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Ch. 3 A Series of Unfortunate Events

When Link left the motel the first thought that entered his mind was that he'd finally snapped. For a man usually good at keeping his head in a stressful situation, his self defense mechanism sure was going overboard. Conjuring up ghosts to help him cope with a difficult situation wasn't exactly healthy in his opinion… or sane.

But here he was carrying an invisible woman, who was as cold as ice, and taking her with him.

Upon reaching his car, he maneuvered her in his arms so he could open the back door. Laying her down inside had been a piece of cake, since she weighed nothing. He supposed, with her being a ghost and all, that would make sense. But it was strange. She had no mass, yet he could still touch her as if she were real. He could still feel the soft, delicate skin beneath his fingertips. Weren't ghosts supposed to be able to pass through things?

And another thing: why did she have a similar looking symbol on the palm of her hand? He supposed his mind could conjure up anything, but this was all just too weird.

Shaking his head, he pulled the seatbelt over her and buckled her in before shutting the door. After climbing behind the wheel, he mentally told himself to get a grip. Crazy or not, men were still coming to kill him and he sincerely doubted an honest plea for insanity would placate them.

Starting the engine, he once again began making his way east, hoping to somehow find a place to lie low. Ah, who was he fooling. He knew where he was heading, and he dreaded the thought of bringing Rauru into this mess, but his options were fast becoming scarce.

He gave a frustrated sigh and decided to take the next road north. He could partially make out the tops of the Snow Peak Mountains in the distance. The snow settled like a cap at the tip of each mountain as though it were a part of it. Link knew better than to judge the size of them by the distance. From afar they seemed beautiful yet simple but up close was another story. No one could ever describe the beauty and majesty that awaited any soul who dared to venture near. Yes, the range truly did live up to its name as the Beauty of the North.

Link turned to view the opposite direction. If he headed south he would eventually no doubt run into the desert. He shuddered to think of what he would find out there. The desert was one of the last places left untouched by civilization. No one dared to even think of going near the savage land, and those brave enough to try usually met a terrible fate. Nope. He'd take his chances with the Dragon's men.

Link had left the city area a while ago and was now treading into untamed territory. The trees were becoming more numerous the further he traveled and everything seemed to contain some shade of green. He felt a sort of peace come over him. He knew the area well and sometimes wondered why he ever left. His adventures with Rauru had certainly made him no stranger to this untouched land full of mystery.

He smiled at the fond memories. It truly was–


Link jerked in his seat, startled by the sudden noise. He hadn't had time to think before he heard it again.

Whap! Whap!

He glanced up to find two bullet holes through the front windshield. Link frantically checked his rear mirror, hoping against hope. What he saw made his heart stop. A large black van with tinted windows appeared about thirty yards behind him. No sooner had he heard the gunfire than another small hole formed in his windshield, this time closer to his head.

Link slammed his foot on the gas pedal and felt the car jerk forward, gaining velocity. He heard more gunfire and noticed with his peripheral vision his left side mirror shatter. Short on ideas and long on desperation, he frantically searched for a way to lose them. Unfortunately, the area was still pretty open and there were few side roads he could turn on.

He swerved to the left and then back to the right, making himself a harder target.

Oh, Please don't shoot the tires! He heard more gunfire, but none hit their intended targets.

He was a sitting duck!

Keeping one hand on the wheel, he grabbed at his sports bag, trying to get to his gun. He'd just gotten the zipper undone when an unexpected and rather melodious voice, startled him.

"What in heaven's name is going on?"

So surprised was he, that he almost swerved off the road and finished the Dragon's job for him. He glanced wide-eyed at the rear mirror only to find the deepest pair of blue eyes he'd ever seen staring back at him.

He blinked a few times, trying to clear his vision but the same pair of eyes still gazed back expectantly. Another gunshot brought Link out of his daze and he resumed the task of finding his weapon. He was totally losing it. For his imagination, assuming the ghost girl was part of it, to run away at a time like this was frustrating.

"Can I help you find what you're looking for?" the melodic type voice asked.

"Uh…no," Link stammered. Where was that damn gun? A bullet hit the passenger's seat, sending a spray of seat stuffing. Link pulled back and ducked his head, letting out a loud curse. The woman, who suddenly seemed to realize they were in some sort of trouble, was looking out the back window.

