Crossover - Kung Fu Panda & Sly Cooper: sequel to UC: Lockout and Conspiracy

Story set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Kaine Island Heist. The adventures that were never told...

Crossover Showdown

In the first five hours since sunrise, since the morning gong was rang to awaken the residents of the Valley of Peace, it seemed to be the usual routine for everyone. The villagers went about their own daily business, farmers began harvesting their crops of rice, bok choi, and other plants, merchants set up shop to sell goods, and restaurant owners - such as well known Mr. Ping - opened up for the next day of service. As for the newly additional Imperial rhino sentinels, they simply worried about their own occupation of standing watch for any threat that may attempt an invasion of the Valley.

However, for those who resided in the Valley's sacred Jade Palace, especially for honored and appointed Grand Master Shifu who gazed over the village, it was endless stress and pain throughout the whole daily routine. Exactly one week ago, after his inspiring speech and declaration of possible modern warfare at the Imperial Palace, he could only watch these guards - these brutes march across the street, practically being lazy as they waited for something of a threat to appear, to now, even he began to wonder when that will ever happen.

Perhaps this was all a big mistake, because now he was regretting having this lazy security making up the Valley's population. He knew the real threat was out there and waiting for him to lower his guard, and he knew China was going to need an army to resist against this terrorist rebellion, the Conspirators that arranged all this to happen, but as he recalled they started this, they wanted a fight. So with that, when they came to pick a fight with him, they'll be damn ready for them. They'll regret messing with China.

The only thing the Red Panda was concerned about was his students, the Furious Five - Masters Tigress, Crane, Viper, Monkey and Mantis - they all were quite aware of the lurking threat, but they didn't have the motivation to keep going. They had been performing endless training for the last week, he was sure they had some bleeding fists and feet from all the sparing they had done, he was worried - even for the return of the rogue, Zhan Fray - that they might drop out before ready. Thinking about it now, he knew they would need a rest soon, and he would have to rearrange a schedule.

Perhaps he could "cut them some slack" as Po - the Dragon Warrior - suggested, and thinking about it now, about allowing them a longer brake to rest up and a little more personal time, he had mixed feelings about the idea. The first thought was that it would distrupt their progress and training routine negatively, but the next supported it, claiming it would at least build them better self-esteem to keep going. Adrenaline was good, but one needed energy first.

He collectively sighed and returned to the Palace's main hall, the Sacred Hall of Warriors, passing several ancient and valuable artifacts and treasures, many with history and extraordinary legends of their own.

He stopped for a second to spy the repaired walking stick of Grand Master Oogway, his dead former master, though despite those circumstances the broken staff had never been thrown away, it still had his honor and chi, the last remnant of the great tortoise, which made it another valuable among the whole gallery. They all had been apart of the legend of Kung Fu since its time in the beginning, and to this day their owners' honor and legend never died.

Before continuing down the hall he caught a glimpse of their latest addition, an another ancient but even more bizarre relic, one that appears to have nothing to do with kung fu at all. Shifu strolled closer to the artifact, claimed to be called the Canopic Jar of Werkhotep, some mysterious, Egyptian demon from a long time ago.

Looking over the owl-headed urn he thought puzzlingly what was so unique about it, it was just an urn found outside of China, but it must have some value if even Tai Lung, one of his former students, attempted to steal was crazy of why a former kung fu master who had already died would return to life just to obtain an urn over their own dead bodies, literally. Sure, the Jar was made of pure gold, and had a nice encrustation of jewels, but what was so important about it that a dead man would kill for it?

If it was that valuable to a dead man, then maybe there were others who want it as well. Tai Lung had wanted it in order to resurrect some demon from ancient times, or so claimed by his students, and he didn't have difficulties believing that, but if that was merely the start of it, what could this strange relic be involved with, a tool? A weapon?

Time might provide the answers, or so he thought as he continued down the main hall and through the courtyard, to the combat training gym. He pushed the doors open to find six warriors, all seated on the bench, already caressing their sore muscles and limbs. He should have figured considering the events from yesterday, they must still be recovering from the accident. He heard some silent murmurs and whining from a few characters, some of which he had expected from Po, but considering the panda was at his father's restaurant they must have figured someone ought to take his place for the day.

As they all spotted Shifu they quickly recollected to their feet, only to groan and ache the urge to return to their seats. He raised a palm and allowed them a rest, and they thankfully accepted the permission.

"Students, in the time of advanced and elite training I'm certain you've all come close to reaching the point of complete exhaustion," he explained, "that much as come to my attention. So, I've decided to take things easy and 'cut you slack' as Master Po suggested. Any of you whom wish to take your launch break early, please step forward and feel free."

"Oh, thank goodness!" Mantis started, perched on Monkey's shoulder as they sauntered for the door, "I'm starving like there's no tomorrow here!"

"I guess I'll grab a bite, too," Crane seconded as Viper third, and both followed the primate and insect.

"Well c'mon! Let's go before the line gets too long!" Mantis pushed, tapping on the primate's shoulder with three of his six legs, "I hear those guards are mostly hogging up the joint."

Shifu watched as the four students exited the gym hall and turned to the two remaining, Tigress and Fray. Both he expected would stay behind, because both had the more dedication and discipline to training, and both appeared to understand the very importance and seriousness of the situation of a possible war on their hands. So despite the opportunity they had been provided, they would prefer continuing training until the actual launch break. he nodded to them and headed back to his own business, leaving both felines alone.

"Well, we're alone," Tigress said in a soft volume as glanced at the cheetah, approaching him slowly, "it's just you and me. So, what do we do now?"

"I've got a good idea," he replied in the same tone, extending his hands to her.

As they joined hands, she looked into his brown eyes, staring deep into those brown, reddish orbs, remembering her childhood friend, and secret crush. Of course, months ago that was barely a secret anymore she had the fortune to tell him, right before he served his time in prison, but now here they were, on the same side together, as it should have been. He winked at her, causing her to give him a surprised look, and catching her off guard he wrapped his arms around her waist, swung and tossed her into the sparing ring.

She turned in the air and landed perfectly on all fours, now in combat position as Fray entered the ring, cracking his knuckles, and mimicking her stance. "So what do you say, a good six out of eleven?"

Tigress smiled, "You are so on." She stretched both arms in the air, a quick round of tai chi, and readied herself for a pounce.

Both the tiger and the cheetah faced each other, limbered up and ready to fight, and began. They ran and leaped at each other, extending their legs in a good, hard kick. Their spare had begun.

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