Okay, the first chapter is up! Now, I must warn you there is not much fighting in this fic-but there is plenty of everything else. Sorry if the ending sucked in the other one, but I had to set it up for this one. So don't think of that ending as the official ending.

The T.V. played the footage yet again of the two flying figures battling it out in the skies. The reporters commented as they argued over what it was, but Valerie knew it all too well.

Many thought it was a stunt, others a prank gone wrong, but Valerie knew what it was. It had been two weeks since this footage was taken, two weeks since Vlad Masters had been taken to a hospital for treatment of brain damage. They said he would live in this own world for the rest of his life—not that Valerie cared that much about the man. He had killed her father after all—so she guessed she owed Phantom that much, but the spector still had to be destroyed.

She aimed her gun at the T.V. and fired, sending a bright pink beam into the screen. Only small green sparks were left of the box. She took her cigarette out of her mouth and exhaled, a large plume of smoke swirling over her head.

"I'm coming Phantom," she said, snuffing the cigarette out on an old news clipping of said person. "I'm coming to finish it."


Danny chuckled as he watched Emmet go down in his trap. The young ghost was amused by the attempts of the vampire to try and sneak up on him. It had never been a surprise, the subtle touches on Emmet—plus small hints from Edward without his knowing—kept Danny out of the dark. To be honest, it seemed that Danny had turned the tables, it would just be a matter of time before Emmet realized it.

"Danny!" Emmet roared. "Help me get out of this goo! I know you're up there!"

Danny jumped down to a lower limb on one of the many trees so Emmet could see him, but he didn't come down. He sat down and swung upside down, holding onto the trees by his legs and looking at Emmet upside down.

"This is funny," Danny smirked.

"No it's not! What is this stuff anyway?"

"Oh, just some experimental gunk meant to trap ghosts, but in reality, it can trap anything. It's like you playing with cement—only ten times stronger."

Emmet struggled to free himself from the sticky mess, but only trapped himself further. Danny chuckled, but stopped and frowned when he realized something.

"What?" Emmet asked at seeing his face.

"I haven't thought about how to get you out," Danny confessed.

"So you just so happened to have this junk lying around?" Edward asked as he tried to help his brother out of the goo, but only succeeded in getting stuck himself.

"Well, maybe not just lying around," Danny smiled guiltily, trying to pull his hand free of Emmet's hair but only got a yelp from the vampire. "The components I found lying around, putting them together to make the goo happened slightly by accident."

"I don't want to know," Edward sighed. "This is so like you, planning something without really planning it."

"It's called improvising!" Danny defended himself.

"Whatever the hell it's called isn't going to help us," Emmet butted in. "We need someone to help us out."

"Our only hope is if Alice sees us in trouble," Edward said, sighing heavily.

"Jasper is going to have a field day with this," Emmet groaned. "I'm never going to live this down."

"Would this be a good time to apologize?" Danny asked sheepishly, but the vampires pinned him with glares telling him to shut up. "Right, I'll apologize when you're not homicidal."

"Good plan," Emmet grunted.

"To bad it's not raining for once," Danny commented to himself. "Water dissolves this stuff."

"What!" the brothers yelled at him.

"Why didn't you remember that before?" Edward yelled at him. "We could have gotten him free without getting trapped ourselves!"

"Oh, I' don't know. Uh, sorry again?"

In actuality, Danny hadn't remembered until his mindless comment flew from his mouth.

Could it be that—no, it was just mindless idiocy. I've been known for that.

This arguing with himself was getting old. Either it was happening or not, but he really couldn't decide. In the end he always put it to the back of his mind to ignore, but he was afraid he couldn't ignore it much longer.

"You okay Danny?" Edward asked at seeing the odd look on his friend's face.

"Huh? Oh yeah," the Halfa said absentmindedly. "Just feeling a little guilty."

"Don't worry, it's not like you condemned us to ruin," Edward smiled at him. "We'll just have to wait until someone realizes we're missing and comes to get us."

"You mean until Bella realizes you aren't waiting for her," Emmet said. "She's such a worry wart sometimes."

"Well Edward worries all of the time," Danny said. "To be honest, I don't see why you think they're opposites. They're perfect for each other—just like you and Rose since you guys are kind of opposites yourself."

