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Merging with the Kyuubi. Everyone though Naruto was too strong to let it happen, but when it does, Naruto isn't able to and doesn't know how to save himself. He needs someone, but will Sasuke be willing to come back and save Naruto again? And what about the Kyuubi? It seems the demon has its own reasons for wanting the two of them together, but even a demon might not be able to pull off getting them to hook up. It's war again, but this time, the only person on one side is Naruto, and the only fighter on the other is Sasuke. They're up against the world, is their determination enough to push them past the hard times?

Warnings: SasuNaruSasu, Mpreg, Sakura bashing (you'll be able to see how much I hate her throughout the course of the story), LEMON, yaoi, and my ideas ;P BEWARE! jk :)



"As of today, all of you standing in front of me are ANBU. Congratulations to everyone. Starting today—"

Naruto tuned out the instructor and let his eyes flick around him. Strangers. He didn't know a single ninja who had graduated with him.

His cheeks burned again, a sharp, slicing pain, and he bit his lip viciously not to cry out, his hands clenching and unclenching in his pockets. He sighed as the pain subsided and flexed his fingers.

It's becoming worse. His brow furrowed. The last meeting with Sasuke had been nothing but hell. The words the raven had said, Naruto had never heard anything so hurtful. The raven had told him that he planned to destroy Konoha and everything in it.

Naruto had gone insane after that, training every day until he passed out, just to get ahead as far as he could. Maybe he had pushed himself too hard, because he could feel it, every time he used chakra, he could feel Kyuubi's chakra bleeding into his, and he couldn't keep them separate anymore.

Eventually, Tsunade had let him take the chunin exam—which he had passed with flying colors—before he went right back to training until he dropped.

He had to protect the village, no matter how bad the majority of it had treated him over the years, there were people here that did care about him. His father had been the fourth Hokage for this village, he couldn't let it die. It was his home. He would protect it.

Naruto didn't know what made him decide it, but the next time he felt Kyuubi leaking into his chakra, he welcomed it, and learned how to use it to get even better than Neji, Sai, and in some cases, even Kakashi. It wasn't easy, the heat burned at his cells every time he performed any jutsu with chakra, but he dealt with it, telling himself that the pain would be even worse if Sasuke managed to destroy the village.

His chakra amounts had doubled, and then tripled, and he mastered chakra control in a single day thanks to Kyuubi. Not only that, but he had broken into the Hokage's stored completely undetected thanks to Kyuubi and 'borrowed' the secret scrolls over a series of two months, and in just those two months, he had mastered every secret and forbidden jutsu there was known to Konoha.

Tsunade was obviously shocked by his acceleration as a ninja, but didn't complain due to her choosing him to be the next Hokage. And three weeks later he took the Jounin exams, and not another two weeks later, he was chosen to become an ANBU.

"Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto nodded, his hands still tight in his pockets as he took the necessary three steps forward, looking the leader in the eye.

The man handed him a cloak and armor, gesturing him to the right where a woman was standing with an un-carved mask in her hands.

"What animal do you choose?" she asked, not making eye contact with him. Naruto was used to the treatment, and easily brushed over it, staring long and hard at the material in her hands. He could see it, Kyuubi's face, glowing like embers in it.

"A fox." He said firmly. Shocked eyes locked on him, the people's muscles stiffening. Naruto held his ground, waiting for her to create the image in it.

The woman floundered for a second before looking over at the ANBU captain for approval. He considered for a moment before nodding. The woman nodded grimly in return and held her hand over the porcelain, her fingertip glowing red as she traced the features, burning the picture into the clay.

She handed it over to him, dropping it at the last second so as not to touch him. He caught it easily, his movements now one of the fastest in the village. He nodded thanks to her even though she had already moved onto the next person and stepped the right again, choosing his Ninjato and sliding it onto his back before stepping to the right again as the leader called the next graduate.

He pulled off his orange jacket and the man tattooed the ANBU symbol onto his arm before nodding, and Naruto stepped back into the line of new ANBU.

He hadn't give up hope that Sasuke would return, he wouldn't let himself, but with Kyuubi's chakra, came Kyuubi's voice, and sometimes his influence. And Kyuubi had some very harsh opinions about the youngest Uchiha, especially when Naruto would go into a temporary depression because of him.

You can leave now, kit.

