I was inspired by Sailorstar165 and his Kingdom hearts meets house of mouse fic, and now since it has stopped and with his blessing, lets see how I can do it this remake time. I made a few mistakes on the original, and let me put it this way, this house's canonity in my stories is questionable, while the comics from the old one are Canon. As such, characters from as they appear in the past, future and far future will appear all at various times.

"And now, for one of the world's most famous mice, Disney's Own, Mickey Mouse!" Mickey was already standing on the stage of the house of mouse, but it looked as though the house had been expanded in the audience. More chairs seemed to be here then before, and the place now seemed half full.

"Welcome, to the house of mouse. Oh gosh, It's been a while, you know, some legal trouble, a few heartless..." Mickey started to elaborate.

"That's an understatement" Beast sighed loudly at the table filled with stars from Beauty and Beast.

"The shadows are gone, but who knows for how long" the Cheshire cat Grinned appearing on the table, before vanishing.

"Um Belle, translate?" The beast asked a pretty brown haired lady in blue and white next to him.

"The heartless are gone, but no one knows for how long?"

"Oh, thanks"

"... And while we were dealing with that, we were thinking, why not make this place a little bigger, because starting now, we're sending advertisements to other places, and new people will be appearing here in the house of mouse" there was a loud commotion.

"New people, that's a little, new" Iago the parrot huffed to Jafar.

"I wonder if any of them practice Hakuna Mattatta?" Timon brought up to Pumba.

"Hey, they better not be heroes, I don't have enough space for them" Hades complained to Pain and Panic. It was then that a cartoonish noise symbol appeared around Mickey's ear.

"Hey, its Mickey. Yes Max, wait they're hear!" Mickey smiled "And here they are!" the doors busted open as hundreds of other characters (Various people from non Disney shows that appeared in the house of mouse, and some Disney guys who appeared after) walked in and started to fill the expanded seat selections.

"Wow, I didn't expect so many people to come in on the first all places welcome House of Mouse night!" Mickey said happily. "And to start the night off, lets see how Donald, our favorite and all beloved greeter..."

"I don't like him" Jafar called out

"Did greeting our new guests!" the screen turned on with a brief static monitor, before showing Donald in the lobby. He was shaking hands with a white haired teenage boy with green eyes, and a black, white ended suit with a fancy D in the middle.

"Hello, welcome to my club..."

"Wait, your not a mouse, then why is this called, the house of mouse, if its owned by a goose" Donald had a exclamation point over his head.


"Oh, is that how you guys greet people here then, well, THE NAME IS DANNY, DANNY PHANTOM!" Donald made a loud quacking sound of surprise.

"The Danny Phantom, I'm a huge fan of yours" it was then that a loud commotion was heard outside.

"DANNY!" a bunch of nerdy looking girls, with various I heart Danny Phantom signs and T shirts.

"Whoops, got to go, see ya in the club" Danny phased through the floor, as the girl mob trampled over Donald.

"WHAAA!" he cried as he was flattened like a pancake. Popping up to regular form as the girls left, he then was hand shaking a duo of young boys, a red haired one with a P shaped head, and a green haired boy with lopsided eyes and green hair.

"Um, aren't you two a little young to go to a night club?" Donald demanded. The boys looked at him plainly.

"Yes, yes we are. I'm Phineas, and this is Ferb"

"OHHHH, I'm telling your mom your here!" Donald yelled. A teenage girl with orange hair, a red blouse and white skirt sighed as she walked by.

"Good luck with that" the duck seemed confused.

"With what?"

"Trying to bust them, it never works, oh by the way, I'm their sister, Candace" as the trio entered, Donald just stared unintelligent. Then a third guest, a humanoid moose with reddish brown antlers and something like 5 oclock shadow stumbled inside.

"And who might you be?" Donald shook the moose's hand.

"Don't talk duck, just get me inside before they find me! I can't get myself free of those miserable campers of mine!" the moose begged at the duck's feet.

"What?" it was then that a trio of similar humanoid campers, a red and yellow lipped monkey, a pinkish gray elephant and a pale yellow, rhino, thing, skipped happily into the club.

"Hello Scout Master Lumpus!" the monkey greeted. The moose sighed.

"I can't be free of you, whahhhhh!" the moose wailed as he ran out of the club in tears.

"Oh boy, Pete's going to love that" Donald sighed. The clips ended.

