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16 Years Later

Well, all in all, Sasuke had to say that for the last sixteen years—considering he had to raise Naruto's children—were fairly quiet. The Kyuubi had been resealed inside of Naruto on the twin's fourteenth birthday when Naruto had nearly passed out from a solar storm in his head, which was what he and Naruto called the Kyuubi's temper tantrums from being resealed in the blonde in the first place. The Kyuubi was usually quiet, but every once and a while too much anger and pent up frustration from zero access to the outside world would set him on a rampage in Naruto's head. Normally, these solar storms only gave Naruto a headache—a migraine at the worst—but two years ago he'd nearly lost it again and they had to call everyone with enough power in the village to reseal him. Naturally, him nearly passing out had made Sasuke extremely close to giving himself an aneurysm, but the poor twins nearly went on rampages themselves—having no previous contact with the demon fox except for stories people told them. Sasuke couldn't even begin to explain how thankful he was that neither of the twins had ever met the Kyuubi.

Sixteen years was a lot of time for things to happen with Konoha's number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja around. Tsunade, Kakashi, Iruka and Gai were all acting as grandparents for Anju and Reiji, though Sasuke couldn't really say that he liked Kakashi or Gai being too close to his family. He would pop a blood vessel if either of his kids became perverted like Kakashi, and he swore he would kill someone if either of them became in any way like Gai. Legit swore, and it would probably be Gai's head that he put a kunai through, and he knew already that he wouldn't enjoy it.

Wakaba (which means young leaf), Lee and Sakura's only daughter and the twin's god sister, had just turned fifteen along with Aya (design or paint), Sai and Ino's son, and Kotori (bird of luck), Neji and Gaara's only daughter. Wakaba had—thank god— only inherited her father's black hair, and not his eyebrows. She was a healer like Sakura, but she was also crazy about youth—if not as loud about it—like Lee. Reiji and Rikiya's nickname for her the Exercise Junkie. Sai and Ino's daughter, Murasaki (purple) would be turning eight in a few months. Rikiya (strong one), Kiba and Hinata's oldest and the oldest of the children, had recently turned seventeen, and their other son Ran (rim, shield and wolf) was turning nine in a few days. During the first five years after Naruto had given birth to the twins, he'd taught a group of younger children the basic ninja techniques to help kids who had trouble in certain areas like he used to with clones before they had to be tested in it in the academy. During this time, he'd taught almost every one of their friends' children before returning to the ANBU when their twins were six, and Rikiya had called him sensei since, even though he hadn't taught any of them in over ten years. It was clear that Rikiya had a lot of respect for Naruto, much like Naruto had for Kakashi.

But presently—cutting away from the children for a moment—Sasuke was again flying through the hospital. He was a blur by the hospital staff, who had to look twice to make sure something had actually gone by them, when all of a sudden a foot appeared in front of him too fast for him to register, caught his ankle, and sent him crashing face-first into the floor.

Sasuke fucking Uchiha, ANBU team leader, was face fucking first flat on the ground.

Needless to say, this caused a lot of eye-popping and head turning.

Sasuke's head snapped up, turning to glare at whoever tripped him—tripped him—with enough force to burn through their head, only for his scowl to turn darker when he was met with a smug grin, unaffected by his glare. Even after years of being with him, even Naruto still flinched at his darkest glares. Sasuke was almost positive that this person and Kakashi were the only people who weren't affected by his glares. And this only ticked him off more because he was still flat on the fucking ground with everyone staring.

"He's ok Dad, relax." Reiji smirked, his arms crossed and his head tipped cockily.

"Paranoid." Anju muttered in an almost annoyed manner. She was pointedly looking away, obviously embarrassed that her ANBU father had actually been able to be tripped, and not ecstatic like her brother. "It's not like he died, he's an ANBU too."

"How can that boy do that?" A nurse whispered in amazement.

"How could any Jounin just trip an ANBU like that? And he's so young to!" another agreed.

"His reflexes must be incredibly fast." A third chimed in.

Anju shot them a genuine Uchiha glare strong enough to burn a hole through a wall, making them scurry quickly away like terrified mice and Reiji just smirked devilishly after them as Sasuke got up off the floor, dusting himself off in the most dignified manner he could manage.