"Yeah I guess you're right," Emmet sighed. "What about you Danny, did you ever have a Bella or a Rose?"

"Yeah, yeah I did," Danny said, looking and sounding like he wished he was elsewhere.

Edward wondered if this was a subject not to touch, but Danny caught his glance and smiled.

"Her name was Sam, kind of a high school sweetheart type thing. We were best friends forever and it grew into more," Danny explained, feeling lighter at the memories, a happy look crossing his features. "I've kept tabs on her throughout the years. She's done very well for herself, an author, supporting some of the largest green organizations to save the planet and what not."

"Did she marry?" Edward asked.

"No, no she never married," Danny said, looking off into the trees. "No one could really handle her, but if I could, I would take her hand in a heartbeat."

"Yeah, the whole staying-young-forever thing can really throw a wrench in your plans," Emmet said, rolling his eyes at the mushy-ness of it all.

And a few other things, Danny added to himself.

"I think I hear someone coming," Edward said, looking ahead.

The other two turned with him and all three froze.

"Oh crap," Emmet groaned. "Not him."

Jacob gave a sort of laughing-bark as he came closer to the trio. He shook his great head, enjoying the other's pain as he came out of the trees and into the clearing.

"Yeah, yeah," Edward said in response to Jacob's thoughts. "You want to help us out wolf-boy?"

That proved to be a bad idea since Edward had other things in mind. Soon the trio became four as Jacob joined the stuck party.

"Why didn't you just tell him to get water to dissolve this?" Emmet asked Edward who was smiling smugly at Jacob.

"You can think all of the profanities you want," Edward said to the wolf, "but I'm an expert at ignoring them."

"That was really stupid Edward," Danny said. "You should have told him to get water."

"Why?" Edward asked. "This is too much fun."

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I got to use the facilities."

Edward groaned when Jacob was now thinking the same thing.

"If you pee on me dog, you are going to lose that particular appendage," Emmet growled.

Jacob growled back, his hackles on end.

"You couldn't just keep that thought to yourself?" Edward growled at Danny. "Why can't you keep your mouth shut lately?"

"If you could read my mind, I'm sure you would tell me," Danny bit back, now in a sour mood himself.

"Well it's your fault we're in this mess!" Emmet shouted.

"Technically, I'm only responsible for you two—Edward is responsible for Jacob getting into this," Danny defended himself and Jacob grunted in agreement.

"Whatever," Edward shrugged. "I just want to get out of it."

The other three couldn't argue with that so they became quiet and waited—until nightfall for help to find them.

"Well, I think we learned something today," Carlisle said as he snipped the last of the goo from Danny's hair.

"Don't use experimental goo on Emmet," Danny said as if he was facing his parents.

"Or anyone," Esme said, setting down a tray of food for him to eat. "You still haven't recovered from that attack Danny, don't strain yourself. You need to eat something if you haven't had anything all day."

Danny complied without words, but action. Picking up the sandwich and began to eat in earnest while the vampires left him alone to eat and rest.

"I'm worried about him," Esme said after they were in the hall.

"I am too," Carlisle admitted, rubbing his chin. "He doesn't seem to be himself—he's forgetting things easily and acting very childish. This whole stunt with this goo; something just doesn't add up."

"Maybe we should ask him tomorrow what's going on," Esme suggested, but she was afraid that he would run off if they questioned him.

Danny had a fragile past that no one wanted to talk about. With the death of his sister and everything that followed, Esme knew it was too painful for Danny to say anything much about it, but at the same time, she knew he wasn't telling them everything.

"He has a right to his privacy," Carlisle said after a moment to think about it. "If it starts to endanger us we'll ask him to tell us, but until then, he'll have to decide for himself what to tell us."

Danny slid down the length of the wall. He had overheard what Carlisle had said. He was grateful to the guy for letting him keep his secrets, but he didn't know how much longer he could keep this a secret anymore.

He looked at his right hand again, seeing it shake visible know with multiple spasms. His foot was quickly following his hand's example. He waited the fit out, but they were lasting longer and getting worse each time they occurred—plus the blank spots in his memory were getting to worry him as well. He couldn't deny it any longer—it was happening.