Time for the next chapter. Now, this chapter will feature characters from the universe of RWBRyan, in his stories Son of a Hunter. They are great stories for Percy Jackson Fans (He also has a few Twilight Stories)

The Guardian Special

Normally, these chapters would begin here, in the house of mouse, but this time, they are starting a considerable distance away, in a dark and abandoned warehouse...

A dark cloaked figure was glaring at a holographic message, the being who was sending it was cloaked in a masking darkness. The figure seemed to be laughing.

"You are the legendary Johnny Hurricane? I was expecting someone much more terrifying!" the figure laughed. Hurricane glared right back.

"Shut it! Do you want your job done, or not?" The figure continued to laugh.

"What spirit, I like that in you. Kronos was smart in choosing his disciple! But no matter, I have a job, and I need it done. You, the very man who got Olympus and the Pokemon to go to war, you who stole the all powerful barbtrix, you whose blood is filled with the very same as..." the man silenced it.

"I get it! I know I have a lot of credentials, and this job of yours, I already have it planned out. This, Leonike, will be terminated, and without him, those bumbling guardians of his are just a bunch of hormonally imbalanced teenagers, who would easily be dealt with, fear not, no matter what happens, Leonike will get his wake up call, he is not that powerful, and he's not all that immortal!"

Meanwhile at what sort of looks like a customs check in point with a hint of a waiting room theme

A group of about 15 teenagers, all armed with bows, were sitting down, most of them looking like they were about to die of boredom.

"HOW MUCH LONGER!" one of the teens yelled in total frustration. A more serious looking teen, a black haired, African male, sighed as he put down his magazine, that was labeled Cross World Devices monthly. On the front was a image of an Omnitrix being taken apart to see what's inside.

"Didn't you get the memo, they have to do background checks, mental screenings, checks for diseases or viruses we may have, that are like the cold to us, or like the Black Plague here, as well as just explaining some basic rules to Leon so we don't end up in jail or something, now please stop complaining, there is this really interesting article about 2 by 4 technology I find really fascinating, it appears that in this universe, there is a group of kids who make these amazing devices out of very basic materials" he went back into his magazine.

"Jaydeen, its not like that's going to interest me! Isn't here, I don't know, a Inter World Swimsuit magazine here, or something?" the teen whined.

"No, I didn't see one Erin, but you could look at that Cat Fancy Magazine, it had a very interesting article about a interview with, get this, a talking cat named Jayfeather and his life story' the teen was now looking desperate as he began to tear through a magazine pile.

"Dragons Galore, no I don't care about the life cycle of a Hungarian Horntail, Villians monthly, who cares about some guy named Doofemsmirtz, Cryptid Current, oh come on, its not like Jersey Devils exist... it was then that a brown and black roan horse wandered up into the waiting room, but really oddly, it had sharp, predatory teeth, bat like wings, and a devil like tail.

"Urrggnnn Nnnnnfffggg" it neighed. It was then that a group of small, shriveled gray creatures with huge eyes and bat like ears ran out, carrying a huge box on theirs backs.

"Doby is here, Blackwing, leader of the Jersey Devils. Doby and his friends have your order of White Knight clusterian cheese, Doby knows how much you like the stuff" Blackwing neighed in his sort of darkened horse language, probably a thanks, and allowed the little creatures to tie the box to his back, almost like a sleigh. Blackwing then took off out the door, pulling the box with it, and leaving what looked like a sack behind. Doby then picked it up, and cried.

"Oh, whoa is Doby, Blackwing left Doby a 20% tip, that's too much, hey good Guardian sir, would you like these 20 galleons, Doby has no use for them, I only need one galleon for so much money" several huge golden coins exchanged hands as the little creature and his fellows returned behind the scenes. Jaydeen happily took the coins in his pocket.

"Hey, um can I have some?"

"No, I checked the cross universal exchange rate, as said in the newest issue of Cash Weekly" he was holding a magazine showing a lot of gold and green paper money, and Scrooge Mcduck "exchange rate, 20 Galleons is like, 200 bucks back home, plus you were wrong about the Jersey Devils" Erin grumbled under his breath about the stupid horse thing. Blackwing then stuck his head out from the door, violently exhaled through his nostrils, and slowly inched his head back. Immediately, the other guardians inched away, nervously.