It wasn't hard to see just how alike Anju and Reiji were, or even how much they were like the Kyuubi. Anju could be incredibly bitter, while Reiji could just be incredibly bitterly sarcastic and sadistic, even to the point where he enjoyed the pain of enemies. They had clearly inherited some of the Kyuubi's traits—or they could be counted as traits from Naruto when he was losing control to the Kyuubi's chakra, making them his dark characteristics—but they weren't prominent enough, so the council wanted nothing to do with them.

Neither had ever really caused any problems in the village, and they had both graduated to Jounin at the age of twelve, even though Reiji preferred to concentrate more on his own amusement than his studies, just like Sasuke had clearly remembered Naruto doing when he was younger.

Their control over fire chakra—which had been inherited from both parents—was phenomenal, even though Reiji still had trouble with simple chakra control to the point where he couldn't even create a decent clone of himself that he could keep from disappearing for more than a minute, but because of his other skills, he could easily keep up with Anju's genius.

But their dark sides weren't the only things that had been inherited from the Kyuubi. Needless to say it had caused quite a commotion when the twin infants had opened their eyes the first time. Both had deep blue, almost purple eyes, with slit pupils just like when Naruto lost himself to the Kyuubi's chakra. It hadn't taken Sasuke long to figure out that the purple color came from a mix of Naruto's blue and red eyes, depending on which chakra he was using. But after Naruto had tickled Reiji and he'd laughed happily and not like the Kyuubi's sadistic laugh, Sasuke had let all doubts out of his mind. The Kyuubi couldn't laugh like that, so there was no way the baby was some sort of reincarnation of the demon fox.

Sasuke and Naruto had later discovered that the twins could see chakra in the air like the Kyuubi had been able to, giving them huge advantages in fights and also warning them when Sasuke and Naruto were fighting so to steer clear of them, so it seemed that the Kyuubi had decided not to remove the traits—or gifts—that it had given them while Naruto was pregnant even though it had been sealed away again.

Both twins had pitch-black hair. Reiji's was always a short mess, though it wasn't spiky like Naruto's, as everyone had been expecting. Actually, it was more spiked straight back like Sasuke's was without the raven's bangs, but unlike his father's, Reiji's hair spiked back on its own like when Naruto had used the Kyuubi's powers, making his features look almost sharper and more dangerous, while Anju's was long past her shoulders, closer now to her waist. Both also had pale skin, which contrasted amazingly with their purple eyes.

With both Sasuke and Naruto sometimes on long ANBU missions, the twins had grown up almost attached to the hip. Even as they stood now, both leaned against the hospital wall waiting for some news from Sakura, Naruto's nurse, they were almost touching each other at their hips and elbows they were so close in proximity. Sasuke didn't trust the council enough to leave Anju and Reiji in the village when they went away, so they were always brought to Suna to be with Gaara, Kotori, and sometimes Neji—though the Hyuuga was usually on the same ANBU missions as Naruto and Sasuke—but even when they were in Konoha with both of their parents, one was never seen without the other.

Kotori, Gaara and Neji's daughter, was fifteen now, while the twins were sixteen. Much like both of her parents, she was always quiet and calm, though she had a temper to rival Gaara's before he met Naruto. Actually, the time to be most scared of her was when she was the calmest, because she seemed to get calmer the more infuriated she got, and things often broke when she was mad. She lived with Gaara in Suna most of the year, staying with Neji a month at a time or so during something dangerous at Suna, but for the time she wasn't living in Konoha with Neji, Neji was often in Suna with them. Gaara couldn't stay in Konoha for long periods of time because he was the Kazekage, but they did try to keep the family together as much as possible.

With Neji, Sasuke and Naruto all on the same ANBU team with Shikamaru and Sai, Naruto always said he felt bad for Gaara, who had to watch Reiji, Anju and Kotori while they were away, but the only people Sasuke felt bad for were Temari and Kankuro, who always had to watch the three during the day while Gaara was busy, and consequently Reiji's dark sense of humor that was always at someone else's expense. He had inherited Naruto's old title of the King of Pranks, though he added a dark twist to them.

Reiji was more open about caring for his family and friends, but even though Anju usually kept up a cold demeanor to almost everyone, she wasn't as strong as Reiji in other ways, to the point where she would even break down like Naruto used to when she was too scared or overwhelmed. Anju was stronger than Reiji in powers, but he was the only one who could keep her abilities from dwindling if she got too scared. On several occasions, Anju had only been able to complete the most important part of a mission because Reiji was there to keep her strong. To hold her hand, in a metaphorical way.

