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It felt like a dream. Funny to hear it described that way, but there is no other way to describe my life after the plane landed. We all just dissolved like we never knew each other. I was hurt, I guess I just wasn't used to how easy it was for everyone to say goodbye. I mean, we had just experienced near death, I know it was the most pivotal moment in my life.

But we didn't even say goodbye.

And now I'm sitting in the lobby of my apartment, waiting for something to happen. It's been a month since the plane ride and with the sum of money I managed to procure (it was quite a lot) I've been living comfortably in LA. But something is missing. Something, someone. I can feel it the most when I lay down on my sheets and stare at the ceiling, hoping now I could wake in my dream and screw with it. But each morning I open my eyes and remember nothing at all. And for the someone in that previous statement, well let's just say I got used to the team. I missed Eames, Yusuf, Arthur and even Saito. But most of all I worried for Cobb.

He had been through so much, was he still alright? I turn my head to the window facing the street. God it's a long day. I thought. I was worrying for people that I hadn't seen or spoken to for a month. I closed my eyes and let my head sink low.

"Ariadne?" I heard. I looked up, even though I could tell by the tight voice it was Arthur. His expression was tight and business-y, but I had never seen it any other way.

"Arthur." I smiled, getting up. He looked around, seeming to spot someone in the glare. His hand wrapped around my forearm, leading my toward the elevators. "Where are we going?"

"We need to get to your apartment." He said simply, almost casually. But I knew something was wrong. I kept hush until we made it to my floor and room.

"What's wrong Arthur?" I said cautiously. He went into the bathroom, splashing water on his face. He came out, his face a little more distraught.

"Someone's after you."

I felt a twinge and looked at him. "Who?"

"No idea. But they tried to get to me." He said, sitting on the couch. "And now they're after you."

"Me?" I said, walking over to him. He looked up at me.

"Well you, Eames, Yusuf and me." He said. "The difference is they will kill me once they get their hands on me. They're looking to get to Cobs."

I sat down next to him, shaken. "Shouldn't that be easy? Did they kill him already?" I asked, worried.

Arthur's features darkened. "Not kill him. They want to use Cobb. And once the rumor hits their ears that you're one of a kind, they'll want you too." I was listening to him, fingering my bishop's piece. I idly placed it on the table and turned back to him. Arthur was watching me and I smiled, folding my fingers on my lap. And then the unimaginable happened.

My bishop stayed standing. I looked at it for a bit, a little fear arresting my features. "Arthur, am I dreaming?" I asked, looking to him.

"I don't know. Where did you begin?"

My heart was racing, I was in the lobby. Then before that I was… I was…. I couldn't remember. I turned to his calm features. "I am, aren't I?"

Arthur's face twisted into an evil grin and his whole body began to morph into someone I didn't recognize. "You are." He took a gun and shot me in the face.

I gasped, opening my eyes abruptly. The man that pretended to be Arthur slowly got up beside me. "Who are you?" I said, glaring at him. My nose was bleeding and I had bruises all over me. When did that happen? The man turned, walking back toward me.

"I am Eric. And we're going to force out your secrets." He said simply, raising an eyebrow. I was confused, what did he mean by that?

Just then a doctor came in clicking a vial between his fingers. He looked at me with calculated precision. "This'll only hurt for a moment." He sneered, about to jab the needle into my skin. I closed my eyes.

"A serum?" Arthur said, looking at Yusuf questionably. "Like a drug?"

Yusuf nodded. "Yeah. Real crazy stuff. The market doesn't even sell it." They were sitting in a café in Los Angeles, enjoying the afternoon.

Arthur, looked at him. "And what does it do?"

"No one is quite sure. All they know is that they screw with your mind and your reality gets of balanced. But you get information from the subject like that." Yusuf snapped. "Most of the test subjects are checked into the mental institution weeks after. Just then Arthur's phone rang.

"Hello?" he said into the phone, looking around the café.

"We have your architect." A distorted voice came over the line. A click and it went dead. Arthur shut the phone and looked up at Yusuf.

"Someone has kidnapped Ariadne."

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