"Okay, so Mr. Leonike, let me see what we have on you" a man with brown hair in green was going over large assortments of papers. The man he was speaking to, a man who had blond hair, tinted with brown. His eyes were moon like, if slightly undefined. He had a slim, muscled figure, with several scars, like the kind you could get from claw marks, visible on his skin.

"You, have things on me, how did you..." he asked nervously. The man chuckled.

"Oh, Alegesian Magicians, they're really helpful for these kinds of situations, they can read your mind quite easily, though before now, I never did see if they worked on gods. Now lets see, born Leon Glenmark, Son of your universe's Artemis, and an unknown man from one of those artificial insemination places, grew up in Alaska, had both Aphrodite and Hera gunning for your life, you know I have a friend name Tonto who could really understand that, killed the Hydra, Nemean Lion and even Echinda on your own, then Artemis got Olympus to make you a god, as reward. After that, you formed the guardians to help fulfill your desire to protect people. I must say, pretty impressive. Then, of course there's the Thalia..." Leon immediately went rigid. The man laughed.

"Oh, I'm not going to talk about that, but a warning though. When you cross the borders of universes, you can't expect that people will share all the same experiences. So, why the way that Percy defeated Kronos is the same here as it is back in your place, Artemis and Thalia will have no idea who you guys are. So please, please do not do anything foolish. The gods of Olympus are already annoying enough, either whining about Tonto, or starting horrible conflicts, so just ignore them, and make sure your guardians though that to!" Leon nodded.

"Thanks Thomas. This should be a nice place to hang out for a while, our Camp Half Blood is being repaired, the place got burned down, not our doing, and the cabins need to be fixed" Thomas shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you, I hope we meet again after this, now if you excuse me, I have a inter world crisis to deal with" Leonike looked alarmed.

"What!" Thomas sighed.

"Apparently, Zeus is still a little ticked off at the Pokemon community..." Leon looked confused.

"What does Zeus have against Pikachu..."

"Oh, they destroyed Olympus because Artemis failed to get a letter that said that Pokemon hunting was dangerous, and now that Annabeth has finally gotten Olympus back together, Zeus is having Hephaestus prepare a world destroying cannon, and now I have to clog it before we lose one of the most important worlds in the trans world community" Thomas waved his hand, as a swirling vortex of white light formed in front of him. Leonike jumped back in surprise. Thomas chuckled.

"What, I can create portals of light, its no big deal, just more like a personal transportation system instead of public warp stations, and plus my warp bus pass is expired" Thomas chuckled as he entered the portal and vanished. Leon chuckled to himself nervously.

Meanwhile back in the waiting room.

"SO BORED!" Erin whined.

"Oh, just be quiet, at the worst, he'll take another 15 minutes, so just sit back, and read a magazine" a pretty teenage girl with long blond hair sighed. She was reading a magazine, titled Vampires Monthly. On the front was a group shot of the Cullen Family.

"Oh, just be quiet, Bethany. Unlike you, I can't just read a Twilight trash bag and be happy!" Bethany lowered her magazine and glared.

"Its, not all just about them. Apparently, there are several different types of vampires in this place, including the Twilight ones. I hope Leon will take us to Forks after this!" Erin shivered in fear, as did Jaydeen.

"Please, anything but that, I would die of embarrassment and boredom" Jaydeen complained. Erin then whined

"Well, I'm already dying of boredom, and there is nothing to read here!" Erin complained. Bethany sighed.

"Well, if your so bored, just read this, there are actually some vampires in this magazine that Aphrodite herself might even be jealous of" Jaydeen and Erin looked at her in surprise. To say someone would make her mother jealous was pretty rare.

"Okay, I'll take a look" Erin said nervously, as he flipped the pages...

"Oh man, your right, some of them are pretty hot, and not sparkly!" he was deeply surprised. But then the rest of the bored, male, guardians crowded over it, with a lot of whistles and cat calls. Bethany and Jaydeen sighed.

"Really, you had to show him that, now we're going to need a crowbar to get them away from that, and maybe Hercules" they looked down in defeat, that was until Leonike walked out the door.