Sasuke dusted off his pants as he turned to the presence of his children's godfather, who he wouldn't have chosen, but he had to admit that Gaara was very protective, and that was good enough for him. Well, the tables were at least even, because even though Gaara probably wouldn't have chosen it either, Neji had chosen Sasuke and Hinata for Kotori's godparents, but Gaara had been unwavering on Naruto, so it had somehow ended up that Kotori had two godfathers and one godmother.

"Uchiha." Gaara said stiffly.

"Kazekage." Sasuke returned just as curtly. Reiji stifled a laugh with a snort at the usual atmosphere between Gaara and Sasuke, and Sasuke shot him a glare.

"Kotori." Anju nodded to the small girl beside Gaara, her face still emotionless. Kotori had long dark red hair wound up into a bun, the Hyuuga pearl-grey Byakugan, and the kanji for "family" tattooed right below her right eye. Why? Because she liked Gaara's scar, but neither of her fathers would allow self-mutilation so she had to get it tattooed.

"Anju. Reiji." She said in her quiet voice.

Reiji didn't say anything, instead just smirked and winked, making Kotori smile and Sasuke twitch.

"Neji is in this room, Kazekage." A nurse told Gaara, waving her hand to the room next to Naruto's. "His wounds are very minor, and he should be completely healed by tomorrow."

Gaara nodded and walked silently toward his room, Kotori right behind him. Reiji nudged her with his foot as she walked by, making her giggle. Sasuke felt his skin crawl; he liked Kotori, she was nice enough and insanely strong with both of her parents' abilities, but she was still Gaara and Neji's daughter.

"Loosen up dad, Kotori's not pregnant yet." Reiji said and Sasuke's spine stiffened visibly.

"If you…" he turned slowly to Reiji, silencing at his son's devilish grin. Even Anju had cracked a smirk, a dead giveaway that he was just joking.

Sasuke sighed and faced Naruto's door again, his shoulders hunching up as he heard Reiji murmur, "Yet."

"Watch it." Anju warned just as quietly. "Dad's scared enough, don't make him pop a blood vessel."

Reiji sighed and shifted against the wall to look away.

"Devil child." Sasuke muttered to himself, smirking as Reiji laughed.

"Only for you dad." Reiji said lightly, shrugging.


Sasuke pushed open the door to Naruto's room, and immediately a huge smile lit up the blonde's face, even thought his torso was covered in strips of white and he was plugged into several different machines across the room. Sasuke crossed the room and pulled back the covers, surveying the bandages covering gash in Naruto's side.

…They didn't even look that bad. Why did Tsunade call him then?

Naruto poked the bloodstains, scoffing a little. "I don't even know why they bothered to bring me here. It'll be healed by midnight. Making everyone worry." He muttered scathingly.

Sasuke snorted and sat down on the bed next to Naruto. So it was worse earlier, before I got here. I don't know why they panic, unless Naruto's got a hole punched through his chest, he should be fine.

"Why didn't you get healed first?" Naruto barked suddenly, grabbing Sasuke's arm and keeping him from lying down as he inspected the bloody slash-mark on Sasuke's forearm. It was pretty deep, but it was numb now, so he didn't care.

"Because when Tsunade contacted me, she made it sound like you were dying." He retorted easily, placing the covers back over Naruto's legs and settling himself down next to the blonde. "It doesn't hurt Dobe."

"Yea, probably because the nerves are severed."

Sasuke looked down at his arm, confused at the anger in Naruto's voice until he saw that Naruto had stuck two fingers into the gash and was now glaring at him like he was a complete moron. Both were up to the first knuckle, and he couldn't even feel it.

"Idiot." Naruto chided, and ran his palm over the gash as his skin started to glow red. Sasuke laid his head on the pillow, watching Naruto work over his wound, and soon the skin began to knit itself back together at an almost disturbingly fast rate. As soon as it was done, Naruto scooted back under the covers, placing his head against Sasuke's.

"…You really should have gotten that healed first." Naruto said after a moment, his voice sluggish. Sasuke wondered how many pain meds Tsunade had him on to keep him from throwing a fit about having to stay in the hospital even though he was going to be completely healed in just a few hours.

