Wow, it's been quite a while since I wrote anything for this series. Pity, because it's pretty fun. Anyway, I'm back and hopefully you'll all like this one as well! Slight spoilers for the final book included in later chapters, too.

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Summary: Whoever said "the third time's the charm" clearly didn't know how to count. TancredEmma.

Ten Plus One
By: Saya Moonshadow

Battle Journal, Entry No. 1

And so it begins. I am going to ask a certain someone out if it KILLS me.

Which it had better not. Because that would suck. A lot.

Alright. I shall approach the Sparrow after homework and make my proposal. Not that kind of proposal. You know what I mean. Shut up, journal. Should the Sparrow accept, commence with setting a place and date. Should the Sparrow decline, proceed to flee like a proud male should and hole self up for the rest of eternity.

Right. There is no way this can go wrong.

The first time Tancred attempts to ask Emma out, it goes horribly.

He walks purposefully up to her after study hall in the King's Room, but takes one look at her face and ends up striding right on past her, practically flailing in his rush to get away before she can take note of him and guess at his intentions.

It doesn't quite work. It's fairly hard to miss someone flailing right next to you, after all, and he breaks into a sprint as she yells after him, "Tancred, what-?"

Battle Journal, Entry No. 2

That went horribly. Somebody please kill me.

Except don't, because tomorrow I have to try again. Or something.

AN: Yes, this one was fairly short. Please bear with me, they DO get longer after this. This was kind of a warm-up attempt for Tancred, if you get my drift.

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