"We're being shot at!" she gasped in alarm.


"With some type of arrow?"

"Uh, no. Listen. I'm going to need you to move your head."

The woman faced him again before shifting her position so that she was now directly behind the drivers seat. Link now had a clear view of the van in his rear mirror. It was now less than twenty yards behind them, and getting closer. He had to lose them!

He then noticed a small dirt road off to the side. Praying they wouldn't flip, he turned the steering wheel sharply to the left. The tires gave a long screech of protest as the car skidded around the corner. Dust flew up as they sped down the rocky side road. Glancing back at his mirror, his hopes were dashed as the van also made the tight turn onto the new path. He couldn't shake them and he could never hope to outrun them. The woman looked back as well with narrowed eyes.

"You've crossed them somehow," she stated almost matter of factly.

"You could say that," Link's flat, dejected voice answered. Nodding she turned back to face him.

"Don't go far." And then, without warning, she seemed to disappear through the backseat, leaving a rather stunned Link. It wasn't so much as what she did, but what she said that was shocking. Don't go far? What the hell did she mean? He was going to get as far away as he–

An ear-splitting screech pierced the air, causing Link to whirl around to view the source. He could scarcely comprehend what he was seeing.

The van that just moments before had been on his tail, spraying bullets was now tumbling off the side of the road with increasing momentum. He could hardly believe his eyes as he slammed his foot on the brakes and skidded to a halt. Jumping out of the car, he was just in time to see the van's tumble slow and finally settle on it's back with the wheels still spinning.

Link stared in disbelief, unsure how he should react. Was he inclined to help them? Or should he run while he can. The answer no sooner came to him than when he heard a noise off to his left. He turned, somewhat dazed to see the ghost woman walking towards him, brushing herself off in the process. When she'd reached him she looked him in the eye before staring off towards the upside down van twenty yards off.

"What…are they…" He left the question open. Turning back to him she answered, "They're not dead, but merely unconscious."

Link wasn't sure if he should be glad or disappointed. It was hard to forgive someone who'd just tried to plant a bullet in your skull, but he couldn't help but feel relieved that they, whoever they were, had survived.

The woman glanced back towards his vehicle, and then at him. "Shall we?"

Link nodded numbly before walking towards his car. The woman calmly opened the passenger's seat and climbed in beside him. He wondered why she didn't just pass through the door like she had before, but didn't bother to voice his thoughts.

Once they were both settled they sat in silence. The woman shifted uncomfortably, before speaking. "We should get moving." Link just stared ahead, ignoring her. She gently reached out to touch his shoulder "Link…"

"That's it!" He grabbed her wrist somewhat forcefully. There was no way she was a part of his imagination. As far as he knew, he's never been able to conjure up an imaginary friend who could pass through walls and flip cars off the road. The events that occurred during the past hour had only doubled his confusion. He didn't like not knowing what was going on and it was making him angry. Her saying his name pushed him over the edge.

"What the hell is going on? And who, or should I say what the hell are you?" The woman stared at him with tired, understanding eyes.

"I know you must be confused–"

"Confused? My life was just fine and dandy a day ago. Now, I find myself being chased by quite possibly the most powerful man in Hyrule, all for a piece of junk about as worthless as the dirt beneath my shoes. Oh! And I just happened to find a magical, and somewhat powerful ghost along the way who could toss cars off the road and somehow knows my name. Confused? Hell yeah I'm confused!"

The woman jerked her wrist away. "There's no need to swear, Mr. Forester."

"Don't do that!"

"Do what?"

"Call me by my name when I don't even remember giving it to you!"

The woman just stared at him, expressionless. "What should I call you then?"

Link rubbed his eyes and sighed. He could feel a headache coming on as he leaned against the steering wheel.

"I need a drink," he groaned.

"You're thirsty?"

Link raised his head, glaring at her.


He reached out and turned the key in the ignition. The engine roared to life and they once again began heading north. They sat in silence for a few miles before Link took a calming breath. "Listen. I'm grateful that you stopped those men back there from blowing my head off. But I can't keep going on like this without knowing what's going on." He turned his head to look her in the eye. "Who are you?"

The girl stared back at him in sympathy before nodding her head.

"I'll start from the beginning."