Chapter Two- Cabin in Hokkaido and Kuno's Cold

After setting in the economy class for an hour and 54 minutes. The plan ride finally made it to Hokkaido; two minutes before they started to make their descent. Kuno and Ranma where both asleep. Sentina, noticing this, grabbed a magazine and whacked Kuno over the head.

"Ow…" Kuno awoke as he rubbed his head, to see Ranma asleep on his lap.

Kuno looked down at Ranma with a fixed stare, not really knowing what he should do. He studied the enabled body, lost in his own thoughts. (You know, from this point of view he kind of looks like...her…the pig-tailed one-)

"Hey, freakin' dumbass of Furinkin High, wake him the hell up," Sentina ordered.

At this, Kuno felt a slight blush come on his face, as he gently shook Ranma. "Wake up Saotome. Get up I say, up."

Ranma slowly groans awake, as his eyes opened, to see one, and only one person, who was looking right back at him. He narrowed his eyes. "Huh?"

"We're landing, stupid" Kuno narrowed back.

Ranma slowly arose from Kuno's lap, as a slight flush came across his face next. "humph, you could've told me sooner you moron."

"Hey I was asleep, you idiot."

"Hey, would you two just shut the hell up already. No one wants to hear your bitching and whining about your affection towards one another." Sentina making the awkward tension worse.

Ranma and Kuno turned to Sentina. "What did you just say?"

They got distracted as one of the air stewardess walked around to make sure everyone had their seat belts on. With that, the plane finally made its final destination, as they finally made to their cabin.

Ranma and Kuno pushed and shoved each other in the door, to quickly get away from the cold.

"You skate as a pair, you live as a pair," Sentina stated.

They entered in small comfy living room; which had obviously wooden walls, because it's a cabin. Alternatively, it had soft carpeting of brown and beige. It also had a brown and tan leather couch; once facing the kitchen, and the other, facing a real oak entertainment center. Inside the entertainment center, there was a decent sized flat screen TV. The living room also contained a fire place, and a brown love seat that sat in front of it.

The kitchen was filled with the same color around. It was very nice, but it even smaller then what the living room was. One thing about it, is that this kitchen never ran out of food and was always kept clean. Indeed it did fit a small kitchen table for four, but that's about the only space.

Sentina, Ranma, and Kuno entered in a small room, with one comfy- looking king- size bed, with little floor space. The room has a brown/tan tint to it as the living room and kitchen.

Next to their room was a small bathroom. The bathroom was, never the less, like the rest of the cabin, it did have brown wooden walls. Nevertheless, the walls had tropical green wallpaper on them in some places.

The shower/bath, where cemented it with white tiled walls, leaving the shower/bath white as well. The tub had a shower 2 curtain that was clear and green. The tub was right next to the white and brown marbled sink, with wooden cabinets at the bottom. The sink was next to the brown wooden- seat toilet; the rest white. It had a dark brown seat cover on it, with a cushion on the bottom part.

The cover and cushion also came with a two bathroom carpet. One on the floor around the toilet, the other on the main bathroom floor.

"One bed," Ranma narrowed.

"I don't share rooms," Kuno began. "Especially not with the foul sorcerer over here," Kuno stated.

"Ugh…" Ranma fell, but got back up and glared at Kuno. "I don't share shit."

"The night's a very dark time for me," Kuno looking towards the floor.

Sentina narrowed her eyes. "It's dark for everyone, moron, so be satisfied with what you got."

"I am never satisfied! It's a curse," Kuno glared back at Ranma.

"For the last time Kuno…I'm not a sorcerer!" Ranma called out.

"I won't stand here and listen to your lies…you fiend," Kuno comment back.

"And what makes you think I'm lying?" Ranma now head to head with Kuno.

"I'm not so easily fooled, I know you are-"

"Alright this is going to stop right now. From here on out, you guys are a team, you understand?" Sentina studying the both of them. "You're going to eat together, sleep together, you're going to pee together-"

[AN: You should see the look and Ranma and Kuno's face.]