"It wasn't important, Dobe."



Later, Reiji pushed the door to his dad's room open, he and Anju beside him stopping when they saw both of their parents passed out on the bed, Sasuke unmoving and Naruto a pile of limbs draped in every which way over the bed. Already, the blood on the bandages looked weeks old.

Reiji snorted, letting out a low whistle as Naruto groaned and flopped himself closer and more on top of Sasuke while Anju just grimaced next to him.

"I'm going to be sick." She muttered, walking back out of the room.

Reiji watched her go, and shook his head after a moment so she wouldn't see him, a slight smile playing on his lips. She tried to act so cold. He didn't see the smile Anju was smothering as she walked away.

He looked back to his parents and whispered, "Keep it PG, you don't know if they have cameras in here."

Sasuke groaned in his sleep at that, wrapping an arm around Naruto and pulling him in closer protectively. Reiji let out a short laugh at that before closing the door behind him and racing after his sister.

That Night

Sasuke leaned silently against the balcony railing outside the pitch-black third floor of the Uchiha compound, watching the figures move around on the patio below him. No lights were on so he wouldn't be seen, but he made a mental note to lecture Reiji and Anju on not staying alert for people's presences at all times later. Sasuke knew Naruto's excuse would be that they're kids, which they were, but if he were from a different village, they would all be dead right now.

Reiji was sitting on the railing of first floor balcony, Kotori standing in front of him as they talked and laughed together quietly. Sasuke had been watching them since he felt Kotori's presence appear a good twenty minutes ago. He guessed that he wasn't supposed to know she was here because no one came to tell him that she was visiting, so he didn't make an effort to make himself noticed.

Sasuke's eyes snapped to the right as the dirt on the balcony suddenly shifted irregularly for the direction of the wind, before swirling up and parting to reveal Gaara before sinking silently back to the balcony floor. Gaara joined him to stand next to the railing, overlooking the children. Ok, now Sasuke knew that Kotori hadn't told anyone she would be here.

Sasuke twitched as Kotori suddenly stepped forward and leaned up on her toes to kiss Reiji. He put his hands lightly on her waist, holding her up so she wouldn't have to strain because of how much shorter she was than him. Gaara only chucked beside him at his reaction and Sasuke's scowl deepened.

Anju stepped out of the kitchen and onto the balcony. Reiji and Kotori looked up at her, but they didn't move apart.

"I don't know where Sasuke is, maybe getting a new mission from Tsunade, but Naruto's asleep. We should be fine." She said quietly, shifting her cloak to better cover her shoulders against the cold night air.

Sasuke looked over his shoulder as Naruto stepped up next to them to look over the railing, wrapping the blanket tighter around his shoulders.

"You're supposed to be asleep."

"Shut up." Naruto smirked and leaned against him, his eyes suddenly darting up as he strained to see something in the forest. Sasuke looked up, waiting until it came into his range of view, because he couldn't see it now even if Naruto could with the Kyuubi's senses. Gaara's eyes also drifted up uninterestedly as something came into their view, and soon Rikiya flew out of the forest, landing lightly on the balls of his feet on the railing next to where Reiji was sitting. He had the same triangular tattoos on his cheeks as Kiba, and his Byakugan was shining through the night, the light from the kitchen reflecting on their pale grey surfaces.

"Hey shrimp." He said casually to Kotori before stepping down to peck Anju on the lips and Kotori punched him jokingly, though his did rub his arm afterwards in pain while Anju struggled to smother a giggle.

Rikiya, Reiji and Naruto were the only ones Kotori let tease her. She had a surprisingly violent temper towards anyone else who bugged her in any way. The angrier she got, the calmer she acted, which is why she was deadly in battle if her enemy pushed her buttons just the right way. She had the calm frame of mind to fight without losing her head, but the anger to really want to do damage.

Sasuke stiffened again at the kiss and Naruto leaned over to run his tongue over the shell of Sasuke's ear. "Lighten up." he whispered. "Kiba's not that bad, so don't take it out on Rikiya."

"Rikiya's worse." Sasuke retaliated bitterly and Naruto just rolled his eyes.

Naruto looked up again towards the path to the main part of the village, and Sasuke and Gaara joined him when they felt two more people coming down the road.

