Prologue/Chapter 1: A Man, a Wolf, & The Flame

A lone man was walking down the dark street in a small town neighborhood. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that he was walking a wolf on a leash.

He trudged through the fresh rain puddles in mud drenched boots and dirty jeans. The same went for his ripped up shirt. Rain dripped from his hair, down his face. Yellow eyes piercing from beneath the bangs that clung to his face as he looked up the house that had came into view.

"I don't know how I convinced them to go without me. Sock World just doesn't sound so fun." Ariel said. "And I found a lighter to play with!" she sang pulling one from under the couch cushion.

Her friend Tyler looked up at her from the floor and shook her head.

"You and fire." she said, standing up and looking out the window. "I want to go outside in the rain." she said, turning around. "Wanna come?"

"Hell yeah!" Ariel said jumping up.

The two rushed outside, despite the fact it was nearly midnight and the rain was pouring down heavy. They jumped and danced and sang at the top of their lungs.

In the distance, the lone man bent down toward his wolf, whom had began growling, and unhooked the leash. The wolf walked toward them slowly as the man followed.

Just at the tick of midnight, the full moon reached the top of the sky and a howl echoed through the rain. Tyler stopped jumping around and Ariel run into her, stopping abruptly as Tyler stared out into the night.

"Did you hear that?" she asked slowly. Ariel stopped to listen."What?" she asked, clearly not hearing anything until thunder boomed and lightening flashed throught the sky.

"I think we should go indoors now." Tyler said, still frozen. Ariel stalled next to her for a moment. "Go Tsuin!" she demanded as another crack of lightening ripped the sky.

Ariel headed, half running towards the door. She assumed her twin was feeling the same feeling she was, something bad was about to happen.

She went into the house but noticed Tyler hadn't followed. She was squinting through the rain due to her bad eyesight. Ariel looked to the direction she was, seeing as clear as she could through the rain that a wolf was running at Tyler full speed.

"TSUIN! GET IN HERE!" she yelled from the door. Tyler turned to run as a blind fold went over Ariel's eyes. She tried to scream but a hand clamped tightly over her mouth right as she heard Tyler scream a bone-chilling shriek.

Ariel's tears wet the cloth. She had heard the snarls of the wolf through the thunder, and Tyler had only screamed that once…

She was tied to something, who knows what room she was in. She heard a thumping sound clunk up the stairs, the growl of a wolf, and a man chuckle.

"Calm boy. You did your part." the voice was slightly muffled.

'Let him get it over with.' she thought, and she thought she heard the sound of a lighter being flicked. It was confirmed when she smelled the smoke. Soon she felt the heat from it. Despite her fondness of fire. She couldn't help but panic.

Outside of her blindfold, the remains and pieces of Tyler's body were scattered about the room. The flame licked at the walls, climbed up the curtains, and ate through the roof.

The smoke was flooding the room and Ariel decided suffocating was better than being burned alive, then she felt the burn at her foot. She screamed out as the fire quickly took over her body, going unheard through the storm.

A lone man was walking down the street. Leaving the small town neighborhood, in the dark, through the storm. His eyes were normal. He had no wolf. Nothing wrong with that…

Is there?