"And as I may remind some employes, the house of mouse has no age restrictions, as long as someone responsible is with them" chuckling nervously, Phineas and Ferb latched onto Candace. Lazlo and the other scouts looked around nervously, before they grabbed Goofy the waiter.

"I'm not sure Goofy counts boys, but I'll let it slide for tonight. And now to go over the house rules. First of all, no smoking" A lava based lifeform with a white and black hourglass symbol thing on his chest was given a annoyed look by a red haired girl with pale green eyes in a dark and light blue shirt, and a blond haired girl with brownish amber eyes and a orange button up shirt and sweats looked at him in concern. Sighing, a flash of green light filled the club, and the lava being was replaced by a brown haired boy in a black and white shirt with green cargos, his eyes the same as the red haired girl.

"Ben, why'd you even go as Heatblast anyway" The blond haired girl asked gently. The boy shrugged.

"What, I was trying to remain anonymous Kiki, stupid rules" the boy grumbled.

"Okay, and well, second rule, no nefarious schemes!" he yelled at a retro looking pharmacists with a hunched back and messy brown hair, who had a platypus in a cage that came with a laser.

"Hey, there's Perry!"

"Oh come on mouse, I was just getting rid of my nemesis, is that so wrong!"

"Yes it is, save it until you leave"

"Stupid mouse" the man grumbled walking away in a rage as Phineas got the Platypus out. Holding it on his shoulder, he patted it as the Platypus shot a silly face at the scientists.


"No cursing please, and third rule, and I must stress this, NO guests should or even think about eating other guests!" a large blue dragon sighed and opened her mouth, revealing a blond haired teenager.

"Yes, thank you Mickey, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Except Tonto, you can eat him Saphira" the boy gasped as the Dragon closed her mouth again.

"MMRRRR, I always liked Pikachu and Jerry better" Tonto yelled from inside Saphira's mouth.

"Ignoring that, and we also have some new rules, rule number 4, no weapons of mass destruction" a bunch of Penguins showed anime sweat drops

"Rico, we've been spotted, drop the load" the leader whispered. A scared and loony penguin nodded, and spat out a bomb, with the label "Mini Nuke". Whistling, they kicked it into the back of the studio, where it crashed.

"I got it Mickey" Goofy called out as he ran backstage.

"Goofy, are you sure you're qualified to remove Nuclear bombs!" a explosion backstage questioned that, as Goofy toitered in with glowing green skin.

"I feel funny" Goofy laughed. Mickey chuckled nervously.

"Um, moving on, new rule number 5, and the last one for this evening, no charming anyone to take you out or do things against their will inside the house" grumbling, a teenage girl with black hair removed her wand from the drinking cup belonging to Tonto...

"That means you Alex!" the witch grumbled and returned to her seat.

"Okay, now that our new guests have a idea of the rules, let's get on with the show, starting with a cartoon!" the screen started to flash a lot of vibrant colors.

A Goofy Cartoon

How to be a Greek God and why Goofy should never be one in a millennium

Cartoon start

Goofy was at home, tinkering with a TV satellite receiver on his roof. His TV's in the house were all staticy. With a few more minutes of tinkering, the receiver was glowing yellow.

"Um, is that supposed to happen, iyuck?" the receiver blasted a golden light into the air. The light flew into the sky, and then a loud scream was heard. Goofy gasped as a young man in New York Marathon cloths with winged sandals clashed into his house, totally out concius.

"Oh no, sorry Santa!"

"Congratulations Goofy, you have just knocked out the Greek God's messenger, Hermes, who by the way is not Chris Kringle!" a mysterious announcer voice said in the air.

"Um, who are you, again?"

"That doesn't matter, and because you've done so, he'd be out cold, for at least, a week"

"A week, gosh I'm sorry Mr. Hermes"

"You'd better tell him that when he wakes up! And because of that, you need to take over for him, and become the replacement GREEK MESSENGER OF THE GODS!" the voice had dramatic background.

"Garsh, that sounds like fun"

"Now, in order to be the replacement of HERMES, MESSENGER OF THE GREEK GODS! (Dramatic voice), you first must wear, the winged sandals!"

"Gosh, I hope there my size!" Goofy removed Hermes sandals, that immediately started to fly away. Goofy gasped and grabbed hold of them, they then started to flutter and cause him to fly.

"HELP, SOS, somebody come quick!" he wrestled the magic shoes and managed to get them on his feet.

