Chapter 6: A New Life for Everyone

Feral stared at the ceiling as he went through multiple tests including an MRI the following morning. He hoped the tests would come back with good news for him as he was very anxious to leave this place and finally start life with Shere.

Meanwhile, after a long peaceful nights sleep, Khan met with some very interesting people over breakfast. The hard eyed toms sitting around the table had arrived in the dawn hours of the morning responding to Khan's urgent summons.

"Thank you for arriving so promptly. Just to refresh your minds on what I need from you, I've asked you here to take care of this city's cyclical threat from three omegas...permanently. The city leader is an incompetent idiot and the Chief Enforcer has been hamstrung by lack of funds to do what is needed to make this city safe. Your job is to eliminate Dark Kat, Dr. Viper, and the Metallikats," Khan ordered coolly.

"Sir, what about that Pastmaster fellow and air pirate, Turmoil," the leader of the group asked.

"Don't forget that techno creep, Hard Drive, boss," his second added, grimly.

"Yeah, him too."

"The Pastmaster will, unfortunately, have to be dealt with the same way he's always been because of his magical abilities..." Khan began to say before being interrupted.

"Forgive me, sir, but that's not necessarily true. I've studied the videos on this guy's attacks. It seems to me, if that crud's watch were permanently destroyed and the Pastmaster sent back through his wormhole without it, he shouldn't be able to return. I checked with some wizards I know and they seemed to think that will work."

"Really? Hmm...well, then I'll leave it up to you how you'll accomplish this feat. As for the other omegas, if an opportunity presents itself, simply destroy Hard Drive's coat and terrify him out of making or finding a new one, killing him will not be necessary and Turmoil is out of the picture. I've already taken care of her," Khan said, a grim smile hovering on his lips.

"Now there is one stipulation I insist you follow to the letter when you take on this task I've set you. Your 'interference' must occur after the enforcers and the SWAT Kats have done their jobs. Whatever methods you must use to ensure the targets permanent eliminations, it must be accomplished in such a way no blame can be pinned on either defenders. Clear?"

The leader eyed him in surprise and frowned. "Well that's going to be real difficult, sir be it. It might take longer to accomplish it in that fashion...but we'll get it done."

"Excellent. Then if there are no further questions, be off with you," Khan said, dismissing them.

"You didn't mention a deadline for this to be completed, sir. Does that mean there isn't one?" The leader asked cautiously.

"Knowing how difficult and dangerous this task is no deadline per se. However, I would appreciate it not taking years, understood?"

The leader grinned an evil smile. "Understood, sir. I'll send you reports when each part of the mission is completed. Have a good day, sir." With that, the leader stood followed by his team and left the suite.

Khan sighed, relieved to finally be doing something to help his mate. He took his cup of coffee to one of the huge windows in his suite and stared out at the blue waters of the bay with the sun gleaming down on it. That's where he and Uly should spend the afternoon...a picnic dinner and the warmth of the fading sun should be good for both of them.

It was after three-thirty in the afternoon when Feral was finally released from the hospital with a clean bill of health. Shere had brought him a comfortable set of clothing which made Feral stare at it in surprised confusion.

"Uh...what is this?" He asked holding up a pair of casual dockers and loose shirt.

"We're going to the beach, my love. Hurry up so we can get out of here," Shere said, smiling in amusement.

Feral shrugged and did as asked. It felt kind of nice dressing down for once especially with the promise of spending a whole evening with his lover. Dressed with discharged papers in paw, the two left the hospital for the limo parked at the rear of the hospital to avoid the press that had learned of Khan's presence and his rather intimate involvement with the recovering Chief Enforcer.

The beach Khan had intended them to enjoy was on a small island in the bay that he'd bought some time ago. The boat ride out was relaxing and enjoyable as they cuddled close and shared many kisses.

Once on the island, Shere took Uly by the paw and they walked the shore, letting the water lap over their feet. The sun felt good on his face and he loved holding Shere's paw in his own. This was a dream come true.

They eventually reached a small cabana that Shere had set up so they could enjoy having a meal by the water's side. When Feral stepped inside, he saw a table set with food and wine and at the rear, a nice soft bed that invited a different activity for the evening.

He turned and grinned broadly at his lover. "Planned for everything did you?" He purred, giving Shere a passionate kiss.

When they came up for air, Shere brushed fingers in his mate's facial fur and murmured lovingly, "Only the best for you, my love. A perfect way to start our new lives together."

"Amen!" Feral sighed, burying his face in his mate's neck and thanking god for this second chance.


Months later, Feral stared down at the last troublesome omega they had left. Dr. Viper lay it happened he would have to let his medical examiner discover. He and the SWAT Kats had battled the fool for more than an hour as the mutant Kat's plantimals trashed Megakat Tower (again) and a good portion of downtown. Nothing they had done could have caused the creature's demise so he was shocked to find Viper dead.

As a matter of fact, he was vaguely disturbed that all their enemies had been dealt with in such a permanent fashion. Turmoil's government had incarcerated her so she would never be back here again. The Metallikats had their disks somehow erased much to Professor Hackle's dismay but investigation couldn't determine how it happened. Razor thought perhaps the pair had run into an unknown magnetic field when they had chased them through a factory area but he couldn't be sure. Hard Drive's coat had managed to become chewed up in a shredder though how it got off the criminal and into the machine, no one seemed to know and why the crook was so terrified when he was arrested was equally unknown.

Dark Kat's demise had not been so surprising as the omega had retreated to his volcano home to avoid the chasing forces and had his hideout collapse on him. Razor had told Feral, the criminal had hollowed out so many chambers in the place, he was surprised it hadn't collapsed before now. Feral felt it was just a bit of good fortune for them that this particular omega was dead.

The Pastmaster had blown in just a month ago, had his watch somehow destroyed when it had been blown from his paw by the SWAT Kats then sent back through his portal, screaming all the way about his watch. He'd lost it before so the defenders were confused by his shocked and angry cry this time. Was it because the watch had been destroyed? They could only hope so.

As he stared down at their last true threat to the city, he couldn't shake the feeling they'd gotten some unseen help. It just seemed too convenient that all their omegas were no more.

Sighing, he let it go. All this meant was he could finally truly enjoy his new life with his mate. Shere had moved his main office to Megakat City and they lived together in a beautiful condo overlooking the bay. He'd never been happier in his life than he was now. Life was definitely good.


In his handsome office, Shere Khan was completing some important business. He handed over a thick envelope to the leader of his strike team.

"Thank you for the excellent work. You will find the agreed amount plus a bonus for you and your team."

"Thank you, sir. A real pleasure doing business with you and congratulations on your mating with Commander Feral. I wish you much happiness," the leader said, warmly, accepting the envelope.

"Thank you and good day and good fortune to you all," Khan said, smiling.

With many smiles and waves, the group turned and left.

Shere turned to stare out at the spectacular view. "Peace at last my love. Nothing to keep us apart now," he murmured, a smile of pleasure gracing his lips.