Shin Chan is Missing

by Jtaylor83

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Chapter 1: Callous Heel of Brat

"Hiro,Did you hear that?" Mitzi yelled. Mitzi knew that Shin said the "N" word and it's not the hate word against African-Americans, the other "N" word that begins with an "N" and ends with a "Y".

"Shin, how dare you call your Mom like that?" Hiro angered. "One of these days, you will be an outcast to society."

"Get dressed quickly and get ready for the bus." Mitzi said and as usual Shin missed the bus. Mitzi is worried that this will be his last warning if he misses the bus and be late for school.

Shin and Mitzi arrive at Meadow Fields Kindergarten as late as usual when Mr. Taylor, known as Josh-chan when school is not in session, was very angry at them for being tardy.

"You are late again! This is your last warning!" Mr. Taylor yelled.

"Sorry, Mr. Taylor. This won't happen again." Mitzi said while bowing.

"Be sure it won't happen again, because one more incident including being late and another one of his antics, it's expulsion time." Mr. Taylor said. "Come on, Shin. Get to class."

Shin goes to the table and takes a snack from the snack plate which is the for Miss Anderson's return for a visit. Shin tries to take a bite but Mr. Taylor takes it away from him.

"Those aren't your snacks, Shin" Mr. Taylor said with a vein popping out of his head. "There are 15 students in this classroom and you're the one who has to make terror."

The whole class sits at their assigned tables as class started.

"Class, Your old teacher, Miss Anderson, is coming back for a visit." Mr. Taylor announced.

"Where you going?" Shin asked.

"I'm not going anywhere, Shin." Mr. Taylor answered.

"Did you get fired?"


"No wonder Miss Anderson left."

Mr. Taylor sees Miss Anderson standing in front of the door.

"I deal with you later after school, Shin" Mr. Taylor said with more veins popping out of his head. "Now class, tell Miss Anderson what are you learning today?"

"That we can hold our breath a lot longer than I thought I could." Shin interrupted.

"And that's why a student needs to be disciplined, Miss Anderson." Mr. Taylor said, being annoyed by his antics. "If you don't stop screwing your friends and Miss Anderson before school is over, it's banning time."

"Is this how you treat Shin?" Miss Anderson questioned.

"Shin lacks discipline." Mr. Taylor answered. "Once his brain gets twice as big, then he'll come to his senses and stop from being his old self. Now class, will you please follow me and Miss Anderson to the auditorium?"

Mr. Taylor, Miss Anderson and the whole class enter the auditorium and the entire class sat down.

"Class, we're going to play an acting game called...'What is my line and what do we do?' " Mr. Taylor instructed.

"Well, I see we're covering the basics of acting." Georgie said.

"Thank You, Georgie" Mr. Taylor complimented. "Since you've know the basics of acting, your codename is "No Fear". Now get up on stage."

Mr. Taylor points out to Penny. "Penny. I will give you a role and some lines, if you put down your Battered Bunny."

"Okay." Penny said.

Mr. Taylor points to Shin. "Shin, if you promise to refrain from your antics, terrorize the whole class, and stop eating from Miss Anderson's snack plate, I will let you take part of the Acting Game. Agree?"

Shin shakes his head and goes up on stage.

"Okay. You say anything that inspires you and you act it out." Mr. Taylor said.

Georgie starts his role as "No Fear".

"Yeah, you know I'm in there and you know want you want, but I ain't getting it. Because I'm No Fear." Georgie said.

"No Fear" Penny said after Georgie.

"No Fear" Georgie and Penny both said again until Shin interrupts with his line.

"Well, I've got news for you." Shin said. "I've been sleeping under the covers for a long time. I dumped all these green peppers down my potty for that's exactly what Miss Anderson is..." Mr. Taylor and Miss Anderson knew what he was going to say during the Acting game, the two "C" and "P" words.

"Shin Chan!" Mr. Taylor yelled so loud, Miss Polly, Miss Katz, Principal Ench and the entire school could hear his scream. Mr. Taylor drags him outside. Shin sees Mr. Taylor's face red with steam coming out of his ears.

"Why is your face red?" Shin asked.

"Why is my face red?" Mr. Taylor angered. "How can you act like yourself? You sit on a throne of terror. You're a selfish, hopeless, callous heel of a brat. How'd you like to be expelled, huh? Ha, ha, not kidding."

"We don't want to see you again for the rest of our whole life and nobody in the neighborhood want to see you else either!" Miss Anderson follows.

"I don't care where you are. I don't care that you're an idiot! I don't care that you're talented! I don't care that you're my friend! Get out of everybody's lives! Now!" Penny joins in after he ruined the game and her life.

"Nobody wants you in Kasukabe, ever" Georgie yells at Shin as well scaring him.

"You should know the truth about brats like you who go terrorizing!" Miss Katz scold on him as well.

"Bad students like you should be reported to the Secret Service!" Principal Ench said as he couldn't take of his antics.

And thus his brain grew twice as big and realizing that it was too late to apologize. So he ran away from school.

"Aren't you being a little too harsh on Shin?" Miss Polly asked.

"No. A little discipline on Shin isn't a little too harsh." Josh answered.

"I quite agree. I think we all be happy that he's out of our lives." Miss Anderson said.

"Are you trying to say that we should celebrate that he's gone and we would be better off without him?" Josh asked.

"You're the one who gave me some pointers on discipline. So, yes." Miss Anderson answered.

That sundown, Shin, wearing a hood so nobody would know who he is, places 12 apology letters in the mailboxes, to his mom and dad, Michi and Yoshirin, his friend Nanako, Ai, Georgie, Penny, Penny's Mom, Miss Polly, Miss Katz, Miss Anderson, Principal Ench, and Mr. Taylor.

"At least you'll all be happy I'm gone. I should've done more than just apologize or refrain from my antics. But to stop being my old self and getting rid of my Action Mask stuff. But most of all, I won't be here since you all got what you want. So, farewell forever." Shin said in tears and runs away to an alley behind the dumpsters.

End of Chapter 1


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