Naruto sighed and turned, striding back to his apartment.

"Naruto!" Sakura raced up to him the second he was out of the ANBU training territories. "Did you pass, how did it go?" she blubbered excitedly.

He forced a smile and beamed proudly. "I passed! Highest in the class!"

He had never been the highest in anything before he had merged with Kyuubi, but being the highest had allowed him to succeed this fast, he wasn't complaining. In all common senses, he should still be with Sakura, preparing to take his chunin exams, both of them just turning eighteen.

"Naruto that's amazing!" she crowed, pulling him into a tight hug. He held her, but his body wasn't in the same reaction as he would have been a few months ago. Usually, he would have been ecstatic to see her, and would have kissed her on the cheek right now, but it wasn't two months ago, and for some reason, she just felt like a nuisance, just in the way of him and his bed. He was exhausted.

"You got better so fast, the next time we go for Sasuke, we're definitely bringing him back!" she sang happily.

Naruto's stomach lurched as Kyuubi growled territorially.

What? He snapped mentally.

She has no business with the Uchiha. The fox growled.

Sasuke's a bastard, but you don't need to be that mean. Naruto cringed. Sakura was his friend, and she's still head over heels for him.

That isn't what I meant, runt.

Then what the hell did you mean?

Naruto swore mentally as the damn fox stayed silent, moving back into the shadows of its cage, and kept his expression even by clenching and unclenching his hand over and over, feeling the way the muscles tightened and released and trying just to concentrate on that.

"So how about I treat you to Ichiraku's?" Sakura offered happily, stepping in front of him to stop him from walking.

"Eh…" Naruto grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head, "sorry Sakura, but I'm really tired… from the exam and all…" he had to get away. He didn't know if it was from the exam, or the way he'd been pushing himself, but he could feel the fatigue eating away at him. The darkness was starting to cloud over his eyes, making everything blurry, and his body heat was slowly rising to dangerous temperatures.

"Oh," she said quickly, "that's ok, I understand, you're tired. Go home and sleep Naruto, I'll see you tomorrow!" she waved.

He nodded in relief that she'd agreed so quickly before closing his eyes and activating Kyuubi's chakra, and in a flash of red, he was gone.

Sakura frowned as soon as she was sure he was far enough away.

He isn't good, and I'm not the one he needs right now. It's Sasuke, he needs the only best friend he ever had. She sighed, looking towards the sky. Sasuke, can't you feel how much he misses you? How much I still love you? You were always so smart, you can't be oblivious to our feelings, please, please, please come home if you can feel them. She clasped her hands, praying that he heard her.

Naruto gripped the doorframe to keep himself upright. His breathing was extremely labored, and his heart was hammering hard enough in his chest to actually, physically hurt. The world was spinning before him, and his temperature must have been at least 110 degrees, if not much, much more.

W-what… he cried out sharply, his hands leaping to his cheeks as they burned like they'd been chopped off, damn fox, what's happening to me?

Isn't it obvious runt? Your current body can't handle my amounts of chakra, plus your own. I'm simply making some alterations to your genetic code so that you wont drop dead the next time you use any jutsu.

What—"AAH!"—the hell are you changing? His spine quaked painfully, his back arching in ways he didn't think were possible for a human to bend.

His breath caught in his throat, and his eyes traveled back to the window he had just passed and his reflection, his hands traveling up to the tips of his ears. Pointed. His ears were pointed. And the scars on his cheeks were so dark it looked like he'd painted them on with ink.

His hands shot to his cheeks as they burned like infernos, and his vision went black. He missed the last step to his door, and found himself with nothing beneath him, falling the six stories he had climbed, from his most recent apartment, to the unforgiving ground below.


Sasuke clenched and unclenched his fist, unsure as to why he began doing that in the first place, he'd never had a nervous tick before, or even something as trivial as clenching your hand. Only Naruto did things like that. He was presently perched on a tree branch a good hundred feet up off the ground, staring at the sunset in thought as he did this strange nervous tick-like movement.

"What's up with you?" Suigetsu appeared over him, his sword swung over his shoulder. "You got a nervous tick or something?"

"SUIGETSU!" Karin charged up to him, winding her fist back. "DON'T TALK TO SASUKE LIKE THAT!" her fist whipped forward, Suigetsu's head exploding into water droplets that rained all over the ground.

