Chapter 30: I'm So Sorry, But I Had To…

The group looked around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. Zexion held Tryxel tighter as the two Pyros held hands flames flicking around them. The ceiling opened wide with some sort of portal and dropped the missing members on the floor. The disgruntled bunch stood up brushing themselves off. The whole Organization was finally together again.

"Show yourself ya bloody ass!" Luxord yelled at the ceiling raising a fist. A chuckle was heard and everyone snapped their heads in its direction. There to the right was the cause of their torment. Kohaku stood atop a pillar looking down at them his eyes burning with hate.

"Well, well. Now that everyone is here I can finally take down this pitiful organization." He said mockingly.

"Stop this now, son." Xemnas yelled at him. Kohaku threw back his head in response and cackled.

"Prepare to die." He said.

Everyone summoned their weapons ready to attack. Xemnas glared as his light sabers appeared from the darkness. Xigbar summoned his sharp shooters before disappearing into space.

Xaldin called on a gust of wind spears at the ready. Vexen's shield covered itself in ice. Lexaeus' Earth Shaker rose from the ground. Zexion stood his Lexicon appearing in a flurry of pages and shadows.

Saix's eyes went yellow before he went into Berserk mode. Axel summoned his Chakrams smirking. Demyx flung his hand over his head Sitar appearing from water. Luxord gathered his cards shuffling them in preparation.

Marluxia called on the Graceful Dahlia swinging it in an arc. Larxene's Kunai appearing in hand, electricity popping and zapping around her. Roxas' Keyblades appeared as he glared murderously.

Rexial brandished her Katana getting into a fighting stance while Tryxel got up and summoned her violin bow poised and ready.

"Well isn't that cute. Everyone all ready to go? Then let's do this." He snapped his fingers and hundreds of heartless appeared. Everyone immediately went on the defensive.

Purple shots flew into the mob starting the fight. Luxord teamed up with Xigbar manipulating time while the Sharp Shooter rained bullets. Lexaeus and Xaldin ran forward relying on brute force to take care of the enemy. Vexen froze the heartless while Saix ran forward smashing them into pieces. Axel turned to Roxas.

"Ready?" He asked smirking. Roxas nodded in response and together they ran forward slashing anything in their way.

Zexion cast illusions on heartless while Demyx set about killing them. Rexial nodded to Tryxel who played her violin. The heartless near them stopped and began swaying and Rexial took that chance to take them out. Marluxia and Larxene were back to back slashing and gashing away. While the rest of the Organization went at it all or nothing Xemnas turned to his son.

"It is time to see who's really on top." He said readying his sabers.

"Yes. I agree." He replied.

They flew at each other attacking ferociously. They were matched blow to blow neither giving any leeway.

Xemnas feigned right going left but Kohaku caught his bluff and blocked his attack. The son then arced his blade upward narrowly missing Xemnas' body. Then they both threw their swords forward clashing together and growling at each other before continuing. On the floor the Organization was in trouble.

"There's too many!" Demyx yelled as even more heartless appeared.

"As if! We can do this Music Man!" Xigbar yelled shooting rapidly. But he was far from sure. Unfortunately the water mage had a point.

Gazing around he began to notice that the rest of the group was nearing their limit. Roxas was all ready weak due to Sora and Axel had gone from attacking to defending Roxas against all of the heartless. Saix was beginning to tire, the Berserk form making him weak without Kingdom Heart's aid. The rest of the Organization was just starting to look just plain tired.

He glanced up just in time to see Xemnas fall.

"SUPERIOR!" He yelled trying to race forward.

They all looked up as they heard Xigbar yell. Their leader was on his knees head down breathing heavily.

"Do you see your leader now! He is weak! You are all weak! That is why you will all die!" He yelled at them. The heartless attacks picked up tenfold. Everyone was giving it all they had but they were quickly becoming overwhelmed.

"TRYXEL! WE HAVE TO DO IT!" Rexial yelled from across the room. Tryxel bit her lip but nodded.

Zexion and Axel looked up confusion on their faces. Rexial looked at Axel tears welling up in her eyes. Tryxel turned to Zexion and mouthed 'I love you.' Realization dawned on the Schemer's face.

"You cannot do that Tryxel! You have no idea what will happen!" He shouted to her.

It was an untested attack. It had only happened once and it left both girls nearly drained. They hadn't been able to go on missions for a week. It was powerful. More powerful than any solo attack. The rest of the Organization quickly caught on.

It was Shadow Flame.

"Vexen! Xigbar! Luxord! Shield now!" Rexial shouted above the chaos. She was all ready on fire preparing the mass amount of power she would need.

"Rex! No!" Axel shouted as Roxas shoved him back towards the group. She smiled at him and winked before the rest of the floor lit on fire. Tryxel's form wavered and soon she was in Shadow form. Orange eyes stared at Zexion before turning to her Tsuin. They linked hands smiling at each other.

"So how mad do you think they'll be when they find out what we're really doing?" Tryxel asked Rexial a sad smirk on her face. Rexial shrugged chuckling.

"They will be so very pissed. But it has to be done. Earth right?" Rexial double checked. Tryxel nodded in affirmation. Then they blended together becoming one with the attack, something they've never done before.

The Organization watched in awe and confusion. Then they saw a portal begin to open behind Kohaku. Luxord put it all together before everyone else.

"They're planning on shoving him into the portal into a different bloody world!" He shouted. Axel and Zexion ran forward pounding against the shield.

"NO LET ME OUT FUCK! NO REXIAL! BABY PLEASE!" Axel screamed at her. If they went through with this there might be no coming back.

"TRYXEL!" Zexion let out a heart wrenching scream.

The swirling vortex that was Rexial and Tryxel shot forward hitting Kohaku square in the chest and shoving him through the portal.

There was so much noise screaming and confusion as they forced him to stay put during the journey then suddenly….

There was nothing.

There you all have it. The end.

So sad.

And we'll probably get murdered from that cliff hanger BUT


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