as Angels groans. "You still owe me a new one." "Put it on my tab." Angel smiles half assed at him, trying to come up with a quick retort as it is smothered by a cacophony of noise in the background. "Looks like we have company." Gunn says jogging up to them holding his side. Blood is seeping through his trembling fingers. "You're supposed to wear that red stuff on the inside Charlie Boy." Spike comments, as he and Angel help Gunn to sit down. The noise gets louder, shadows now playing across the buildings. Spike and Angel share a knowing look, turned away from Gunn to get ready to fight. Spike went to draw the scythe from his back, startled when someone from behind gripped it.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and he had to fight back as sob as she joined him by his side. "Did you miss me?" he just nodded, unable to trust that he wouldn't burst into tears if he spoke. He was ashamed to admit it but he hadn't been completely sure that she would come back for him. She weighed the weapon in her hands, looking as if she was reacquainting herself with it. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "I missed you too." Spike smirked at her. "Well since you went and took my toy, a fellow can assume you brought me something?" Buffy pulled a broad sword from behind her, handing it to Spike. "I love you." He gushed as she laughed softly. "Sweet talk later…killing unspeakable evil now." "Wait a tic, how did you know we would be here? " "I didn't. Willow did." Buffy said sweeping her arm towards the army she had brought with her. "I thought I would bring some friends." Angel locked eyes with her for just a second, giving her a look that said 'we will talk about this Spike thing after we don't die.' She nodded at him. "And thanks." He mouthed silently, as a brunette bounded up to him. "Yo! Is this a private party or can anyone join?" Angel turned to smile at Faith. Buffy smiled at Spike as the hordes or demons came closer and closer. "Hey B, what do you think…20 points for the big ones." Buffy smiled, shook her head. "Nah, 50." Faith pushed the air enthusiastically. "Alright," she paused, pointing to the blonde slayer. "I'm SO gonna kick your ass." "As if!" she replied disengaging herself from Spike's side. "Bet me." "You're on!" Spike readied himself as his girl turned to smile reassuringly at him. The bloodlust in her eyes was sexy as hell. "In terms of a plan?" he directed at Angel. "We fight." He replied. "Bit more specific." Angels' eyes traveled skyward to the dragon that was circling them. "Well personally, I kind want to slay the dragon." he lifted his sword, preparing for battle. Spike followed suite. Angel turned smiling at the army behind him, the God to his left, the two feisty Slayers in front of him who were already in battle and lastly at Spike. "Let's go to work." He said, swinging his sword into the first demon in front of him.

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