Sasuke growled, his fist clenching as he tried not to take his aggravation out on them. He just wished they would take their arguments somewhere else.

Beside him, Jugo was somehow sleeping through the noise, though it was possibly due to the mission they had just been on. It had been very strenuous.

"Can't you just shut up!" he barked over his shoulder, forcing his fist to relax and stay motionless, like it usually did.

I can't possible be having second thoughts. No, Konoha will die, and by my hands, but… maybe… if it just see him once more… that's all, if I just see him. He's… was my best friend, that's why it's hard.

"What?" he snapped as the two just stared at him. Karin worriedly, and Suigetsu almost as if he was questioning Sasuke's sanity.

"What is it?" Karin asked kindly, too kindly, sickeningly kindly.

Sasuke just looked back to the last rays of sun, ridding his eyes of her. The sunset was such a brilliant and radiant orange color…

I'll go see him, and then I'll be able to finish what I started.

"I'm going to sleep." He announced, jumping out of the tree and landing lightly by his pack.

"Might as well too." Suigetsu shrugged, flopping down and undoing his bedroll.

Karin sighed, looking at Sasuke worriedly before moving to open hers too.

Back in Konoha

Naruto groaned, and moved his arm to cover his eyes against the blinding sun.

He sat up, cracking an eye and looking around.

The hospital?

His eyes caught sight of the bandages covering him and twisted his body this way and that to get a better look at them.

Are you finally awake?

YOU! What the hell did you do to me? I'm three times tanner than I was before! I look like I was cooked! His hands leapt to his ears, finding them, thankfully, not pointed, though he knew he'd seen them like that.

What did you do? Naruto growled.

Hmm? Kyuubi asked, obviously not paying attention.


Kyuubi snickered. Oh, that? Just a few minor changes to your body kit.

His eyes located a mirror on the bedside table and lifted it cautiously, holding it up to his face and choking on his own spit. He gulped, scanning the length of his face. He was ten times tanner, and the scars on his cheeks were as dark as ink and as thick as rope, not like the usual small lines they were in. He looked like how he did when the Kyuubi took over save the eyes.


Shut up runt, don't wake the entire village, it's barely dawn. And don't freak out again. You're apartment building is no longer standing thanks to you passing out. I don't need another explosion to try to keep under control, the only reason Konoha is still standing is because I kept our powers from being drained, so therefore, they were unable to destroy the village, and your precious friends only lost a half a mile of area.

Naruto's muscles clenched, his eyes going wide. What?

You passed out, and I took over to save your sorry ass from being smashed all over the ground. Unfortunately, the building couldn't stand the heat of my fire. Kyuubi chuckled.

Naruto swallowed. Did… is anyone…?

Kyuubi sighed in an annoyed fashion. Twelve hospitalized, none dead… unfortunately.

I'm… dangerous? Naruto whimpered, fisting the blankets. He gasped as they caught fire and scrambled out of the bed, flattening himself against the far wall.

Relax kit, I merged with you, fire won't harm you anymore.

Naruto tore the aflame bandages off his arms, discarding them by his side as he clutched at his heart.

I… wasn't in control of my chakra. He breathed.

Kit? Do you have any brain?

"Huh?" Naruto looked up, scrambling farther back at what he saw. His bed was being engulfed in flames with sickly heat that were quickly swallowing the rest of the room.


Naruto looked in panic towards the door, where someone was pounding on it, trying to open the door despite the desk that had fallen in front of the door.

I need to get away from here! I'm a danger to them! He scuttled towards the window, yanking it open and tearing it out of the wall as he did so with the Kyuubi's demonic strength. He screamed as it shattered by his feet, before leaping out of the window.

His hands—clawed hands—shot out and grabbed a lower window ledge, lowering him safely to the ground. He watched in horror as the flames began to flicker out of the window before taking off for his apartment.

I need to get away from here! He skidded to a halt in front of… half of his apartment building.

You did this? Naruto whispered, pleading for Kyuubi not to say yes. The building was totaled, wrapped head to toe in char marks and debris, it was totally useless now, it would have to be torn down.

Kyuubi just chuckled in response, and a gargled cry clawed its way out of Naruto's throat.

Naruto clenched his fist and tore in the opposite direction, wiping the tears furiously from his eyes.

What are you doing? Kyuubi was still chuckling.