"You're both going to file a contract for the martial arts figure- skating competition tomorrow, do I make myself clear; practice starts now, end of discussion."

Kuno and Ranma sighed when Sentina finally left the room. After they all had dinner Kuno and Ranma were preparing for sleep. Ranma went to go brush his teeth, while Kuno was still digging around his own bathroom supply.

"Ah-ha-ha-chooo!" Kuno tried to hold the next one in but…no. "Ah-ha-ha-chooo!"

Ranma came out with holding his toothbrush in his mouth. "Yo Kuno, you okay in there?"

"heh, I'm perfectly fin- ah- ha-chooo," Kuno sneezed a bit harder this time. "What's it to you Saotome."

"Look, I ain't going to be sleeping in here if you're going to be sick alright," Ranma glared as he stomped back into the bathroom.

"Who said anything about being sick," Kuno sniffled. "I ain't sick."

Ranma walks back out but stop by the bathroom door. "You look pretty sick there to me Kuno."

"Saotome, come hither, quickly, quickly," Kuno used his finger to call Ranma over.

"What is it Kuno, do you want something?" Ranma asked.

"I…I have summoned you here because…"

Ranma narrowed his eyes. (Why is this starting to sound filmier.)

Kuno started coughing all over Ranma. "Take that and this and that!"

Ranma jumped back as far as he could from Kuno. "Oh, no, I ain't falling for that again."

"Wa-ha-ha-ha-a-achoo! You fool, don't you see. The fastest way to get rid of a cold, is to give it to someone else!"

"That's what you said last time," Ranma glared.

"And if you don't want me to have this cold…then you can have it."

Ranma, now his fist up in rage. "That doesn't mean I want it earthier, dumbass."

"Well how else am I suppose to get rid of it?" Kuno asked.

"Well if you had one working brain cell, you'll get some rest." If you were a genius, you would give it to Sentina, not me!" Ranma said, trying to get out of the trip.

"Methinks thee may have a point there; nevertheless, I would never strike my instructor, innless in practice or battle."

"What are you- on her side now?" Ranma clenching his hands in front of him.

"Nay, I would never pass my cold towards another women," Kuno put in plainly.

"Yeah, only to me," Ranma snapped back, as he stepped closer towards Kuno, without realizing it.

Just then Kuno's cold got to him, as he turned really pale. "ugh…"

"Man, you don't look so good," Ranma put his hand on Kuno forehead.

"Na, what'd thee think, what was your first clue?" Kuno questioned, too faint to fight anything.

"Well, you feel worm," Ranma said without realizing how awkward it sounded.

Kuno looked up as her narrowed his eyes at Ranma. "Excuse me…"

"…But, it doesn't seem like you have a fever."

"How dost I knowledge thee, nay lying?" Kuno sharpened his eyes to Ranma.

"Why would I be lying about something like that huh Kuno?" Ranma scowled back.

"Why should I trust you?" Kuno knitted his brow.

"Ugh- man, why won't you just believe me. Why would you think I would make something up like that in the first place?" Ranma located his hands to his hips.

"To make it seem it's nothing, when I'm probably ten times worse then what it was," Kuno, giving his reason.

"You want proof that you don't have a stupid fever?" Ranma asked.

"Why, doth thee have thermometer ?" Kuno asked.

"No, but Sentina might," Ranma started to leave the room, when Kuno called after him.

"She might be asleep fool."

Ranma saw Sentina resting on the couch watching a Japanese game show.

"You asleep?" Ranma asked.

Sentina sat up. "What do you want Tranny?"

"Gee…would you stop calling me that already?" Ranma glared.

"What the hell are you still doing up anyway?" Sentina asked.

"It's for Kuno," Ranma said with his eyes to the ceiling.

