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It had been two days since Danny had entered dream land. After coming out of his euphoric state, the half-ghost quickly started to go faster than they thought possible. The Ecto-Dejecto/ vampire energy combination was losing its effective hold on Danny and without the help of it, his body started to shut down faster and faster as the hours wore on. He had flat lined early in the morning, raising hell in the house and waking up all of the humans into a panic.

Carlisle did his best to keep Danny going, but despite his efforts Danny only continued to go down. Edward was by his side almost constantly. Though there wasn't much hope left in their plan, the fact that he now knew they were family sparked some sort of defiance in him. He had left his human family behind years ago and over the years, they slowly left his mind to be replaced by the family he knew now. This return of his past was shocking. Never in his life did he imagine he would find relatives of people he knew who were now long dead. If Danny died, Edward wasn't sure what he would do. He brought it up with Bella one night when she called him to find out how Danny was.

"He's not good Bella," Edward told her quietly. "We're not sure what we are going to do."

"There's nothing, nothing at all?" she asked, sounding like she had been crying not long before the call.

"I don't want to lose hope, but there's not much we can do other then wait for him to—" he couldn't finish, but Bella understood him.

"He's going to die, isn't he?" she asked him, but didn't get a response.

Edward wasn't ready to admit that news even to himself. He growled and pounded the wall in frustration, though not hard enough to leave a hole in the wall.

"I hate this, I feel so powerless," his frustration must have been evident because Bella's next words kind of shocked him.

"You're only human Edward, no matter what you are," she said. "I feel this way some times. Like when you and the wolves wanted to fight Victoria and her fledgling army. Do you know how powerless I felt, having to sit on the side lines like that?"

"I have a feeling how you felt, yes," Edward sighed. "I just—I don't want to give up on him."

"Then don't, find another way around the problem. He's family Edward, you do all you can for family."

Edward didn't say anything but he agreed with her.

"What do you think will happen to him, if he lives?" Bella asked and Edward's thoughts took a different train to ride.

"I don't know. He might go back with the Fentons."

"I don't think that is so smart. If they move into his old town, then people might recognize him. And besides, what are the Fentons going to say? That he's their son?"

"I agree with you, but I know his parents want him back, but no matter what they do, things can never go back to the way they were twenty years ago. It's like taking a bad heart and trying to put it into a good body."

Edward stopped, eyes wide as the gears in his head started to turn rapidly.

"Edward?" Bella asked over the phone. "Edward are you still there."

"Bella, I got an idea and I have to let Carlisle know. It might save Danny."

"Then go!" Bella shouted at him. "Call me back as soon as you can."

Edward hung up and rushed to the kitchen where Carlisle was talking with Maddie and Jack.

"What is it Edward?" Carlisle asked, seeing the look in his face.

"What if it's his heart?" Edward asked him. "This thing is attacking his lungs, brain, muscles one at a time. If it was just poison in the blood, then the whole body would be attacked at once, like organ damage and coma if his brain was effected badly enough. I think this thing is radiating from one point in his body and sending it out to everywhere else in his system and the only organ I know that can effect the whole body like that is the heart."

Carlisle looked at Edward with a dumbfounded look.

"Now why didn't I think of that?" he asked himself.

"It's a good theory," Maddie said, but she sounded defeated. "It really is a good idea, but how are we going to know for sure if it is his heart?"

"Well, there's only one way to do that," Jack said and all eyes turned to him. "Carlisle would have to operate."

"No!" Maddie nearly shouted, jumping up from her chair. "No! Jack, no! Danny is too weak to cut him open, we could lose him even faster."

"And we lose him if we don't," Jack argued quietly. "Maddie, we got to try."

"And I'm saying no Jack!"

"Wait!" Edward shouted to get their attention. "I'm sorry, but I don't think it's your decision. I think Danny should be the one to decide."

Upstairs, Danny was slowly becoming use to the constant pain and suffocation. His lungs had almost given out on him, too weak and shredded to continue on being useful to him. Alice was with him, though he didn't remember her name. It was hard to come up with his own name sometimes, much less the name of someone he hardly knew. He just knew that they could be trusted. How was beyond him, but somehow, he just knew.

He didn't notice when the other came in, nor did he acknowledge their words. He was busy thinking. He felt like he had forgotten something, something very, very important. Too important to forget. Oh, what was he thinking about again? It felt like it was very, very important.

"Danny! Can you hear me?"

He looked lazily over to Edward, though he didn't know his name he knew he could be trusted. He didn't know how, he just knew.

"Danny listen to me," Edward spoke quickly while he had the ghost's attention. "We think that it might be your heart that is causing the problem. We need to open you up to see if it is your heart. Are you okay with that?"

He was sick? Yes, yes he felt sick, but he was more sleepy then sick. Who was this guy anyway? Couldn't he see that he was thinking on something important? Something very, very important?

"Danny, you might not survive an operation," Maddie's voice broke through his haze and he had a few minutes of recollection, almost as if a battery had been hooked up to his brain and it was jump started.

"Do . . . what you think . . . is best," he said, gasping for breath each word. "I don't think . . . I have . . . much time . . . left."

"Okay, so you are okay with us opening you up?" Carlisle said.

"Yes . . . but, I don't . . . see much . . . point to it. Can you . . . leave me alone . . . now? Edward . . . you need . . . to stay."

They all left, reluctantly, but they left. Edward stayed behind, knowing it was important since Danny said his name after nearly a week of not remembering it.

"The desk," Danny said weakly. "Look . . . in the desk."

Edward went to the desk and opened up the drawers. He found what Danny wanted him to see in the top drawer, a thick fold of papers.

"What is this Danny?" he asked the ghost.

"My last testament," Danny said. "I don't have . . . any property . . . to give away . . . so there is no . . . will. Give it . . . to . . . my family. Okay?"

"Danny, you are going to live," Edward said but Danny was shaking his head before the words left his mouth.

"No . . . I'm not," Danny argued and he sounded so weak and frail that Edward had no words to lash back with. "There is . . . a letter . . . for you. Read it . . . whenever . . . you feel ready. But, don't . . . wait . . . too long. A life . . . depends on that . . . letter."

Edward found the envelope easily, separating it from the rest of the papers. He looked at Danny, but the ghost had already fallen asleep. Edward sighed and sat next to the bed, looking at the white envelope as if it held a nasty surprise. The vampire looked up at Danny again then decided that whatever was inside, Danny had a good reason to put it there in his possession.

It tore easily in his strong hands and he read the simple letter.


Man I must be in bad shape if you are reading this. By now, you know that I am going to die. Don't try to fight it Edward, I accepted this fate a long time ago. However, I have unfinished business here and I am intrusting you with it instead.

I did come back for a reason, and that was to find a home. Not for myself, but a safe place for someone I know. I chose you and your family. You can disappear and reappear at will in the world among humans. Despite Vlad being out of commission, there are still people who can harm us Edward, or at least her.

Her story is long and complicated and I can't put it into this letter. Her name is Danni, yes I know the name is confusing, but she likes to be called Di so as not to get our names mixed up. Di is my sister, at least I think of her as a sister, it might not be the correct term, but I don' t know what the correct term is really. She needs somewhere safe, she's like me and can't stay where she is much longer. I told her I would find her a home, and I know she will be safe with you guys. Please do this for me.

This is my last wish.

Edward let the letter drop to his lap while he looked at Danny. If he could, he would have been crying.

"I will help her Danny, once I save you." He promised.