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Chapter One: Mr. Brightside

Emo Fairypire POV (AKA Edward)

"But it's just the price I pay, destiny is calling me. Open up my eager eyes, 'cause I'm Mr. Brightside"

I followed the family into a club in Seattle called "Trinity Nightclub". I couldn't figure out why they would come to a place where humans came to get drunk, and then I read Emmett's thoughts. From the top of the pole I watched her go down…on me. I gave him a look and tried to ignore him, that didn't work so well. Who ever knew that a human could do the things she does? She made my head spin in circles…ain't nothing more beautiful to be found then when I took her home and fucked her on every surface in her apartment. Then I went home to Rosie feeling guilty as hell…Oh shit, Eddie's here. Spider pig, spider pig does whatever a spider pig does. Yeah, go Emmett. I'm good…well Bella said great, but that's besides the point…

I'd had enough at that point and really tuned him out until it all clicked in my head. Him, Bella her apartment…what the fuck is wrong with him? I followed his gaze, and sure enough there was my Bella, on a stage, dancing on a pole to whore music. "Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love…I'm hot sticky sweet, from my head to my feet yeah". Once again Emmett's disgusting thoughts entered my head, Yes Bella, yes you are. I had had enough of him and his thoughts so I turned to glare at him when I got wind of what Carlisle was thinking. She can pour some sugar on me anytime she wants. I might not be hot, but we can play doctor…yeah…

Out of all of them though, and why am I even shocked, Jasper's thoughts were the worst. "And she said hey boy do you mind taking me home tonight…and hold on tight 'cause it's gonna be wilder than any eight second ride…" Since that first night that I brought her home and fucked her so hard she couldn't walk the next morning, and then I made her breakfast, I knew there would never be an end to us. When she told me that true country boys are hard to find, but she found one wilder than any eight second ride, and she looked into my eyes I thought I saw a glimpse of love.

Once again, I heard Carlisle's thoughts. "You can have whatever you like"…I could be her sugar daddy. I've already bought her like, three cars. Yeah go big daddy C. I didn't see what the big deal was, I mean Bella was pretty, but she wasn't anything super special. I turned towards the stage and couldn't stop staring. She was wearing a plaid mesh teddie that was blue with purple and green and yellow going through it. She had on dark blue studded heels that were at least six inches. She was so graceful now, she seemed so confident in herself, what happened to her? Animal by Nickelback came on and everyone but Bella left the stage. I saw Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle move closer to the stage and I thought they were going to pull her off the stage, but no. She bent down and they stuck $100 bills down the front of her outfit, if you could call it that. She flipped upside down on the pole and I heard Jasper's thoughts, Oh yeah, I'm taking her home tonight, if we make it that far. Hopefully Charlie doesn't catch us this time, oh well…

By this point, I am ready to make my presence known, and I growl low and menacing to catch their attention. Emmett turns around first, albeit reluctantly and Jasper and Carlisle followed suit not to long after. They all saw me and looked down guilty. Once Bella finally left the whore stage, they walked up to me. I decided to speak first. "Do your wives know you're here? Do they know what you're thinking about Bella?" They all looked down guiltily and then Jasper laughed. "Why are you laughing? Alice can see this."

"I'm not with Alice anymore." He laughed and walked back to watch Bella dancing on stage to Something in Your Mouth. Jasper practically screamed his thoughts at me. Mhm Bella, you look cuter with me in your mouth. I hissed at him and he chuckled, Sorry Eddie, you snooze you lose. Oh wait, you didn't even snooze, you ran.
I couldn't take being in there, so like the scared little bitch I've always been, I ran away from Bella. Whenever my feelings got to be too much around her, I had to leave. I ran back to the house in Forks waiting for the family to show up.

I saw Rosalie and decided to tell her about what I heard Emmett thinking. "Oh, Edward, you're home." She said at me smiling.

"Do you know what your husband thinks about Bella?" She just nodded her head.

"Do you know what they did?"

"Yes Edward, I do know what they did. Bella felt very bad about it the next day. She almost felt worse than Emmett did. We all talked about it, and Bella and I are very close now."

"But, Emmett cheated on you, with Bella. You know and you don't care? You still let him go see her?" I was very confused at this point, I had no idea what she was thinking.

"See Edward, here's the thing. That was one time. Bella was in tears after. She was very confused and hurt and vulnerable. I can't control his thoughts. I wouldn't ever stop him from seeing his baby sister. She means too much to him. If I forbid them from seeing each other, he would resent me. Besides Edward, this is all your fault." She smirked at me and I ran from the house. I sat on a rock and let my body shake with unshed tears. What have I done to my sweet innocent Bella? I've tainted her, she is so confused without me. I saw Esme gardening and I knew I had to tell her about what Carlisle thought.

"Esme, Esme , Esme, I'm so sorry." I blurted out, running to her.