Naruto didn't reply.

Two Weeks Later

Sasuke sighed as he finally caught sight of the walls around Konoha even without his Sharingan. He was close.

It had been surprisingly hard to get away from everyone, even if they were all dead to the world in their sleep, but all worries of that vanished as the guards on the wall came into view. Two weeks. He swore while he still could speak without being detected. It had taken him two weeks to get away from Karin and her damn stalker habits. She was so goddamn annoying sometimes, he would trade her for a hundred Inos and Sakuras.

Sasuke slowed to a crawl, crouching and activating the Sharingan. He waited until the split second when the guard wasn't paying attention, and flashed forward, through their defenses, crouched and launched himself up and over the wall.

I'll just go see him. I wont wake him if he's asleep, I'll just go see him, and then I can finish what I started in peace. He bit his lip, landing lightly before leaping up to the rooftops.

It had been so long, but he knew the route to Naruto's house well. He'd 'visited' the blonde in his sleep on more than one occasion, and even if the blonde had moved, he could just trace his chakra, the idiot had never been good at hiding it, especially in his sleep.

Sasuke sped up, forcing himself not to get worked up at the sight before him.

Naruto's apartment building.


They'd already torn half of the remains down. He forced his breathing to stay regular, trying to place the lingering chakra in the scars the fire had left.

It's… like that time, when we first met Orochimaru. His eyes… and that toxic chakra around him, seeming to swallow him, it's smothering this area. But… Naruto's chakra, it's still in the traces… did he do this?

Sasuke whirled, forcing the Sharingan to its limits and scanning Konoha.

It's not here. His eyes widened, and he flew forward, trying to pick up even the tiniest bit of Naruto's chakra.

How could I not sense him at all? Two months? There's no way he could have gotten this good in that short a time!

After three hours of playing hide and seek with the unsuspecting guards and villagers, Sasuke turned to his last option for finding Naruto. The new Hokage.

It was what he last wanted to do, but he had no choice now. Naruto wasn't in any apartment building, he wasn't at any of their—well, Naruto's friends' houses, he wasn't with Kakashi, or Iruka, or in the graveyard, or at Ichiraku's, or in the market place. He wasn't hiding in any alleys, he wasn't catching frogs in any of the nearby ponds, he wasn't in any of the forest, or any of the training grounds, and Sasuke still couldn't sense him.

He was starting to worry, not that he would ever admit that, even to himself, but a section of the hospital had been in the same state as Naruto's apartment, with the same overpowering chakra staining every inch of char marks in the supposedly fire-proof walls and where ever the smoke of the fire had even brushed against.

Sasuke didn't allow himself to think that he'd caused Naruto to leave the one place he'd ever called home, to leave the people he cared about, Naruto was too stubborn.

He landed on the balls of his feet twenty feet away from the Hokage's window. He could see her, sitting at her desk, going through some paperwork from earlier missions. He would wait until she was gone and then go through the papers, to see if Naruto was on a mission.

Another painfully slow hour later, the woman finally rose, stretched, and said something that pissed of her assistant before walking out of the room, closing the door firmly shut behind her. The assistant sighed and slipped the files she'd been working on back into the filing cabinet before following after the Hokage.

Sasuke allowed himself a smirk before slipping completely undetected through the window, which had been carelessly left open and pushed his cloak back over his shoulders for better mobility.

He stepped soundlessly up to the drawers behind the Hokage's desk and pulled the one containing missions open. His finger skimmed over the files, his frown becoming more prominent as he didn't hit anything even remotely close to 'Team 7', 'Naruto', 'Uzumaki', or anything to do with Sakura, Kakashi or even Iruka.

He pushed it closed and pulled open the drawer above it, pulling out Naruto's file hastily. It was about to be dawn, he needed to hurry, Karin and Suigetsu would give him hell about where he was already, he didn't need to be discovered here too.

His eyes widened and his brow became increasingly creased at what he read in just the last two months of Naruto's history.

June 18th, Chunin exam, passed highest, defeated Hyuuga Neji, Inuzuka Kiba and Akimichi Choji in direct combat.

He defeated Neji again even after Neji's fought him before? Kiba and Choji were probably pushovers, but with the Byakugan… missions, useless crap… here:

July 9th, Jounin exam, passed highest in class.

That fast? It was less than a month away for Christ's sake. More missions, damn it, where is it?