"Congratulations, you know have the foot work!" the shoes started to fly, causing Goofy to hover upside down "and know you must get, the Caduceus of HERMES, MESSENGER OF THE GREEK GODS (Dramatic voice)"

"Okay!" Goofy vanished and reappeared with a candle.

"No Goofy, not a candle, a Caduceus!" Goofy vanished again and reappeared with a camel.

"No, Goofy, not a camel, a Caduceus! THE STAFF THINGY!"

"Oh, why didn't you just say so" Goofy shooed the Camel away and picked up a staff, intertwined with two snakes.

"You aren't Hermes, I like it" one of the snakes said mentally.


"Ah, talking snakes!" Goofy yelled, dropping it on the ground. The Caduceus hit the ground, and transformed into a bomb.

"George, didn't Hermes said to stop with the bomb mode..."


Everything for 5 miles was destroyed aside from Goofy and Hermes.

"And that, is why maybe you don't need the Caduceus, maybe you stick to the speeding around bit"

"Okay, I can do that, just let me warm up first" Goofy started running in place in Hermes's magic sandals. As he did, the sky started to move rapidly, going to a sunrise...

"GOOFY, STOP THAT, YOUR REVERSING THE FLOW OF TIME!" Goofy didn't here him as his warm up reversed history. As he kept running in place, various famous speeches were heard.

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"

"Four score and seven years ago"

"A penny saved is a penny earned"

"MMMM DONUT" Goofy was tripped when Homer Simpson was suddenly thrown into Goofy. Now both the flow of time and Goofy were spinning out of control, until...

"Um, something tells me this picture's a little, ca screwy?" Goofy was in a war torn world, where Tanks were blasting at legions of Knights, and Alien Saucers were bombarding Olympus, a huge golden city floating above the ground. Cavemen were trying on lipstick, Homer was posing for the David portrait, and it looked like Donald was being worshiped as king by the Aztecs.

"And that, is why Goofy should never attempt to be a Greek God" the announcer voice finished the cartoon off, with a storm of applause.

End cartoon

"That was funny, and sort of cool. Hey Hermes, can I borrow..." a kid with black hair and green eyes in jeans and a orange Camp Half Blood T shirt started.

"No Percy" Hermes interrupted him at the same table.

"Ah, come on"

"He said no, Seaweed Brain" a blond haired tan girl with gray eyes, dressed the same way.


"Huyck yuck, I remember that, took forever to fix" a still radioactive Goofy said as he neared their table "Oh, and here's your Amborsian surprise and Gatorade for you Mr. Hermes, your southern style Brier'ed Chicken, with a Root Beer float with vanilla ice cream Annabeth, and for MR. Jackson here, A blue Hamburger with Blue Coke a Cola, medium rare"

"Thanks, and are you okay, your still glowing" Annabeth asked.

"Don't worry 'bout me, I'm always getting like this, it wears off in a few minutes, or was it hours, days?" Goofy laughed as he walked away. Annabeth, Percy and Hermes sweat dropped.

"Can I borrow that" Jafar pointed to Hermes Caduceus

"NO DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" Hermes pointed at Jafar, and Jafar exploded.

"HERMES, no making villains boom, that's Aladdin's job to deal with him!" Mickey yelled from the stage.

"No, you can do it if you really want to" Aladdin smirked with Jasmine at his table as well.

"And now, for a musical number, courtesy of Shakira!" Mickey Mouse cried out as every single (and a few non single) men jumped up as the attractive blond woman appeared on stage. Taking a microphone, among a lot of whistles, Sakira began to sing

Broke my heart on the road
Spent the weekends sewing the pieces back on
Crayons and dolls pass me by
Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly

Not the homecoming kind
Take the top off and who knows what you might find
Won't confess all my sins
You can bet all trying but you can't always win

'Cause I'm a gypsy are you coming with me?
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me
Never made agreements just like a gypsy
And I won't back down 'cause life's already bit me
And I won't cry I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me
'Cause I'm gypsy

I can't hide what I've done
Scars remind me of just how far that I've come
To whom it may concern
Only run with scissors when you want to get hurt

'Cause I'm a gypsy are you coming with me?
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me
Never made agreements just like a gypsy
And I won't back down 'cause life's already bit me
And I won't cry I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me
'Cause I'm gypsy

And I say
Hey you you're no fool if you say no
Ain't it just the way life goes
People fear what they don't know

Come along for the ride
Come along for the ride

'Cause I'm a gypsy are you coming with me?
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me
Never made agreements just like a gypsy
And I won't back down 'cause life's already bit me
And I won't cry I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me
'Cause I'm gypsy

Most of the entire room burst into applause.

