Summary: When Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, she's pregnant with twins. What happens when, 100 years later, in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Cullens encounter a new coven in their territory? What happens when the leader of the coven is the oldest of a set of triplets? What if those triplets all look like a certain Isabella Swan? Will Edward be able to unravel this mystery? Read to find out!

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"Jade! Kaila! Hurry up or we'll be late!" I called up to my daughters.

Within seconds, they were down, both looking exactly like me. "Sorry, mom," said Jade, while Kaila just rolled her now brown eyes. It was kind of disconcerting, to see Kaila's personality with my body, since this wasn't how she usually looked. Usually, she and her sister had bright green eyes, and long, bronze colored curls, the color of their fathers hair. Jade had changed our appearances to look a bit like me when I was a human -although with a few alterations- with her unusual gift. Now, to anyone without vampire eyes, we could pass as identical triplets. Anyone with vampire eyes would be able to see the minor differences, but probably wouldn't think much about it either way.

"Come on! Let's go!" said Skye, the hyperactive little sister who I had taken in when the twins were four. She had been sixteen when I had found her, bleeding and alone in the mountains and decided to change her. She was my best friend. Beside her was Daren, the big brawny one of our group, and Skye's mate. He had joined us not long after Skye, and the two had clicked right from the beginning. Unlike Skye, though, I hadn't been the one to change him. When I found him, he was a half-crazed newborn, completely on his own, not knowing who his creator was. I felt sorry for him, so I took him in, and taught him the rules. I had helped him start his diet of animal blood, and he was soon as much a part of our family as Skye was.

"Fine, let's go!" I said, walking out the door. "Bye Aaron, bye Maira!" I called upstairs. Aaron and Maira were both in their late twenties, and were our parental figures in the eyes of the public. They were the most recent to join us, and like Daren, they had not been changed by me. Unlike Daren, though, the two had been 'raised' by vegetarian vampires like myself, and were the only members of their coven to survive an ambush by an army of newborns.

"Hey, Izzy, can I drive? Please? Please?" asked Skye. She was the only person I allowed to call me by that nickname, anyone else would have been a burning pile of ashes by now.

Sighing, I said, "Fine."

"Yay!" she shouted, heading towards her red Ferrari, the rest of us following. I sat in the back with Jade and Kaila while Daren sat up front with Skye. Pulling out of the garage, she sped down our winding driveway and into the forest. Within minutes, we were already onto the highway, and on our way to Marc Garneau Collegiate. I was a bit nervous about my first day, but it was nothing unusual, just the usual first day jitters.

"Mom? Are you okay?" asked Kaila. Despite her attitude, Kaila was actually very caring and compassionate.

I smiled back at her, "I'm fine, just thinking about some things" I said.

By this time, we had arrived at Marc Garneau with time to spare. Taking a deep breath, I stepped out of the car, and waited for the rest of my family. Once everyone had gotten out, we started walking towards the office, me in the front.

By this time, all heads had turned our way and, while all the girls were staring at Daren, all the guys were drooling over me, Skye, and the twins. I smiled to myself and continued walking. That was one thing that had changed since I had become a vampire, instead of trying to blend in, now, I absolutely loved to be the center of attention.

When I walked into the office, I saw that at the desk was a middle aged lady with dull red hair that was just starting to grey. Her nametag said Ms. Watson.

Walking up to the desk with my family, I cleared my throat gently. She looked up, and when she saw us, I heard her heart stutter a bit. I smiled a bit at the reaction and said in a sweet voice, "Hello, I'm Isabella Swan, and these are my sisters and brother, we're new here."

Her eyes lit up with realization, and she smiled. "Yes, we've been expecting you, Miss Swan. Here are your schedules," she said, giving me, Skye and Daren our schedules. When she got to Kaila and Jade's schedules, though, she stopped, obviously not able to tell them apart.

I giggled at her troubled expression, and took the schedules, handing them to my daughters. Together, we walked out, and started discussing our schedules. The twins and I were juniors while Daren and Skye were both sophomores. "I've got English first, what about you guys?"

"I've got English too!" said Jade happily.

Looking a bit pouty, Kaila said, "No fair, I have Science."

"I have Math!" shouted Skye happily, she loved Math.

"And I have Science," said Daren.

"Well, then, we'll see you guys later!" I said as Jade and I made our way to first period.

When we got to our English class, the teacher made us stand up in front of the class and introduce ourselves.

"My name is Isabella Swan and this is my sister Jade. We are two of a set of triplets and just moved here from California. It's nice to meet you all."

As soon as I finished speaking, the class started whispering among themselves, not knowing I could hear them.

"They're so pretty!" said one girl to her friend.

"I know! I wish I had their hair, and face, and everything!" replied her friend.

"Did you hear that? She said they're triplets! I bet their sister is just as hot as them!" said one perverted guy.

After that, I just tuned them out, as they were all mostly saying the same things. Jade and I took two seats beside each other near the back, and sat down. The first two periods went by quickly* and before I knew it, it was lunch.

I made my way to the cafeteria, and, as soon as I made it there, I was blasted with the scent of vampires. Trying to calm myself, I brought my shield up around myself and my family, and looked around. I spotted them right away, and froze in shock as soon as I saw them. Why? Because these weren't just any vampires, they were the Cullens.

I stood there, staring at them, and, as if he had sensed my stare, Emmett looked up, and our eyes met. At first, he seemed shocked, then his eyes lit up, and he smiled his big, goofy, smile.

Even though it was from across the cafeteria, I still heard him clearly as he said in a quiet, but gleeful, voice, "Bella."

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