Sentina read the wrong expression on Ranma's face, . "Ohhh….okay…you should've told me before."

She got up from the couch as she walked to a cabinet. There, she went to get the thermometer. She walked back to hand the thermometer to Ranma. Ranma was about to go back to the room, until Sentina held him back.

"Hold on a sec-" Sentina went to a closed locked treasure- chest box; one big enough to sit two people on. "No that's not it."

She dug some more. "No, that's not it."

Then she pulled out an old squish- toy, she use to use. She glared at the squish- toy awkwardly. "Nope, that's not it earthier. I wonder why I still have that.

After that, she found what she was looking for. "Ha-ha, here it is."

Ranma stood there dumb, trying to figure out what she was looking for.

Among the items in the chest; she pulled out a small rope, some candles: big and small, and some red and black- rose-pedaled potpourri. She singled Ranma to come close.

"Stay behind me," she declared.

One by one, she was handing Ranma everything she had in her hand. After that, she handed him a pair of fuzzy black handcuffs, and a pair of purple fuzz pinky -cuffs. "You might need these."

Ranma looked at the stuff oddly when he heard the chest shut, when Sentina locked it.

"Stay there." Sentina went out the kitchen to grab a lighter, a bottle of sake. She walked back up to Ranma, handing him the other items.

"Sake?" Ranma blinked. "What would I need sake for? I don't drink."

"It's not for drinking, stupid," She informed him.

"Then what's is suppose to be for?" Ranma asked.

"Well if you don't know then- that mean's Kuno must. I mean he is the one who sent out you to get thermometer after all," Sentina pointed out. "Fallow me?"

They stopped by the bathroom, as she grabbed some body cream and lotion. "This should do."

"Yeah, and only a thermometer, and what's that suppose to mean anyway?" Ranma trying to figure out what Sentina was doing.

"Isn't it obviously, it means Kuno's more experienced then you," Sentina, having the wrong idea all along.

"How am I suppose to hold all of this?" Ranma called after her. "And what do you mean, Kuno has more experience than me?"

"Hell, find a way." She turned to Ranma. "Are you that stupid, or you just were just born that way.

"What?" Ranma confused and insulted. "Kuno's sick."

"I'm sure he is?" Sentina smirked.

"How is this stuff suppose to help someone if they have a cold."

"Wait- he has a cold?" Sentina asked.

"What did you think I was asking you for a thermometer for?" Ranma questioned.

"Uh?" Sentina paused. "Oh…well, oh well then- you guys can just keep the stuff.

"What would I want your junk for?" Ranma asked.

"My junk is going to save your butt later, if this keeps up," Sentina shot back. "Besides, if you don't want it, then Kuno can keep it. You two can use it later if you guys need it."

"What would I need it for?" Ranma glared.

Sentina shakes her head an sighs to herself. "Did you just jump off the turnip truck or something?"

"Well I guess I must have, because I don't have a clue about what you're talking about?" Ranma clueless as ever.

"And here I thought Kuno was the clueless one, oh well," Sentina sighed, looking at the ceiling.

"Hey, after I'm done proving to Kuno that he doesn't have a fever, can I sleep out here for tonight."

"No way. I will hunt you down and kill you, if I catch you sleeping out there."

"But there's only one bed, no floor space, so I can't sleep on the floor, and Kuno's sick."

"No way."

"Why not?"

"You live together, you catch a cold together, that's why," she declared. "I don't want you troupes invading in my space."

"Don't you have your own room?" Ranma asked.

"I don't sleep in it," Sentina said clearly.

"Then why won't you sleep in it then?" Ranma asked.

"Fallow me," Sentina instructed.

Ranma, with the bag of toy's in his hand, he followed her to her room.

Sentina opened the door, as Ranma's mouth gaped open. "What happened to your bed?"

"It broke," Sentina making small talk.

"How?" Ranma asked.

"When you and Kuno use the possessions I gave you, you'll understand why."

