Chapter One- Ranma and Kuno's Coach!

"Juniors, I Tatewaki Kuno, a.k.a the Blue Thunder of Furinkin High shall announce that the Seniors are having prom this weekend. In spite of this; the Juniors are taking a uphold on the martial arts, figure-skating competition before prom. In any case, anyone that's part of the competition, audience including, get to go the Senior's prom for free."

Kuno held out a stake of signup sheet for the martial arts ice- skating competition. "We're working on a Masquerade Disco project for this year's theme. So all the young maidens attending shall wear a dress, kimono or a Yukata, with a mask. Alternatively All gentlemen attending shall wear a tux, or a Yukata with a mask as well."

Kuno continued. "Furthermore Prom will be on Saturday, at 10 PM. Conversely making the Ice- Skating competition will start at 8 PM. Prom will be take at Kuno estate. The figure- skating event will take place at Furinkin's Ice-Skating rink.

"These papers in my hand are-"

Everyone hard the sliding door slam against the wall, to see a very aggravated women there. She still had her left hand hanging from the opening, with the other on her hip.

"Okay! Who the hell can tell me where I can find this Tatewaki Kuno and Ranma Saotome at!"

"Very well, I shall introduce myself, I'm Tatewaki Kuno, the-

She walked up to where Kuno was, and knocked the papers out of his hands. "Freakin' dumbass of Furinkin High." She rolled her eyes as she smirked. "Yeah I already know who you are."

Most of the class smirked, as they shared comments and laughs.

"How dear thee insult the great Tatewaki Kuno-"

"Shut the hell up Tachi," She glared.

"Why you-" Kuno, holding his fist in anger.

"So who are you anyway?" Ranma asked.

"Are you Ranma Saotome?" she asked.

"Yeah…." I'm-"

"The freakin tranny of the anything goes school of martial arts."

"What did you just say?" Ranma glared. "Hey! Take that back!"

"I demand thee to tell me whence, in which you found doth name!" Kuno, pointed his Bokken at her.

"You two have some nerve to order me around like that. I dear you two to try to test me."

She knocked Kuno's sword away from him, as she held it in her possession. She walked up open one of the classroom windows up. With that, she tossed Kuno's sword out of the window.

"What on earth did you just do?" Kuno ran for the window, but before he could jump out to save his bokken, Sentina slam the door, right in his face.

"Shut that damn impudent trap of yours," she paused. "I'm Sentina, your coach, so you two better damn as well straighten up before I make your life a living hell."

Most of the class were chattering this time.

"Is she even Japanese?" Yuka asked.

"I'm not sure," Sayuri said next to her.

"What a women?" Hiroshi put in.

"I wonder where she got her name from?" Yuka asked.

"My name's none of your damn business," Sentina clearly put in.

"You're not my coach, I don't even have a coach, and I sure as heck don't need one," Ranma getting more aggravated by the minute.

Kuno looked aside. "As if I need coaching from someone such as yourself. Besides, what kind of coach would do something like that to their students?"

She went up to grab Kuno by his gi. "And who do you think is running this fiasco of a competition anyway."

"Wait….art thee talking about the figure-skating competition?"" Kuno asked.

"The last the people in this division who were suppose to be against the other division as dropped out," Sentina explained.

"Why, what happened?" Ranma asked.

"The girl filed a complaint about being molested, and the guy got beaten up by the girl in their practice rounds."

Ranma growls and looks aside, re-gaining some old memories.

"Ranma you don't think it could be-" Akane began.

"Mikado and Azusa…." Ranma growled under his breath.

"Yes Mikado Sanzenin and Azusa Shiratori! Mikado and Azusa specifically asked for the both of you. So I had to come hunt you two morons down. You have no idea what I've been through trying to find you two little insolent brats."

"Hey!" Ranma and Kuno protested.

"Why us?" Ranma asked.

"They don't want anyone else. Which means they're probably want revenge."

"Doth is the reason, we're having people sign up," Kuno added out of the blue.

"Yeah as singles." Sentina looked from Ranma to Kuno. "You two are going to compete in the men's pairs skating division of the martial arts figure-skating competition."

"HUH!" Ranma and Kuno widened their eyes.

The whole class was silent now.