"It's a party tonight, huh?" Naruto asked casually, leaning in closer to Sasuke. Sasuke suspected it was to keep him from moving and going down to beat the daylights out of his moron kids. If either Kotori or Anju got pregnant as young as Naruto had, there would be hell to pay.

Aya and Wakaba came into view and the kids turned to wave them over, gesturing for them to stay quiet.

"You didn't tell your parents?" Wakaba asked after she jumped up to the balcony. Aya just joined the party silently. He rarely did any significant talking, just a few sentences and opinions here and there.

"You kidding?" Rikiya snorted. "Sasuke would murder me."

"Us." Reiji corrected easily and Rikiya nodded.

"Murasaki and Ran are with Sakura." Aya said quietly, so much so that Sasuke and Gaara had to strain to hear him. "Sakura thinks we're training with you," he nodded to Kotori, "where are we going tonight?"

"Nowhere." Gaara cut in suddenly, making everyone below them freeze before slowly looking up above them.

"I hope you all know that if we were ANBU from any other village than this, you'd be dead right now." Naruto said after a moment. Good, at least Sasuke wasn't the only one thinking that.

Kotori was the first one to break the silence of the teenagers. "…I'm dead, aren't I?"

"…Does Neji know where you are?" Gaara asked after a moment. He didn't seem annoyed at all, so Sasuke guessed Kotori's edginess was for Neji's reaction. Neji was just as protective as Sasuke was. Sasuke had always blamed that nervousness on the fact that both he and Naruto were ANBU, and that put his kids in a very dangerous position from enemies of the village, not to mention the fact that both of them could die at any time on an ANBU mission. Kotori's situation was just as dangerous, if not more. Being the daughter of an ANBU and a Kazekage—from different villages—also didn't make her wandering around by herself safe.

"…No." she admitted, though all three adults already knew that right from the start.

"…Let's go."

The sand on the balcony swirled up around Gaara and into a cloud before lifting into the air and flying off toward the Hyuuga compound. Kotori quickly kissed Reiji once more before leaping off of the balcony and racing after the cloud of sand through the trees. Sasuke closed his eyes and pretended to not have seen that.

"Are we dead too?" Reiji asked suddenly, leaning back to look up at both Sasuke and Naruto.

Sasuke opened his mouth to say that hell yes they were when Naruto suddenly cut him off, throwing out, "No, you aren't," before Sasuke could say anything.

"We're off the hook!" Reiji yelled, throwing his hands into the air and everyone on the balcony disappeared, their chakra disappearing into the woods before Sasuke had a chance to change Naruto's mind for him.

Sasuke whirled to snap something not entirely nice at Naruto when the blonde cut him off again, leaning forward onto the balcony. "They've got it hard with parents who tell them what they can and can't do, we never had that so I don't think the whole thing is fair. But I thought we could take advantage of while they're gone." He smirked suggestively up at Sasuke, who instantly kicked the blonde's feet out from under him to catch him and carry him back inside. Well, who wanted to go chasing after rambunctious teenagers anyways?

Naruto slid his arms around Sasuke's neck, pulling himself up to wrap his legs around the raven's. Sasuke laid his lips against Naruto's, climbing up onto the bed and sitting back on his heels, Naruto's ankles tightening around his back. Naruto's hands threaded into his hair, the kiss slow as Sasuke pushed the back of Naruto's shirt up. It had been such a difference, the first time they had slow sex. No rushing, no need to worry about who would attack Sasuke or try to capture Naruto next. Actually, it was so slow that afterwards both agreed to never have it that slow again, but it didn't take long for them to start to appreciate the sensations of not having to frantically pleasure each other.

Sasuke slipped Naruto's shirt over his head, keeping his lips on Naruto's every second he was able to while stripping the blonde. Naruto's mouth and tongue moved tantalizingly to his neck and the blonde pushed him back by his shoulders, settling on Sasuke's hips when Sasuke was flat on the bed. Naruto worked off Sasuke's clothes from there, dragging the pads of his fingers over Sasuke's chest, shoulders, neck and stomach as he worked. Sasuke sighed, settling back into the covers of the bed, watching the way Naruto's body moved over him.