"Okay, were clear, we're free to go!"

"Yes!" Jaydeen, Bethany and the female guardians cheered.

"NO" the males whined. Leonike looked at them in confusion Jaydeen mouthed "Don't ask" and Leon nodded.

"Okay, we're moving out, the House of Mouse is playing in 15 minutes, and well, I got a limo!" that got everyone's attention.

"COOL!" they ran out, eager to get the best seats. Leonike chucked to himself, as he, Bethany and Jaydeen followed.

Later at the house of mouse

"It's so big!"

"And colorful"

"And look at all the expensive stuff..."

"TRISH!" Leonike snapped. He would not tolerate any thievery from any children of Hermes here!

"What" she faked innocence with a smile. Leonike tried to ignore that.

"Okay, we have our seats, but please, behave yourselves. This isn't a party, so calm down, and don't make fools of yourselves...um guys?" all the guys but Jaydeen and Bethany were gone!

"Hey, um where did you guys go?" Bethany and Jaydeen glared around.

"Oh, there just making fools of themselves" Leonike sighed.

"Oh well, I tried, so what are they doing anyway?" he asked cautiously. He got his answer with a loud series of shocked shouts.

"Your, your Harry Potter!" a Guardian named Jeremy was gasping awe struck at Harry, Ron and Hermione. They were looking, rather uncomfortable.

"Yes, I am..."

"And Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasly, he looks a lot less geeky then I thought he would..."

"HEY!" Ron drew out his wand, before Hermione grabbed him by the ear and started to drag him into the club.

"Really Ron, do you want to get in trouble!"

"I am not a Geek, whatever that is, um..." Leonike sighed in frustration at his guardians antics.

"Really Jeremy, stop harassing the wizards" Jaydeen reprimanded. Jeremy chuckled nervously.

"What, I always imagined Ron looking more like a geek...Look, its Hagrid! I always imagined him fatter..."

"Wha' did you say 'bout me you weird boy you!" Hagrid had Jeremy by his shirt collar.

"Nothing, nothing, um please let me down" Hagrid grumbled something and dropped him, as he skulked away. Jaydeen roughly grabbed his half brother by his ear, and pulled him up.

"Would you stop getting famous book characters mad at you! What's next, your going to insult Volde..." Bethany slapped his mouth shut.


"Are you an idiot, if they are real, he who must not be named might be to, do you want to get attacked by a evil wizard?" Bethany growled. Jaydeen shrugged.

"Sorry, I usually don't have to worry about saying the name Volde..." Bethany covered his mouth again. Leonike finally had it.

"Really, you guys are worried about possibly attracting Voldemort, and your cowering in fear! Really, he is not that dangerous!" Bethany, Jaydeen and Jeremy were backing away from him quickly.

"What?" it was then that he was tapped on the shoulder, and turning his head, Leon was looking into the face of a bald, pale man with red eyes, a slit like nose and a furious glare.

"WHAT MUGGLE DARED TO SPEAK MY NAME, AVADA KEDARVA!" a green curses struck the other universal god.



"This is not good, Riddle striking down Leonlike with the killing curse is a major set back, he could be knocked out for who knows how long" Hurricane was pacing back and forth nervously. The dark figure was still there, and sighed to himself nervously.

"How does a killing curse affect a god anyway, excuse me for asking, but I normally don't have to worry about gods being attacked by Death eaters where I come from" Hurricane glared.

"Generally, it takes about a week, but at such a close range and with Leonike's younger status, maybe even a month!" it was then that a loud alert beep was ringing across the lair.

"What is that, infernal noise" the figure was covering his ears with his hand. Hurricane looked at the screen in interest.

"Interesting, its my anomaly detector. Anomalies are holes in the fabric of time and space, and it links, the house of mouse with about a month into the future, from Olympian Manhattan, interesting, this gives me an idea"

Back to

"Leonike!" The Guardians were looking around for him in fear. Jaydeen was freaking out, as were Jeremy and Bethany.

"Oh, its all my fault, we left him alone with Vol..." Bethany slapped him "Sorry"

"Um, if he's dead, can I take over his job" Erin pitched. The other guardians glared.