"Two men skating, together as a pair, thy nay serious?" Kuno, disbelieving.

"What….ye think I'm not?" Sentina quizzed.

"Hey, I don't mind pair skating, but two men?" Ranma question. "I mean, isn't that against the rules."

"I'm your coach, you fallow by my rules."

"Me with that- with that wretched vile miscreant, over there. That- that foul sorcerer? My arch nemesis; on the same side. Never! Never! Never! Never!"

Ranma hopped out of his seat to yell at Kuno. They were both face to face at the podium.

"Hey watch who you're talking about here. As you can even skate in the first place, pervert."

"Pervert! Why you…." Kuno smirks remembering Ranma couldn't skate any better he could. "Ha- as if you're the one to talk, you Insolent whelp."

"Stop it! Maybe underneath all your bull shit, we could still find something beautiful."

Ranma and Kuno stopped auguring as the they sighed.

"There's a cabin near a ski park up in Hokkaido. It's not your typical ice-skating rink, but it well do. All the arguments have been made, for the rest of the week; we're leaving at seven tonight."

"WHAT!" Kuno and Ranma shrieked.

"Tonight?" Ranma asked.

"All the way up in Hokkaido!" Kuno asked after.

"Why can't we just practice at the skating rink here?" Ranma asked.

"Because it's under preparation for the prom, that's why," Sentina pointed out.

Kuno and Ranma's face fell.

"Woo wait…. Who said anything about me going anyway. There's no way I'm going all the way to Hokkaido with that jerk for a week, no way man."

"Aye, especially for someone who doth hold no nobility on the ice," Kuno, talking about how horrible Ranma is on the ice.

Ranma faced Sentina, as he pointed to Kuno. "This guy couldn't hold me up in air, in his skate, he'll just fall the minute he tries."

"I could you hold you up in the air all day, try me, you impudent wretch."

"Maybe I will."

"Maybe you should."

"You challenging me, damsel?"

"Yeah," Ranma scuffs. "I bet you couldn't do it, even if your life was depended on it.

"Then bring it on!"

"It is on!"

"Good then, it's settled, I'll meet you two at seven tonight."

Ranma and Kuno both turn to Sentina with big eyes. "Huh?"

"And, If you nimrods don't get your damn stuff ready by the time I come to pick you up, then you're going without it." With that Sentina left the room.

(How did I even get dragged into this mess?) Ranma thought as he slightly growled to himself.

"Excuse me while I go off and kill something," Kuno headed out.

With that the students packed up their own things as the bell rang.

Ranma and Akane meet in the hallway, as Kuno stood by the hallway door.

"Erg…Stupid Kuno…Ranma's voice grew angrily.

"So you and Kuno, skating together, as a pair team, huh?" Akane asked.

"Hey, it isn't all my fault. I have better plans then go to some dumb skating competition; especially with that jerk." Ranma put his own foot down. "I don't even know how that's going to work.

"So you're going with him all the way to Hokkaido, huh?" Akane asked.

"I'm what?"

"Going to Hokkaido, with Kuno" Akane, teased with a smirk.

"There's no way I'm going, all the way to Hokkaido, especially with Kuno," Ranma began. "You know what would happen every time, if I turned into a girl?"

"I already know what would happen, if you turn into a girl in front of Kuno."

Kuno looked with interest. (Girl?)

"So what about prom?" Akane asked.

"And there's no way I'm going to some prom," Ranma pointed out.

"Why because it's at Kuno's house?" Akane asked.

"humph." Ranma looked away.

"You know he's just going to end up asking you to prom, just face it ," Akane put in.

"Just drop it Akane, because it's never gonna happen," Ranma raising his voice, giving Akane a fierce look.

Kuno continued. (Ranma wants to ask me to prom?)

"Asking or not, you still have to go. Isn't that what your coach said," Akane said cleverly.

"I did not ask for a coach, especially a crazy one like her," Ranma held in. "I didn't even want any part to this, I'm not even a senior yet. Besides I don't have to go, and no one can make me."

"You wanna bet? I know someone who would."

"Who?" Ranma shot a small glare to Akane, falling for it once again.

"Kuno," Akane grinned.

Ranma narrowed away from her a bit with a fixed stare. Then he turned his he away the next. "Huh- yeah right-" He looked back at Akane. "-Akane-as if Kuno can actually get me to go anywhere?"