"Edward, dear, what are you talking about?"

"Esme, it was awful. I followed Emmett, and Jasper and Carlisle. I wasn't surprised with Emmett and Jasper, but Carlisle? The things he was thinking. I was so shocked. The things he wants to do to Bella. It's completely repulsive."

"Edward, honey. You need to calm down." Esme was talking to me and soothing me like you would a bratty child who was throwing a fit. "I know what Carlisle thinks about Bella, and while it does bother me to some degree, you have to understand that Bella is an adult. And whatever any of the guys may think about her, when it comes down to it, she is their family. Do you know why they really go every night?" She asked and I shook my head, "They go to protect her. One time she came back here with a couple bruises and they freaked out about it. They don't like her job, none of us do, but we all love her and respect her need for Independence. She's changed Edward. She isn't the same Bella you left five years ago." I ran into the woods thinking about what Esme said.

It was true, Bella isn't the same as she used to be. She seems more, open now, than she was before. I was running through the woods, hunting and trying to clear my head. It was Jasper's thoughts that disturbed me the most. The things he thought about her, and the ways he had been close to her scared me. He has the least self-control and Bella knows that. She isn't being rational about anything right now. I have to help her get back into the right frame of mind. I went back into the house and heard Jasper having sex with someone, well that wasn't very surprising. "I didn't know Alice and Jasper were back together..." I mused aloud to no one in particular when Alice came through the door.

"We're not. He's with Bella, and before you ask, I'm okay with it. The longer she's away from Newton the better." I went outside again, trying to tune them out, hell trying to tune his vile thoughts out of my head. I didn't want to see her like that, it wasn't right. They weren't married. They technically weren't dating even. It makes me sick seeing what she's become. When I finally heard them stop, I walked back into the house, only to find Bella sitting on the floor with Rosalie on the couch behind her, braiding her hair. It was almost a sweet moment, if it wasn't for the fact that Emmett was on the floor, massaging Bella's feet and she seemed to be enjoying it a little to much. Bella looked at Emmett confused, when he stopped rubbing her feet. He had seen me and looked at me with a remorseful expression on his face.

"Emmett, why'd you stop? My feet kill tonight." He looked at her and then back at me. She followed his gaze and stood up quickly. She was in long sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt that most likely belonged to Jasper. "Oh, hey Edward." She refused to look at me again, instead wrapping her arms around herself like she would fall apart if she didn't. "Emmett, can you bring me home please? I don't feel good." She asked Emmett with a heartbroken expression and he just nodded his head and kissed Rosalie's forehead before holding Bella close to his side and walking her out to his jeep.

This is all your fault Eddie, I heard him think directly at me and I really wanted to know how it was my fault. I hadn't even said two words to her yet.

I shook my head slightly, Rose snickered. "What's so funny?" I growled out.

She picked up her magazine, opening it up. "Oh nothing but the usual. You show up and try to act like nothing has happened, but you forget she just finished fucking Jasper, your the last face she would want to see!" She laughed again. "I love my sister! She always the same old Bella off stage, but damn, shes different in the bed and on stage!"

"Stop Rosalie! Now!"

"Fine!" She stood throwing the magazine on the coffee table and ran upstairs, slamming her door behind her. I ground my teeth together, this family has changed, too much.

As I turned to go back outside, in hopes to find where Emmett took Bella, Jasper's thought's drifted my way. Damn, that doctor was fucking amazing! He said minimal scarring, he was right. I couldn't even tell. Bella seems really happy about them too. In the long run, it wouldn't have mattered at all. Confusion swept threw me, not really knowing what Jasper was thinking. I made a turn to go ask him about it when he came down the stairs with a lazy smirk on his face.

"Hello Edward." He half laughed. I could smell her all over him. A growl built in my chest. "Oh stop Edward. If you stuck around you might be the one getting laid almost every night, taking off those teddies she wears on stage." His voice dropped to a whisper, the growl that was building, erupted as I pushed him against the wall. "What's the matter Eddie, can't stand the fact that I fuck your ex-girlfriend almost every night? Or does it bother you more that you have to hear it? She doesn't belong to you Eddie, trust me. If you stay here you'll only torment yourself more." I squeezed his neck harder, hoping that eventually he would stop talking. "Leave Eddie, you can't handle it. I feel your emotions, remember? You couldn't even handle your emotions five years ago, and now you come home to a new Bella, if you couldn't handle them then, what makes you think you'd be able to handle them now?" I dropped him from my grip and crouched down ready to attack. "You like the changes you see?" I growled low and menacingly in my chest at him, but he continued. "The changes I paid for? I know you like them, don't pretend you don't." He flipped us around, shoving me into the wall, cracking it with the force. He spoke again, snarling at me. "Stay away from Bella. She isn't yours."

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