"Two things, one he's a god, I don't know about you, but I'm not totally convinced he could be killed by He who Must not be named" Jaydeen finally stopped saying that name.

"And two, I'm pretty sure that if he doesn't come back, Artemis will turn us into wolf chow" Bethany said coldly. It was then that the air around Jaydeen started to shimmer. He jumped back in shock, as it looked like the space where the air was shimmering had been glass, that a gun had shot through. The air shimmered blue and orange, as the hole started to shimmer.

"What the (censor {beep}) is that!" a muscled guardian gasped, before he grabbed his mouth in shock "Why can't I (censor) swear, hey what the (censor)..."

"Spenser, stop that, its kind of disturbing" Jaydeen growled. It was then that two figures ran out from the portal hole thing. One was a blond haired boy, Tonto, and the other...

"Lord Leonike!" the guardians cheered. Leonike smiled, before turning to Tonto.

"Thank you, for helping me get back to this point in time" the guardians looked at the two in shock and confusion. It was then that to add to the confusion, the current Tonto wandered up to them, really confusing the other guardians.

"Oh, hey its another me, how far ahead are you in the future this time" Tonto said casually. The other Tonto looked at him calmly, as if Tonto seemed to meet his future selves a lot.

"Oh, about a month, helped this weirdo escape from the pit of despair, fought our way through a swarm of monsters, and eventually found an anomaly back to this time period, oh by the way, here's those coordinates to the next lock you wished you had next friday, and the days I had just came from's stock report" several papers exchanged the Tonto's hands.

"Huh, okay I'm really lost, but isn't getting ahead of time info on the stock markets illegal?" Jaydeen questioned. The two Tonto's laughed.

"Oh, its perfectly legal to get them from your future selves, I did a huge check on the rules of all the worlds stock exchanges, and apparently its perfectly legal in every world's stock exchange" The Tonto's laughed together. The guardians chuckled nervously. Jaydeen then nervously spoke up.

"Um, well that's good and all, but isn't having two of the same person in the same place in time dangerous, like hole in the fabric of time and space bad!" The Tonto's laughed.

"Oh, its perfectly fine, of course there is some distortion, but nothing too extreme, though I think it does something?"

Meanwhile on Olympus

Zeus was polishing the master bolt, when it suddenly turned into a slice of salami. Zeus growled.


Back to the story

"Well Tonto, I've got to be back to my own time, see ya, well you know" the second Tonto waved and vanished, as the portal vanished. The Guardians chuckled nervously.

"Wait, Tonto, I read that name in Cash Weekly, your a billionaire!" Jaydeen pointed out. The Guardians, and Leonike, gasped in shock.

"No, I'm actually a multi quintillionaire" The Guardians were really shocked now.

"And, you still work here, why!" Spencer questioned. Tonto laughed.

"Oh, just for some pocket money. Also, it is a guarantee. Last time I came here on my own money, Zeus overbooked my reservation. See, he hates me, apparently he has a spot for my head on his mantel, so by having a job here, I'm always able to catch the show" the Guardians were still confused.

"Then, why don't you buy the club itself" Tonto looked at them in confusion.

"Oh, that would be too much, Tonto INC is not ready to expand into night club format"

"Tonto, Inc?" Bethany had never heard of a more, ridiculous name for a company. Tonto smiled.

"Yep, that's my company. I work on an number of fields, I own several large fast food chains, I work on video games, there is also some investments into weapons and portal tech, as well as in Droid farm products"

"Don't you mean, Drude?" Erin asked. Tonto smiled.

"No, Droid. The world of Droidtopia is a harsh landscape, but they've been improving the land into fertile farms and futuristic cities. You'd be surprised how much people are willing to pay for Droid grown corn" The group laughed nervously.

"Um, Tonto, are you okay in the head, just curious?" Erin asked rudely. It suddenly grew silent.

"Yes, yes I am, I just suffer from occasional spats of horrible luck, oh and speaking of horrible luck, did I mention that a penguin has a missile launcher aimed at the back of your head?" Erin turned his head, and in deed, a penguin was aiming a missile launcher at the back of his head, it was Skipper, Private, Rico and Kowalski. Rico, had the weapon.

