A/N: Harry's motivation to finally break things off with Ginny came from a most unexpected place… Companion piece to "Take a Bow Ginny"

Song: Would You Be My Girlfriend? By 'N sync (Idky, guess I was just in a 90s kinda mood, although I did change the lyrics so they would fit, but mostly so they would be grammatically correct – it was bugging me).

Pairing: Dean/Harry

Dean entered the sixth year boy's dormitory quietly. He knew Harry was in here and didn't want to disturb him if he was asleep. The boy hadn't been sleeping well lately. He'd been having nightmares, bad ones. The rest of the boys in their dorm didn't know because Harry was careful to put up silencing charms every night before going to sleep.

But Dean knew, Dean always knew. When he'd first woken up in the middle of the night in fifth year he'd been confused. He sat up and looked around the room hard; searching for whatever had disturbed his sleep. He'd quickly focused on Harry, tossing and turning about wildly in his bed.

Not knowing what else to do he'd gone over to the boy and stroked his forehead, whispering that it was okay. After awhile Harry had calmed down. Every night since, he'd comforted the boy. Sometimes petting didn't work. He'd lie down in Harry's bed and hold him until he rested. Harry none-the-wiser. The only night it hadn't worked was when Ron's dad had been attacked.

Overtime Dean had found himself growing fond of the small but strong hero. He was a mystery. Strength and vulnerability all wrapped in a pale, lithe figure. With his dark messy hair and his bright green eyes, he was too beautiful for words. Dean had ended many a night or shower with Harry's name on his lips as he came into his hand…

This year Harry still had nightmares, but nowhere near as bad as fifth year. Recently though, they'd increased in number. Dean knew it was because he was having problems with Ginny. Harry was probably the only one who didn't know about the other boys she'd been sleeping around with. He had his suspicions though, and was losing sleep over them.

Dean stepped further into the room. It didn't take him long to spot Harry, leaning against the window sill. "Hey Harry. You alright?"

He didn't move, "Not really." His voice was quiet, sad.

"What's wrong?"

"I just don't understand how she can do that if she loves me."

Dean's eyes widened. So Harry did know, then. "Oh Harry, she doesn't deserve you."

A harsh laugh. "More like I'm not enough."

Dean walked quickly over to where Harry was sitting and took him by the shoulders, turning him around and making the other boy face him. "You're more than enough for anyone." He bent low and kissed him.

Harry jerked back. "What are you doing?"

Dean bit his lip, gazing into those gorgeous green eyes. "Would you be my boyfriend? I like you…"

"What are you talking about? I'm dating Ginny!"

"I don't know why you care." Dean sneered. "She doesn't even know you're there. 'Cause she doesn't love your eyes and she doesn't love your smile. Boy you know that's not fair…"

Harry turned back to the window. "No it's not fair, but, it doesn't change the facts. I'm dating her, and I won't sink to her level by cheating."

"You could always break up with her."

Harry shook his head. "No, it would hurt my friendship with Ron."

Dean knew this was probably his one chance to convince Harry that he was a better choice than Ginny. "In the middle of the night," He began softly, though he doubted this would work. Harry had been asleep after all; he probably wouldn't know anything about this. "Is she going to be by your side or will she run and hide?"

Harry stiffened and through a disbelieving look at Dean. "I thought they were dreams..."

"You don't know 'cause things aren't clear. And baby when you cry, is she going to stand by your side? Does the bitch even know you're alive?"

Harry almost smiled at that. Bitch was a very apt description of Ginny.

"I got an idea." Dean said lowly, leaning closer to Harry. "Why don't you be my boyfriend instead? I'll treat you good. You know you should. If you were my boyfriend, I'd be your shining star." Dean proclaimed dramatically.

This time Harry did smile. "Now you're just being silly."

"But I'm not. I'm being completely serious. Does she know what you feel? You know this isn't real. Does she ease your mind or break your stride?"

Harry knew Dean had a point, he never confided in Ginny, and whenever he was around her instead of feeling relaxed he only grew more stressed.

"Did you know that love could be a shield?

"No I didn't. What does it shield against?"

"Everything. It protects you from the world and all the bad stuff in it."

"Not exactly how my relationship works. She's always pushing me to do interview after interview. I don't know how many times I've had to tell her that I don't like that kind of stuff." Harry sighed. "I know she's only dating me for the fame now. I mean, I've seen Michael Corner and Ernie Macmillan. I'm not exactly the buff blond type." He looked down at his body and snorted. "I have the figure of a girl, and I know I'm not as handsome as those other boys."

Dean grasped his chin and looked into his eyes once more. "Ever since I saw your face, nothing in my life has been the same. I walk around just saying your name over and over again. Without you, my world would end."

"Aren't you being a little bit melodramatic?" Harry asked with a blush. He couldn't help but be flattered. He didn't receive many compliments, and he'd had a crush on Dean since fifth year when the dreams started. Of course, now he knew differently, but that just made it worse. How was he supposed to say no to the angel that had driven his nightmares away time and time again? There was no way he would pick Ginny, the two-timing lint licker over this man. This beautiful, flawless man who seemed to have spent every waking moment for the past year, caring for him.

"No, I told you, I'm serious. I've looked around this whole damn place and ya know what? Everything says you were meant to be mine. Please, Harry, go out with me?"

"I'm still dating Ginny, but I'm not saying no. Could you wait for me, just a little longer? Give me time to sort everything out?"

"Anything for you Harry. I love you." Dean kissed him again, pulling away only when they both needed to breath.

Two weeks later…

Harry stumbled into the dorms, completely exhausted. Dean was waiting for him. He pulled the shorter boy into his arms and held him tight.

"Is it over?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah." Harry answered tiredly. "The Fat Lady confirmed everything you told me. She won't be coming back to the dorms."

Dean pulled away from him slightly and looked into his eyes. "What does this mean for us?"

Harry sighed but smiled a little. "I need some time but I do want to give you a chance."

Dean tugged him back against his chest. "Thank you." He whispered into the messy black hair. "I swear on my magic; I will never hurt you the way she did."

The End