"Oh yeah, and once Kuno comes charging in, and starts bagging you for a date this weekend; I know you'll end up going with him."

"Oh yeah, and how would you know?" Ranma glared.

"One Kuno would do something really stupid, where you wouldn't have a choice. Two, a way to cure your cruse will pop up. Three, you dad will have something up his sleeve. Or four, Nabiki would charge you off from it."

Ranma growls under his breath slightly as he turns away.

"I know he can," Akane smirked. " And you know I'm right Ranma. I can tell, it's written all over your face."

"No it's not!" Ranma plainly said.

"Oh yes it is…." Akane gave Ranma a sly grin.

"What?" Ranma asked looking aside.

"Too shy to face Kuno at prom…." Akane teased.

"As if-" Ranma continued looking back and forth to Akane, every now and then.

"Then what's your problem with going then huh?" Akane asked.

"Eh-" (Akane's right, what is my bit problem with going.) "Er…"

Akane saw a very small and light blush across Ranma face. "Ranma and Kuno sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-"

Ranma widens his eyes, as his cheeks got darker. This was something he never expect Akane to say. Then he shot another glare at her, looking away again."Shut up." (She acts like she wants me to be with Kuno or something.)

"Then that means you're going, right?" Akane asked.

"No way!" Ranma put it in.

"G- first comes love then comes-"

"Alright, alright, only if you stop singing that, and don't start up with all that Kuno-junk again," Ranma gave her another fierce look.

"Okay then, I'll stop singing and talking about you new, unofficial boyfriend."

"What?" Ranma having enough of Akane jokes. "Akane!"

"I said boyfriend, I didn't say Kuno in that sentence now did I?" Akane asked.

"Yeah, but you were referring it to him, weren't you?" Ranma, knowing he was right.

"Who says who I was referring it too. I could've been referring to anyone," Akane shrugged.

"I know you were, so just admit it!"

"Oh, so you want it to be Kuno then," Akane keeping a recorded.

"No I don't!" Ranma snapped.

"Yeah huh- that's what you say-" Akane narrowed her eyes.

"What is it now?" Ranma narrowed back. "Well…what is it? Do you want me to be with Kuno or something? That's not like you Akane!"

"Let's make a bet, not only a bet, but let's make it a challenge!"

"A challenge?" Ranma questioned. "Akane, there's one thing missing in that sentence."

Akane, all well expected what Ranma was going to say.


Akane smirks. "Yeah, but haven't you already made a challenge yourselves."

"Well yeah," Ranma shrugged. "But that doesn't mean anything. Sentina just took it the wrong way. Kuno and I were just auguring, it didn't mean anything."

"…Sure…" Akane began.

"And no more smart-mouth comments form you earthier. Let me explain. You know this would never work, innless he dose actually ask. We could make it a bet, but I don't see how this could turn into a challenge!"

"Okay then, the bet is that Kuno will ask you. The challenge is that you go with him. And I know you won't go back on your bet, because of Nabiki reasons. You already know she'll find out about this one way or another. And I know you won't back out on a challenge earthier, remember according to you, you never lose a fight."

"How in what way is this a fight?" Ranma glared.

"Well in this case you would be challenging Kuno, like I explained before. I'm sure you don't wanna loose to Kuno now," Akane said with a sly look on her face.

Ranma took a breath as he rolled his eyes. He held out his hand. "Fine, deal."

"Deal!" Akane said shaking it.

A minute passes….

"Hey…..wait a minute, you're just trying to get me to go, that way you'll end up being right!" Ranma glared.

Akane looks up slightly. (Busted!) "Oh well, you already made the deal, by!" She ran off.

"Hey, come back here you stupid tomboy." Ranma grins his teeth together, mumbling to himself. "Grrr….stupid Akane. Who said Kuno would ever agree anyway….."

Kuno blinked, as he watched Ranma take off afterword. He looked down at his necklace and sighs. (There's no way I'm going to let that foul soccer win. However if it's for Akane's sake, maybe I could make a sacrifices and allow myself too-) Kuno swallows. (Go to the prom with him; thus be his partner in the figure skating competition.)

Everyone headed home, and Ranma and Kuno finally got packing for their trip.