"What is the point of this modern music anyway" Dr. Doofemsmirtz huffed, before he realized the villains at his table; Jack Spicer, a red haired, pale, boy in a black cloak; Dr. Animo, a pale green skinned, old man in strange armor, and Mr. Burns, a creepy ancient man with yellow skin, were applauding loudly.

"I need new friends" he sighed. "But I have to say, she is attractive, reasonably"

"You know, that's my Uncle Kelbo in disguise" Alex Russo commented. Dr. Doofemsmirtz looked really sick at that comment.

"Encore, encore" Peter Pan and the lost boys were yelling. Tinker bell tinkered with a annoyed ring.

"And on that note, its time for the last cartoon of the night!" the screen burst into colors

A Donald Cartoon

Donald vs Snape

Start Cartoon

Donald was wandering around a deserted castle, in the heat of a Scottish May, when out of the floor came a strangely dressed ghost. He had a bright blue white transparent suit with a bell-covered hat and an orange bow tie.

"Who are you, I'm Donald Duck!"

"And I'm Peeves, hand shake" the ghost held out his hand.

"Sure?" Donald extended his wing, and Peeves touched it. Suddenly, Donald was electrocuted!


"HAHAHAHAHAH, GOT YOUR CONK!" Peeves grabbed Donald's beak, pinched it and flew away.

"Ow, what's with him?" Donald complained. It was then that Peeves reappeared behind him, and kicked the wall. A trap door opened below Donald, and screaming Donald began to fall down.

"WHAAHHHHHH!" he crashed into a rather depressing dungeon, where a class was being taught, by a rather disturbing man with messy black, greasy hair and a black cloak.

"What is this, a charmed duck perhaps, who is responsible for this?" Donald looked around.

"I don't know, where am I?" Donald looked around. He eventually looked onto the Gryffindor table, for a second...

"Looking at the famous Harry Potter, I see? 1000 points from Gryffindor for charming a magic duck!"


"Insulting the Potions master, another 500 points from Gryffindor, and a detention for MR. Potter"

"HEY! What was that for!" the entire table was yelling at Snape.

"BLIZZIGA!" Donald froze the evil professor in a block of ice.

"You froze Professor Snape, cool!" a red headed Gryffindor boy cheered. The entire room, except for a bunch of creepy looking kids (Slytherins) started to go crazy!

The end

The entire room started to burst out into laughter.

"I wish that really did happen, blimmy he's a jerk" the red headed wizard kid laughed from a table with a black haired kid with a scar and glasses, and a bushy haired brunette female.

"Ron, don't talk like that" the girl scolded.

"Or what Hermoine?" the boy laughed.

"Or else He'll hear you" Ron turned around nervously to see, Professsor Snape.

"1,000,000 points from Gryffindor!"

"That's unreasonable, sir!" the other boy yelled.

"Silence Potter!"

"Um, Mickey this is quickly getting ugly, you might want to wrap this up" Mike the Michrophone called.

"Um sure, go ahead, security!" a army of brooms ran into the room to break up the fight between the wizards.

"Tonight's show was brought to you by Yen Sid Broom force. Ever need your own, indestructible army of wooden cleaners. Then these brooms are yours, bro. Yen Sid is not responsible for flooding or mass chaos these brooms might cause.

List of non House of Mouse normal visitors shown this Chapter

Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom) Phineas and Ferb (Phineas, Ferb, Candice, Dr. Doofemsmirtz, Perry The Platypus) Camp Lazlo (Scoutmaster Lumpus, Lazlo, Clam, Raj) Ben 10 (Ben Tennyson, Heatblast, Gwen Tennyson, Dr. Animo), Tokyo Mew Mew (Pudding Fong/Kiki Benjamin) Inheritance Cycle (Saphira) Omnitrix 1 OC's (Tonto) Penguins of Madagascar (Skipper, Rico, Private, Kowalski) Wizards of Waverly place (Alex Russo, Uncle Keblo) Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Hermes, George, Martha, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase) The Simpsons (Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns) Xialoin Showdown (Jack Spicer) Harry Potter (Peeves, Serverus Snape, Harry Potter, Ron Weasely, Hermione Granger)