"So, your the guardian who insulted our good friend Blackwing? Well well, I'm sorry to say, but you've going to be blasted!"

"Hey, Skipper, no weapons of mass destruction..." Tonto began before Rico fired, but instead of explosives, a huge surge of Honey Mustard coated Erin. The guardians just looked surprised.

"What, we are penguins, do you think we are able to use vaporizers, plus this tastes delicious" Skipper took a swab of honey mustard on his flipper that had been covering Erin, disturbing the others immensely.

"Skipper, stop eating the ammo!" Private whined.

"Ah, but you know how much I love the stuff" Skipper reluctantly waddled off with his comrades. Erin, still covered in a coating of condiment sauce, growled.

"Does anyone here have a towel?" everyone shook their heads.

"Urg, I'm finding a bathroom, see you guys later" Erin hobbled away. Leonike turned to one of the female guardians.

"Trish, make sure he gets back safely, and if I have any reason to think you've been shoplifting again, well..."

"You have to become my eternal servant" Tonto piped in. The Guardians looked at him in annoyance.

"What, Hades himself has said that being my servant forever is a worse punishment then Sisyphus having to push up that boulder of his for all of time, so well, don't shoplift" Tonto laughed as he went inside. The guardians chuckled nervously before following. But they were being watched. From behind the guardians, a pitch black Camaro had rolled down its windows, and peering out towards them, was Hurricane.

"That's right, go on in there, Artemis child. I've got you right where I want you, and that Tonto as well"

A few minutes later inside the club

"And here he is, one of the most famous entities of the animated world, its Mickey Mouse!" Mickey ran onto stage.

"Thank you, thank you, and welcome to the show" Mickey chuckled. "Its so nice to see all these new and old faces"

"Hey, I'm not that old" Cruella grumbled to herself.

"And now, its time to start the show, with a special guest star, recommended by a anonymous guest, its Hannah Montana!" the reactions, were mixed.

"Really, Hannah Montana, she's high on our kill list, Rico, Kowalski begin maniacally plotting how to destroy her!" Skipper growled. Kowalski and Rico began chuckling evilly as Kowalski started taking down rapid notes.

"Not that pop Diva" Alex Russo growled under her breath at her table.

"Huh, that's new" Phineas commented at his table with Ferb.

"I can't believe it, I'm actually missing Shakira now" The Dr Doofemsmirtz slumped down at his table, with Edgar the Butler and Madame Medusa.

"Yay, Hannah Montana" Grover pumped his fist into the air, but then Percy and Annabeth glared.


"Who would invite such a horror into this club" Spencer shivered. Bethany then started to whistle to herself.

"Bethany, WHY, WHY, WHY!" Leonike was shaking her in a panic.

"I like her music, its not like she's evil" Bethany choked out. Tonto then rolled over, with his roller shoes.

"Oh, Leon there is something we need to finish discussing..." Tonto was interrupted when a blond haired pop star female poked out of the curtains in the back of the stage, before she started to sing.

"You get the limo out front

Hottest styles, every shoe, every color

Yeah when you're famous it can be kinda fun

It's really you but no one ever discovers

In some ways you're just like all your friends

But on stage you're a star

You get the best of both worlds

Chill it out, take it slow

Then you rock out the show

You get the best of both worlds

Mix it all together

And you know that it's the best of both worlds

You go to movie premieres, was that Orlando Bloom?

Hear your songs on the radio

Livin' two lives is a little weird

But school's cool 'cause nobody knows

Yeah you get to be a small town girl

But big time when you play your guitar

Pictures and autographs

You get your face in all the magazines

The best part is that

You get to be whoever you wanna be

Best...best...yeah the best of both

Best...best...you got the best of both

Best...best...c'mon the best of both

Who would'a thought that a girl like me

Would double as a superstar

You get the best of both worlds

Chill it out, take it slow

Then you rock out the show

You get the best of both worlds

Mix it all together

And you know that it's the best

You get the best of both worlds

Without the shades and the hair

You can go anywhere

You get the best of both girl

Mix it all together...oh yeah

It's so much better

'Cause you know you've got

The best of both worlds" their was a lot of reluctant applause.

"Did you really have to do that?" Leonike demanded to Bethany, who shrugged.

