Masquerade: The Truth Behind the Mask!

[AN: Don't own Ranma ½ or Blades of Glory. Ranma=Ranko. Ranma and Kuno are a bit out of character, but you'll live; hopefully.]

[Characters: Ranma, Kuno, Nabiki, Ukyo, Akane, Ryoga, Shampoo, Mousse, Tendo, Saotome. Kasumi. (MajorMinor)

[New Characters : (*Both Roko and Nashiko where made up by Kuno.)

(Major): Sentina (sen-tin-na= spelled like it sounds.)…. A short Japanese women with long black hair and brown eyes. And has young-fair skin She has two sides to her. On one side she has a personality of a Navy Seal. One another, she could be depressed, which makes show her nice side, her weak side. She is also known as Ranma and Kuno's coach, during this fanfic!

(Minor): Natsumi and Renshiki (Japanese Names.)…. Natsumi (Ranma and Kuno's dance instructor.) She's a really thin and tall Japanese women whose, eyes are almost black. She has fair- yet tanned skin, who's an authorital figure to the dance floor. Not only is she Ranma and Kuno's choreographer, but she runs the place.

(Minor): Renshiki – Natsumi's brother, the one's who's actually going to give the lessons to Ranma and Kuno. He's a short, strong, well build dark-colored skinned Japanese man. I know hard to believe he's related to Natsumi; then again look at Kuno and Principle Kuno. He has his strict side, but remains to be a pretty well mattered man; nothing like Sentina is.

(Major part way- Roko ( so- called-Rokotaki) Tsukimi- Kuno's so- called boyfriend, or in better words, the boy Kuno so-called loves. He's almost like the Pig-Tailed Girl, here, yet, non-existent. Roko is really someone else that plays on of the rolls, during this fanfic. [AN: Yeah *cough* : Like I'm going to tell you guys who he really is. You're just going to have to read the fanfic to figure it out.]]

(Major last two chapters- Rokotaki Tasukimi- A 6 foot tall, well built Japanese man. He has brown eyes, and straight, flipped hair. He isn't related to Roko of Nashiko. Nabiki mistakes him for Roko; which Kuno doesn't meet him until the last two chapters.

(Mentioned- Nashiko Tsukimi-almost non- existent, more a reference from a lie, in this fanfic. Supposedly the sister of Roko. Preferably Nabiki.