With the Kyuubi's chakra because of their merged souls, every once in a while one of Naruto's movements would remind him of the blonde's very catlike transformation toward the Kyuubi's influence. He still flinched every time, even though Naruto had just been resealed two years ago and they had at least twelve years to go. This time, though he did wince as Naruto's back arched while the blonde's tongue ghosted down his torso, it didn't take him long to relax again and close his eyes, letting Naruto's touches overwhelm his body.

Naruto slipped down his pants and a large breath escaped Sasuke's throat as Naruto's breath drifted over his manhood. Naruto's hand encased him, drawing up and down in slow deliberate movements. Sasuke knew Naruto was doing this just to lessen the functioning in his brain so he would be in control, and honestly, right now Sasuke didn't care who was on top, who rode who, who fucked who or who came first as long as Naruto did something before the head of his manhood popped off his shaft from over stimulation.

Finally, Naruto moved his hand to spit in his palm, slicking Sasuke's length again before he climbed up onto Sasuke's hips, leaning forward and deliberately missing touching him in any way except to kiss him. Sasuke smiled back at his Dobe's blinding smirk and wrapped his arms around Naruto's shoulders, pulling the blonde into another kiss. He slipped his tongue into Naruto's mouth this time, determined to have some control in this as Naruto sat down slowly on his manhood.

Both let out a huge sigh, Naruto's head lolling back onto his shoulders as he lowered himself more onto Sasuke, Sasuke trying to keep his breathing even. Naruto was still a moment after his thighs were flat against Sasuke's hips, and Sasuke took the moment to push himself up off the bed so he was sitting up and looking into Naruto's eyes. Naruto's hands found his shoulders as he started moving, slowly and consciously, and Sasuke's hands wound around Naruto's waist, holding him close. He kissed the blonde's nose once, and Naruto smirked back, sweat dripping down his back as he leaned in and pressed his legs to Sasuke's.

"I love you Sasuke."

"Me too Dobe."

Naruto stuck his tongue out and Sasuke took the opportunity to capture it in his mouth, moving his own tongue against it as Naruto moved up and down over him. Naruto's hands found the back of his neck, holding their mouths together, and Sasuke in turn squeezed Naruto tighter around his waist.

Naruto suddenly clenched around him, and Sasuke grunted, dipping his head to lean against Naruto's chest as Naruto groaned, his head dropping back again, and something hot splattered onto Sasuke's stomach. It only took a second for his own orgasm to come, and he groaned into Naruto's chest, swirling his tongue around Naruto's nipples.

They sat with each other for a moment, breathing deeply before Naruto's hand suddenly reached around Sasuke, flapping and floundering around until it came back with Sasuke's shirt. Naruto wiped his seed off of their stomachs before leaning back, taking Sasuke with him as he flopped back onto the pillows with a contented sigh. Sasuke smiled and slid himself out of Naruto, his smirk growing when he saw the way Naruto's expression changed pleasurably for that second. He settled on his stomach next to Naruto, pulling the blankets over them and laying his head on his arms after Naruto draped one arm over Sasuke's back and basically molded himself to the raven's side. He leaned up and kissed Sasuke lightly on the cheek before melding back into Sasuke's side.

"Sasuke," Naruto said suddenly, "do you think me being Hokage after Tsunade dies will… put our family in danger?"

Sasuke blinked, pretending to think for a second before he said, "Yes." Duh Dobe.

Naruto stuck his bottom lip out, pouting slightly in the way that made Sasuke's toes tingle. "You were supposed to reassure me. Tsunade's already told me I'm going to be the sixth. I think she threatened the council to get me the position, but for whatever reason, they agreed."

Sasuke snorted and leaned over, pulling Naruto onto his chest as he rolled onto his back.

"Reiji and Anju are almost skilled enough to be ANBU now, and they're as old as you were when you became an ANBU. They have some of the Kyuubi's powers and each other; they can take care of themselves. Don't stop following your dream just because you're afraid for us."

"And Kotori?" Naruto shot back instantly. "She's our goddaughter and she and Reiji are really close even now."

Sasuke sighed at the mention of that and Naruto smacked him lightly, telling him to lighten up before the blonde kissed the tip of his nose again.

Sasuke looked to the ceiling, thinking again before he turned back to Naruto. "Byakugan and sand manipulation, besides, she's already in enough danger being the daughter of a Kazekage. Being the daughter-in-law of a Hokage isn't going to do anything."