"And you never fixed it?" Ranma asked.

"No, it's not that couldn't. Hell I could do it myself if I wanted to…but no."

"Why not?"

"I choose not too that's why not," Sentina snapped.

"Why not?" He asked again.

"Don't you have something to do," Sentina gave Ranma looks that could kill.

Ranma 's thoughts went back to Kuno. "Oh yeah- right."

Sentina went back to her couch, as Ranma entered back to his and Kuno's shared living space.

"What took thee so long?" Kuno asked.

"Sentina…" Ranma answered. "Now it looks like I'm stuck in here with you and your cold."

"What's that?" Kuno narrowed his brow in question, pointing to the bag in his hand.

"Sentina said you would know?" Ranma asked. Taking the cream, lotion, and sake out, he dumped the rest of the stuff on the floor between him and Kuno.

Kuno studied the stuff as Ranma continued explaining. "She said we might need it later on, even though I have no idea what she's talking about; maybe you could explain it to me."

"Didn't you bring hand- cuffs yourself?" Kuno interrupting Ranma's point.

"Uh, yeah….." Ranma setting the thermometer. "Here…"

Kuno took the thermometer and stuck it in his mouth, as he continued to examine the floor. "What thou plan on usin' th-em for?"

Ranma narrowed at Kuno in annoyance. "You shouldn't talk with a thermometer in your mouth."

"Jus anser my qusten, dammit."

"It goes without saying," Ranma shrugged. They belong with the scroll I pulled out. There's techniques in the scroll that we could use if something goes horribly wrong. I'm not sure what good it well do- but hey, you never know until you try."

Ranma studied Kuno's face as Kuno continued looking at the floor.

"Potpourri?" Kuno saw through the small plastic bag-case. "Sake?" Kuno lifted up the bottle.

The beeper went off, as Kuno took the thermometer out of his mouth. "Methinks thee were right Saotome."

"See, told you," Ranma winning the obvious fight. "So you don't know what it's for earthier?"

Kuno put the temperature magnate aside, as he titled his head in thought. "Methinks doth almost positive, I have acknowledged of what these thing's art; from the obvious stuffs anyway."

"So, what do you think it is?'' Ranma asked.

"Do thee really wanna know what I think?" Kuno thinned his eyes towards Ranma."

Ranma put his fist up towards Kuno. "Well you just tell me what it is already, damn it."

Kuno's restless body stiffed. "Toys we should not obviously use together, that's for sure."

"What do you mean by that?" Ranma asked.

Kuno closed his eyes as he relaxed. "Let's just drop it okay, it's not like we're going to use them anyway.

"But Sentina said-"

"Who cares what Sentina said, we aren't going to use them, especially not together, got it," Kuno warned Ranma.

"Yeah whatever-" Ranma, not caring about the items anymore; even more so, he had his attention more attached to Kuno.

Kuno stated to cough harshly again, when Ranma in a slightly, yet shocking, caring mood, went up to pat his back. "Maybe we should hit the sack, it's getting late, and we have practice tomorrow."

Kuno nodded. "Aye, it is getting late."

With that, Kuno and Ranma stood up. Nonetheless before Ranma knew it, Kuno felt faint, again, losing his balance. "woo…everything's spinning" He was trying to hold himself up, when he noticed Ranma was there, supporting him.

"Come on." Ranma helped Kuno to the left side of the bed. "Hey, you just lay down alright. I'm gonna get you some water and medicine, just in case you do end up having a fever or something. "

Kuno started to get up. "Don't worry about it, I got it."

"No….you stay put, I'll be right back," Ranma gently pushing Kuno back, so that he could lay down.

By the time Ranma got back, Kuno was already asleep. He sighed as he put the water and meds on the small brown stand that was next to it. Ranma crawled into the right and sleep for the most of the night. With the expectation of Kuno's coughing and sneezing, and getting out of bed during the night.