"I didn't realize they'd take it seriously, but wait, where's Tonto!" They looked down on the ground, where Tonto was twitching like if he was having a seizure.

"Tonto!" Leonike said in shock. IT was then that Jayfeather the cat ran up to the suffering hero.

"Don't worry, I'm a medicine cat, I know exactly what to do!" Jayfeather turned around and kicked Tonto in the head with his back paws. Tonto immediately got back up.

"I'm okay" Tonto began to brush the dirt of his cloths.

"So, where was I, oh yes, as I mentioned, I have a video game department, home of the highly successful Heroes Quest game, oh here you guys go, a few free samples" Tonto tossed a few PSP style game boxes, all depicting the name Heroes Quest in huge golden letters. On the cover was, from left to right in the front, Ben Tennyson, Harry Potter, Pikachu and Eragon, and in the foreground were Athena, Hades, Zeus and Hermes.

"Um, its nice, but I don't have a PSP..."

"Oh, I got a few on me, here you guys go" he tossed them a few new PSP's. The guardians looked at him in shock.

"Why do you have those on you?" Tonto smiled.

"My pockets are linked to hammer space, so they can hold a lot more than you'd think" to prove it, Tonto pulled out a jackhammer, a pair of green swim trunks, and a beach chair.

"Okay, but do those guys, and those gods, know your using them..."

"In a game, yes I went to ask them, you see while Eragon, for example, is extremely popular with people in Alegesia, he isn't acknowledged as existing by citizens of other worlds. To them, he's a unique, and may I say extremely realistic to the real one, character in these video games, plus anyway Alegesia doesn't even have basic plumbing, far less any electronics"

"It's true" Eragon sighed at his table with Arya "I can't even get this stupid thing to work" Eragon had a sparking I pod in his hands "And also, magic doesn't help"

"But, isn't it dangerous to bring cross universal matter" Jaydeen was cautious "Wouldn't it cause distortion?" Tonto laughed.

"Not at all, but I highly recommend not showing it to any of your gods, except maybe Hades, Persephone, and maybe Artemis, because all the rest of them are evil in that game, um maybe you should play the game first before you make any decisions on that, but never mind that..." before Tonto could speak, there was the sound of a laser blast. Suddenly, Tonto and Leonike were surrounded in a blue aura, before they vanished in a puff a smoke.

"Lord Leonike!" Bethany cried.

"Tonto!" Tsukune gasped from a table in the back with Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore.

"Whose responsible for this, PETE!" Mickey yelled. But instead, the TV was covered in a static, before the face of Johnny Hurricane appeared.

"YOU!" Ben Tennyson yelled from his table with Kiki and Gwen, before standing upright abruptly.

"What have you done with Tonto and Lord Leonike!" Jaydeen yelled. The image of Hurricane laughed.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind Mickey, but I've decided to replace your cartoons today with a show called, the end of Tonto and Leon, taking place in the lovely prison world, Spaghetti Junction" Erin, who had gotten himself cleaned up, laughed.

"So, your idea of a prison world, is an Italian place?" He laughed. Jayfeather then jumped onto his table, and scratched him in the face.


"YOU IDIOT!" a voice yelled at him mentally. Erin gasped

"Wait, the cat can talk!" Erin stumbled back

"Oh my god, your Jayfeather!" Jaydeen said shocked. Jayfeather meowed.

"Yes, yes I am. But here's the thing, Spaghetti Junction is not an Italian place, its a place where time is messed up, and its filled with dangerous prisoners that we didn't or couldn't kill, and viscous flesh eating beasts from various periods of history, and beyond!" Now the Guardians were scared for those guys life.

"Yes, I see the cat's explained the situation quite well. In any case, this was all made possible, by Tonto's experimental god imprison ray, not only trapping Leonike there, and Tonto as well, but it cut his power down to almost nothing and temporary destroyed his immortality!" The Guardians were freaking out now.

"And now, let's see the flesh ripping carnage in action!" the screen then flickered, showing a desert like place, the sky was icky brown with dust, no plant life seemed to be anywhere near. They were also surrounded by dark rock walls, they were in a canyon!