"What if Anju marries Rikiya?" Naruto insisted.

"…I think Anju's strong enough to protect both of them."

"But she freaks out if it's only her getting too overwhelmed! How can she focus on two people—?"

"Remember their last mission to the Water Country, when Reiji was knocked unconscious by the sleeping drug? Anju still completed her part—the most important part of the mission, and I think it was because Rikiya was there. Besides, she doesn't have a nervous breakdown every time she's attacked; it takes a lot to overwhelm her. Usually it's just when Reiji's in danger so she can't concentrate on keeping herself safe, which is why she gets scared."

Naruto sighed, thinking for a second before he relaxed into Sasuke's chest, seeming to accept this. "Yeah… Rikiya is very strong willed, and he does have the Byakugan…" He snickered suddenly. "What do you think their children would look like?"


"I mean, with both the Byakugan and the Sharingan."

"…I wonder what the council will say to that." Sasuke couldn't help but chuckle too at yet another fuck you to the council. He lived to mess with the councils' heads, and to scare them as much as he possibly could. So far, with two jinchuuriki with children, a traitor back in the village and head of the best ANBU team in the village, one of the best ANBU traveling between two countries to keep his family together, and the possibility of some of the most powerful Kekkei Genkais and chakra merging in the future to create grandchildren with godlike powers, Sasuke had to say that he thought they were doing a pretty damn good job.

"Wow, our grandchildren are going to be fucking invincible." Naruto laughed again, leaning down to press his lips to Sasuke's.

"Ugh! Gross!"

Sasuke and Naruto's head snapped up to the door, where Anju, Reiji and Rikiya stood. Reiji's tongue was hanging out of his mouth, Anju looked pretty damn near paralyzed, and Rikiya looked like he was trying to come to terms with the fact that he would never get over this image.

"Well here's an idea," Naruto barked back, "next time, knock. Problem solved! And we have covers on, grow up."

"Oh god, I'm going to have nightmares for weeks," Anju moaned, walking back down the hallway and leaving her brother and his best friend there. Sasuke called Rikiya only Reiji's best friend because he didn't feel like accepting that night that Anju and Rikiya were actually a couple, and because Reiji and Rikiya were best friends, it didn't feel like denial right then.

"…Well," Reiji said finally, "I was going to ask if Rikiya could spend the night, but now I'm not so sure he wants to anymore."

"He can stay," Naruto said huskily, leaning down to slip his tongue into Sasuke's mouth. Said raven was having a hard time not laughing; Naruto was having way too much fun with this.

"Uh, thanks Sensei, I think I'll crash at home tonight." Rikiya said, struggling to smile. Well, Sasuke had to admit that Rikiya was polite, but that was his only good quality.

"No, seriously Rikiya, you can stay." Naruto smiled, rolling off of Sasuke. "We already finished while you were gone."

"Dad!" Reiji groaned, marching away and leaving Rikiya at the door, even more stunned now than before.

"Uh, g-goodnight Sensei, Sasuke." He said finally, closing the door after him. Naruto immediately flopped over and smothered himself in the pillow so they wouldn't hear him dying of laughter.

Sasuke waited until the kids' footsteps were gone before pulling the pillow off Naruto's face, smirking slightly as he said, "You're not changing your mind, are you? You sound like you're trying to get yourself out of being Hokage."

Naruto punched him lightly in the side for that before rolling back over to hang onto his arm, leaning up to kiss him again. "I am going to be the next Hokage… and still be able to be your Seeing Eye Fox when you go blind in a few years."

"I'm not going blind, Dobe."


"Tsunade insisted on checking my eyesight the other day because of the thing with the Kyuubi two years ago even though I knew it was fine. Nothing's gotten worse or even changed about it." Sasuke let his fingers drift up to the teeth marks on his neck. "I think this is keeping it from getting bad, like… when the Kyuubi sealed the Sharingan away, some of its chakra attached to it and is keeping it from getting bad. The fox's chakra is definitely strong enough to do that. I'm not sure, but the Kyuubi's chakra might even keep Reiji and Anju's Sharingan from going bad."

Naruto stuck his bottom lip out again, pouting.

Sasuke blinked. "What?"

"I was looking forward to you being helpless for once." Naruto sighed.

Sasuke cuffed him upside the head playfully before kissing him again.

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