Loyal readers of the Untold Chronicles, admirable writers and friends of Fanfiction, I know it has been long wait and I am graced by all of you, but it is with great dismay and a heavy heart that I leave this disclaimer in place of a chapter.

Not too longer ago, I know, I had promised I would soon recover and resume the crossover I had longed to write since the beginning, however, given my impending circumstances, it was a promise I cannot fulfill. Not today, nor tomorrow, nor even the next coming months. I love writing as much as I love my stories, as any parent would love their children, and I grieve and regret each and every day I do not fulfill the promise I made to myself: the promise of recovery and self-improvement.

Woefully, I cannot continue the Untold Chronicles now, my proudest work since Lockout and Conspiracy, for my time is too short, but there is one thing I can do for the Crossover, and for the crowd of patient, understanding readers who have tolerated my ineptitude these past few years. I leave my Sly Cooper/Kung Fu Panda crossover story, UC: Crossover Showdown, in the care of The Conquerors, who have agreed to continue my work, my legacy. I put my trust that they will rekindle the flame I lit and carry the torch to a greater distance.

I must ask you to understand that I cannot explain myself or my cause of absence, and I hope you can forgive my faithless resolve.

~082 Martian Scout