"Urg, my head" Tonto said, shaking as he pushed himself up. Leonike was out cold next to him.

"Get up" Tonto lightly kicked him. This woke Leonike up and he forced himself up.

"Urg, where are we?" Leonike was confused.

"Your in the prison world, idiots" Johnny Hurricane was hovering over them on a metal platform. Leonike grabbed for a bow on his back, but Leon did a tick tick noise and shook his finger.

"Uh uh uh, I wouldn't waste an arrow on me, not when you have so many friends to entertain"

"Friends... you don't mean!" Tonto was scared now.

"Oh, I mean, a little assortment of the local wildlife, if you look on the walls of the canyon, you'd be seeing a group of vicious future predators" large, gray creatures with long limbs and no visible eyes, but a large head, were crawling along the sides of the cliffs.

"This is bad, really, really bad" Tonto was backing away slowly.

"So what, I've hunted worse" Leonike said confidently, before he suddenly felt weak and collapsed down onto his knees. Tonto quickly ran back to help him up.

"You stole my ray gun, didn't you Hurricane! There is no honor in finishing off a weakened opponent!" Tonto yelled. Hurricane laughed.

"Who cares about honor, now if you were to look behind you, you'd also see a flock of flesh eater Terror Birds!" Tonto and Leonike turned around and jumped back, as man sized birds with nasty looking beaks, looking something between a vulture and a ostrich, were blocking their escape. They snap their beaks, as if hungry, for flesh!

"Those things are nasty looking" Leonike said weakly.

"And also, in front of you are, Raptors!" Looking up in front of them, Tonto and Leonike were confronted by man sized two legged dinosaurs, all with huge claws on their foots and cold eyes.

"Really, isn't that a little bit of overkill!" Tonto cried out. Hurricane had a sadistic girn.

"But I'm not finished yet, and flying for air support, I have some Megeopoterns!" huge bugs with sharp, "thorn" covered stingers about twice the size of a human, were flying above them.

"Um, Tonto, how likely is it we're going to survive this?" Leonike panted and strung his bow. Tonto grinned, and fiddled with his Omnitrix.

"Oh, give or take, 0%" Leonike grinned back grimmly.

"I don't like those odds, but let's leave enough of these guys dead to leave our mark!" Leonike let loose an arrow. The arrow flew and struck a Future Predator up top the cliffs right through the head, causing it to collapse to the ground dead.

"Not bad" Tonto grinned as the battle began, and the creatures charged towards them in a frenzy.

(Tonto felt his body turn on fire. Lava replaced his skin, fire became his hair. Flash and he was)

"Heatblast!" Tonto grinned as the lava based life form. The Guardians, back in the safety of the House of Mouse, looked shocked. Tsukune just shrugged.

"You get used to that, after a few transformations"

"We have to call Thomas, we need to get those two out of there now!" Ben said urgently as he got out a Iphone. Back in Spaghetti, Tonto sent a fire ball storm straight at the terror birds. A fiery wall blocked their attack route, but then they started to race back out the cannon. But Tonto forgot that as he felt a dozen or so Future Predators jump at him. They attacked swiftly, their claws leaving scratch marks on his lava skin. Tonto was knocked back, before he shot balls of fire at them. Using their echolocation, the bat evolutions sensed the balls and avoided them. Tonto glared as he started tossing fire balls at random.

Leonike jumped out the way of the stinger of a Megopotern, before he sent a arrow straight through the insect. It fell dead, as Leonike jumped into the air to avoid a charging raptor. Stringing his bow mid air, he sent a dozen arrows flying. That many Megopoterns fell dead, before he landed with a flying kick into the raptor below, listening to its bones crack.

(Tonto felt his body revert to normal before his body started to stream line and turn blue. He took a raptor like form, he was in a flash)

"XLR8!" Tonto spun around and sped forward, charging elbow first into a future predator. That blow sent it flying into the rock wall, breaking its back. Tonto jumped into the air and spun, before landing a flying kick into the head of a raptor. The raptor collapsed with internal head damage.

