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I woke up first, gasping for air. I was hyperventilating, pushing my hand against my chest to calm myself down. I barely even registered my friends crowded around me in concern. Tears sprung my eyes as I struggled to remain sitting up. Arthur bent down and looked me straight in the eye, placing a hand on the small of my back. "You're okay." He said like a mantra, calming my breathing.

When I finally calmed down enough to think, my eyes widened, "Alex- Alex." I sputtered, looking to the sleeping girl next to me. His hand was still on my back as Arthur turned up to Yusuf. My gaze followed.

"I- I think she'll pull through." He said quickly, seeing the attention veer to him so vehemently.

"Think? We can all think!" Eames said, moving closer to Yusuf. "You're supposed to know!" Cobb put a hand on Eames shoulder to stop him.

"Eames, she'll be alright." He said, calming him down. "She just needs a hospital."

"Delightful. Another trip to the ER will just brighten my day." He muttered, looking back at Alex. He pointed to Yusuf. "You are coming with me. Just in case." He said, almost making Yusuf gulp. No one was quite sure what just in case meant. Eames bent down and picked up the bleeding girl, carefully taking her to his car. He didn't even suggest to take Yusuf's car. I guess it didn't matter to him if the Porsche got bloody right now.

I got up and sat shakily on the chair against the wall, avoiding Arthur's intense gaze. I looked up to Cobb, who had a faraway look on his face. Before I could ask him what was wrong he answered my question for me. "We need to bring Miles and your father here. We need as many people as we can to figure this out." He looked down at me, his expression softening. "Are you okay now?"

I swallowed, nodding. "I can handle being by myself." I answered.

"By yourself? I'm staying." Arthur scoffed incredulously. Arthur and Cobb looked to each other a moment, conveying something wordlessly. They nodded and Cobb turned on his heel and walked out.

For a while, I just sat there, getting my bearings; until I couldn't avoid his stare any longer. "What?" I asked, looking up at him. He walked closer to me, unsmiling.

"Are you okay?" he said, looking down at me. I gave a weak smile, almost laughing at his concern.

"Yeah. I think." I said, putting a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Are you sure? Because I could bring you to the hospital right now." He said seriously, his eyes not leaving my face. I almost felt like he would bring me even if I were unwilling to go. I shook my head.

"I'm fine now Arthur. Just… shaken." I bent my head down, looking at my hands. I felt a hand hit my shoulder, giving it a subtle squeeze.

"We're going to get a cure. Don't worry." He said, lifting his hand up. I looked up at him, a pang going through me.

"What if you don't? What if I go crazy?" I sighed, finally voicing my fears. He didn't say anything for a moment, and I was afraid he didn't have an answer.

Then he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed his keys off the counter. "Coffee?" he said, looking at me.

So he didn't have an answer. It was highly possible I would be as crazy as Ginger Robbins, the woman in institution, is. But right now, there was no reason to worry because I couldn't do anything. So I smiled and nodded, pushing myself up and walking over to him shakily. Yes, coffee sounded good.

Eames couldn't keep his eyes on the road. Every few seconds he would glance in the back seat as if he could somehow tell that Alex had finally died by just looking at her. But it did quell his nerves. On the other hand, Yusuf did not. "This is wholly unnecessary. If she hadn't gone in the first place this wouldn't have been a problem. Whatever she did, she managed to snap Ariadne out of her memory. The dream must have collapsed once she believed she was dreaming or something like that." He rambled.

"Yusuf?" Eames said.

Yusuf stopped talking and looked up to him. "Yes?"

"Stop talking. Please." He said, smiling only a little. It would have been funnier to him if someone weren't bleeding all over his leather upholstery in the back seat.

Yusuf looked like he was about to say something else but then he stopped, watching the road as they neared the hospital. After a while, he couldn't take the silence. "Why did you need me here just in case anyway?" he said.

Just then, a thud was heard from the backseat and an audible groan rang out through the car. "The hell?" Alex muttered from the back seat. Eames was smiling now. He knew what was coming. "Where are we going?" she said groggily.

Yusuf turned around, facing her and smiling. "You're not dead! We're taking you to the hospital." He said. Her eyes widened and she straightened in the seat. She reached for the door handle of the car and tried to pry it open and when it wouldn't; kick it open.

"I brought you to stop her from doing that." Eames said. He knew how she hated hospitals. She used to excuse her fear of them as her one imperfection. But he knew she needed one regardless of her fear of them. Yusuf looked to him, about to say something but then turned back to Alex, deciding it better not to question.

"Eames, turn this car around now." She said sternly as they turned into the ER entrance.

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