July 23rd, chosen for ANBU, passed highest in class.

Chosen for ANBU? Highest passing grade in the class? Sasuke checked to make sure he had the right person's folder before turning back in awe to the information written in the papers.

July 23rd. 4:52 pm. Hospitalized due to jinchuuriki condition.


"Don't move."

Sasuke eyes flicked up to see the Hokage standing in the doorway, some sort of jutsu activating between her palms, her assistant was standing behind her, also activating a jutsu. Within milliseconds, the ANBU had materialized around him, their Ninjato drawn and poised at his neck.

Of course the window hadn't been left open by accident, she had sensed him there and known what he'd wanted. He'd walked right into their trap, but he wasn't worried in the slightest. He could take down three ANBU on his own, escaping them would be no problem.

He could easily get away, that wasn't the problem, but if Naruto had been at the hospital, Sasuke would have seen, if not felt him. He searched every room after finding it in the same burned state, but he needed to know, and these useless files weren't getting him anywhere.

"Where's Naruto?" he demanded quietly, a threat prominent in his voice.

The Hokage took a deep breath, and straightened, the jutsu in her hands dissolving. "I knew you would come for him one day, pity…"

"'Pity'?" Sasuke repeated dangerously, noting the way the ANBU shifted around him, preparing to strike if it became necessary.

The Hokage moved around him and sat at her desk, rubbing her forehead tiredly and leaning back lazily in her chair.

"Its nice to see you Sasuke." She breathed heavily. "Would be nicer if he was still…"

"Not interested." Sasuke growled, flipping the file closed and dropping it on the edge of her desk.

"…Sasuke, well, I'm assuming you saw up to Naruto becoming an ANBU, we gave you enough time—"

"Where. Is. Naruto." Sasuke snarled. His skin was crawling, something that never, ever happened. Something was wrong.

Tsunade looked him straight in the eye, before uttering a single word.


Sasuke felt his blood run colder than it had ever been, his heart plummeting into his stomach.

No. The idiot isn't stupid enough to die. There's no way in hell.

"He left about two weeks ago, after loosing control of his chakra and destroying his building. We hospitalized him, and then felt one hell of an enormous blast of ominous power, and then he was gone. Just, up and disappeared, didn't even take anything with him, well, accept the hospital gown he was wearing, and his ANBU clothes that we brought him to the hospital in. It had some sort of jutsu on it that protected it from the fire, but it wasn't anything that Naruto knows. It was someone else's jutsu, and more specifically, the same jutsu we found in the fires in the apartment building and the hospital. I assume you saw the state of the right wing of the hospital?"

Sasuke was numb. He… isn't dead? What the hell is wrong with him? Why the hell would he… what would be so bad to push him to leave this place? I couldn't have…

"I'm sorry, but you are here, and you are an S-class ninja, so…" she nodded at the assistant, who leapt forward before Sasuke had a chance to come back to reality and grabbed one of his wrists with her still-powered hands. The chakra bubbled around his wrists, and if possible, he felt even more numb than before.

The seal she had put on him drowned his senses with chakra out completely, and every sense of his chakra disappeared, he even felt his Sharingan fade away.

"Take him." Tsunade nodded at the ANBU, who grabbed Sasuke's arms, dragging him towards the door.

"You just let him go?" Sasuke growled, his bangs hiding his eyes. "You just let him leave the one place he'd ever—" he snarled, struggling against the bonds. It was pointless, he couldn't defeat all the ANBU on just his strength alone. He cursed himself for letting his guard down like that.

"I wouldn't have let him go if I'd known." Tsunade cut him off harshly, rising out of her seat. "He's stupid, and I don't think he'll be able to do much for himself on his own—if he doesn't hurt himself—but we've had every ninja searching for him for that past two weeks. That's been the only mission. I got everyone, even the council, to agree to it by saying that it would be dangerous if he fell into an enemy's hands with his amount of power. We haven't come across any traces of him. Not a single thing, don't think down on us Sasuke." He eyes narrowed before she sank into her seat again, rubbing her hands over her eyes, and the door slammed shut in Sasuke's face.

Tsunade sighed loudly and walked to the window, staring blankly out at the forming clouds in the distance.

"Storm's coming." She said flatly to Shizune, before her eyes drifted back to the door. And in more ways than one.

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