Leonike was running from a pursuing group of raptors, stringing arrows at them as he ran. The arrows decimated this group of raptors, leaving several of them dead. It was then that a loud screech alerted Leonike to look up, as the Terror birds jumped down from the top of the cliffs. Stupid birds they were, but they were giant, stupid birds. Their taloned feet clawed into Leonike's cloths as one crashed into him, sending him flying into the rock.

"Urg" he gasped as he saw golden blood bleed out of him. Tonto spotted his friend in trouble, and raced to him as XLR8, slamming into the giant birds who were about to de gut the poor guy. Tonto helped Leonike back to his unsteady feet, before a yowl showed a future predator jumping straight at him. With his own clawed hand, Tonto punched the beast, leaving claw marks on his face, but the predators claws struck him in the omnitrix symbol he had on his alien form, and in a flash of green light, Tonto was Tonto again, and his omnitrix was red.

"Oh come on!" Tonto complained. They then heard a series of clapping, as Hurricane floated down.

"Very, Very good, I didn't expect you to survive so long, not bad at holding out against the odds, but your luck ends today! End them now!" The Terror Birds, Raptors, Future Predators and Megopoterns surrounded the exhausted heroes. But at that point, a portal of white energy formed behind them. Grinning, Tonto waved goodbye and dragged himself and Leonike through. The creatures took this time to attack, however, and the creatures collided into one another and started to fight. Hurricane sighed to himself as he flew away.

"Yes, they got out safely" Jaydeen sighed in relief. Ben walked up to the guardians alongside Kiki.

"That was Thomas on the phone, he's got them warped back to Tonto's mansion, I'll give you guys the direction, they should be okay" The guardians nodded and left the house early, Bethany even lightly kissing Ben on the cheek. He shook it off, being he was here with his girlfriend.

"Watch it Aphrodite daughter, he's mine" Kiki glared daggers back.

Several weeks later

The Guardians were back in their home universe, Leonike was still revering from the battle and the stolen ray gun that had weakened his powers. They were in the wilderness, camped out in a clearing for the night.

"You feeling okay Leon" Jaydeen smiled. Leon nodded.

"Just, a little tired, being attacked by a swarm of blood thirsty beasts will do that to you" it was then they noticed that the trees around them were suddenly occupied with a trio of gray squirrels. Then, really oddly, they started to speak.

"Are you, Leonike. Master Tonto has sent us with some gifts, for you and your guardians help and contribution in his game work, and for helping him fight a great fight like he'd hadn't seen since the battle of Omnimation" the squirrels presented several items. Some of them were sort of like the kind of things he'd put in his camp half blood cabin, a stuffed head of a Future Predator, Raptor and Terror Bird and a Raptor's foot, but also with them were a box wrapped like a gift. Nervously, Leonike un rapped the gift, and smiled. It was a PSP box, labeled Heroes Quest, the lost guardians. On the cover in the front were Bethany, Jaydeen, Erin and Spencer, and behind them were Artemis, himself and Thalia.

"Now, we must be returning, Master Tonto is installing a new golden Nuttachino machine, Nuts, Maple and Acorn, out!" oddly, the squirrels grew fairy wings, and flew into the sky, before vanishing. Leonike smiled.

"I hope I see Tonto again" he reflected.

List of non House of Mouse normal visitors shown this Chapter

Omnitrix 1's Oc's (Johnny Hurricane, Tonto) RWBRyan Oc's (The mysterious dark figure, the Guardians {Jaydeen, Erin, Bethany, Jeremy, Trish, Spencer} Lord Leonike ) KrspaceT Oc's (Blackwing, Thomas, Maple, Nuts, Acorn) Harry Potter (Doby, House elves, Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Hagrid, Voldemort) Percy Jackson (Zeus, Percy, Grover, Annabeth ) Penguins of Madagascar (Rico, Skipper, Private, Kowalski) Wizards of Waverly Place (Alex Russo) Phineas and Ferb (Phineas, Ferb, Dr. Doofemsmirtz) Hannah Montana BOO ITS EVIL! (Hannah Montana) Warriors (Jayfeather) Inheritance (Eragon, Arya) Rosario Vampire (Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore) Ben 10 (Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Heatblast, XLR8) Tokyo Mew Mew/ Mew Mew Power (Kiki Benjamin) Primeval (Future Predators, Terror Birds, Raptors, Megopoterns)