Alas, this story is at it's end! I'm kinda sad to see it go... Anyways, I'm not certain how great this ending is, so let me know what you think!

(Later at Crash)

Logan and Alec sat on one side of the round high top table, and Sketchy on the other. All the men agreed that whatever was said tonight would remain between them, and remain out of the tabloid Sketchy drabbled in during his free time.

"So, are there really other transgenics in Seattle?"

"Oh, yeah," Alec replied, "There's tons of them. Remind me to introduce you to Joshua sometime. You'd love 'em."

"Any more at Jam Pony?" Max decided to join them at that point, knowing full well what was happening.

"Maybe. Just remember that Alec and I will kick your ass if you ever tell." She joked.

Sketchy looked positively in shock. "You're one, too?"

"X5-452. I was one of the one's who escaped in '09. Alec, on the other hand only got out recently." She took a seat between Sketchy and Alec, still fearful of being too close to Logan. That virus really was a bitch.

"So you guys really torched the place?"

"Well," Logan added, "The director torched the place. Max set everyone free."

"Wicked." The bike messenger spoke in reverence. "Is it true that they make more than one of everybody?"

"Yeah, I've encountered at least two other versions of myself, one another X5, the other an X7. And, one of my brothers looked exactly like Alec. His name was Ben." She looked down, slightly saddened to suddenly have to remember that her brother was dead, and it was her doing. Alec took her hand in his, squeezing in a gesture of comfort.

"It's okay, Maxie." She gave a slight smile in return.

Taking the cue, Logan raised his glass. "To Ben."

"To Ben" They each echoed, Sketchy included. Now that he was in the circle, he was gonna have to learn about these things. And he definitely needed to see if Alec and Logan were interested in a threesome.

They sipped their drinks, and Logan kissed Alec on the forehead. He melted at the gesture.

Yep, he had to ask.