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Ch. 1 Something Stupid

He took a swallow of whisky before glancing around the room at the many customers who came every night hoping to have a good time. After a while all their faces looked the same. The sound of an old 60s song he didn't know played in the background.

"Hey Link."

He turned to his long time friend, Fido, who worked the bar five nights a week.

"Remind me why a successful businessman like you comes each night to a dump like this to drink alone. Aint you got any friends in that high-class office of yours?"

Link looked down at his half empty glass and shrugged. "Maybe I prefer the company of strangers. Besides, you're here aren't you?"

Fido huffed. "Yeah, but I hardly call serving beer to drunks and then having to haul their butts out of here when they're passed out a good time. At least you can hold your whisky." Fido looked up as a few more customers entered the bar and left Link to assist to them.

Link sighed. In truth, Fido was Link's closest friend. They'd both attended the same university and gladly kept in touch over the years. He had also been Fido's best man at his wedding. And of course, soon after that, Fido had to cut back on the late night outs and start raising a family. Link himself wasn't too keen on the idea of settling down.

He wasn't ready to be tied down with the burden of a family. He'd been on his own most of his life and though he didn't particularly like it, it suited him. Most of his work friends were selfish and shrewd, which was why Link preferred strangers to them. Sometimes, someone would strike up an interesting conversation. Others, he would prefer to be left alone with his thoughts. Fido was good company sometimes when he was working. But Fido wasn't the only reason Link had taken up spending time at the bar each night. The truth was, he wasn't quite happy with his life. He was good at what he does, but deep down, in a strange way, he knew he could be better. Better at something else. Something only he could do, though he had no idea what. It was like a huge portion of his life was missing. A portion that had always been missing.

Link downed the rest of his glass, preparing to leave when two strangers walked in the door. One was a giant of a man whose face seemed to be fixed with a permanent scowl. The other was shorter but just as mean looking. Intrigued, Link signaled for another drink, to Fido's annoyance and Link's amusement, while waiting to see what they had to say. He took no shame in eavesdropping on other people's conversations. After all, it wasn't his fault most of them, in their drunkenness, bellowed out their opinions for the world to hear.

"I'll have a whisky straight up," the tall one said as he sat down at the car a few seats away from Link. The other sat down beside him and ordered a beer.

"You think he'll show up?"

The first man grunted. "He'd better. I'm getting paid for this crap."

The other man snickered. "And what are you gonna do about it if he doesn't? The guy practically owns half the mob and the police wont touch him. If you so much as look at him the wrong way, you'll be dead within the hour."

"Then why does he insist on retrieving the item himself? If he's so powerful then why not just send a henchman or something?"

"Beats me."

The shorter guy pulled out an envelope. "Maybe it's some sacred family symbol or something. Either way, the Dragon wants it enough to come here himself and get it."

Link listened with growing interest. He'd heard of the Dragon. One of the most powerful organized crime lords in Hyrule. No one was brave enough to gain evidence and convict him and those who were ended up at the bottom of Lake Hylia. Good sense was yelling at him to stop listening now and leave it be, but his conscience was telling him to do something. And just what could he do about it? His thoughts were interrupted when the two strangers started conversing again.

"Have you ever seen what he looks like?"

"Nah. Not too many have and lived."

The first guy took a long swig of his drink and groaned. He once again pulled out the envelope and examined it. "Too bad the old lady couldn't put up much of a fight. I prefer my killings to be somewhat challenging."

What? Killings? Link's senses were on full alert and his hand was itching. He started to stand. What are you doing, Link? What are you doing? He felt himself approaching the two men. He didn't know why, but he had to do this.

They turned to face him as he neared giving him a cold look. Now that he had their attention he plopped down on the seat next to the big one.

"Evening gentlemen," he said while turning to rest his elbows on the counter as if he hardly noticed them. The tall one fixed him with a stare that could send a grown man running.

"Who are you?" he bit out rudely.

Link glanced at him out of the corner of his eye but said nothing. The tall one was still giving him a fierce stare, hoping to scare him off but Link wasn't budging.

After a while he growled, "Are you him?"

Link fixed him with a glare of his own. After all, all evil men had to give a fierce glare, right?

"Who else would I be?"

The man blinked before scowling. "I thought you'd be taller."

Link frowned at having his pride stung. That's hardly fair coming from an overgrown ogre!

"Let's cut to the chase. You both know why I'm here."

They looked at him questioningly before the shorter one spoke. "You're not him." He gave Link another thorough look. "You're too young and you came alone."

Link pretended not to care as he picked up the bigger guy's drink and swished it around before taking a swig. The guy's face turned beat red with anger. What are you doing Link? You're getting yourself killed, that's what. Why didn't he just call the police? Oh well. Too late to turn back now. Link was glad he was able to maintain his nonchalant attitude on the outside.

"Who said I was alone?"

They each began looking around and fidgeting uncomfortably. Were they starting to believe him? Good.

Link glanced up only to meet Fido's gaze. Uh oh. If Fido decided to come over and talk, he was done for. He quickly looked away praying Fido got the message. To Link's relief his attention was drawn by an insistent customer.

"Show us the proof."

Link stiffened at the command. Great. Why didn't I just jump off a building?

"The proof that I'm not alone or of who I am?"

"Show us your hand."

Maybe he should run for it. The door was only eight feet away. Instead, he rolled up his sleeve to show them his strange looking birthmark on his left hand. Hoping against hope he looked at their faces only to find stunned expressions. What?

The tall guy was the first to come out of shock.

"We're sorry sir," he quickly stammered. "It's just…you were early and…"

The giant one turned to the other man who clumsily retrieved the envelope from his coat.

"I understand," Link said, still not quite believing his luck as he took the envelope. Now if he could just leave before the real guy showed up. If he was found out, being charged with identity theft would be the least of his worries.

"Well, it's been a pleasure gentlemen," he said as he stood to leave. He casually began making his way towards the door. He was almost victorious before he heard a voice from behind him.


He should have known. Link hesitantly turned back to face the two men who were looking at him uncomfortably. It suddenly hit him. The money! They were supposed to get paid. Crap.

Putting on his most confident smile he said, "Rest assured gents. The money will be transferred to your accounts immediately." To Link's relief, their faces showed their satisfaction with his answer. He turned, opened the door and promptly exited the bar.

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