My Big Mouth

Emily wanted to hide in Garcia's bunker and never again come out. How had word gotten around so fast? She had told JJ.

So she went to JJ first. "Did you have to tell everyone?" "Tell them what?"

"What I told you this morning."

"I didn't tell."

"Are you sure?"

"Who else did you tell?"

"JJ, Hotch found out. I need to know who blabbed."

"Wasn't me. Ask whoever else you told. I wouldn't tell Hotch that. What kind of friend do you think I am?"

Next she went to Garcia. "Pen, Hotch knows. I'm so dead. Who did you tell?"

"I'm not stupid," and Garcia looked affronted. "Go ask Jordan."

Jordan was two floors up. "Hell no, Emily. Why would I do something that dumb?"

"Well, someone did."

"Maybe you should ask Agent Hotchner who he heard it from. That would cut down on your search time."

"Oh God. I probably should. It'll all hit the fan soon enough anyway. Me and my big mouth."

She dragged herself up to Hotch's office. "Sir, who told you the rumor about me?"

He looked at her from behind his desk. "What rumor?"

"The one involving me and a…sex toy?"

Maybe he hadn't heard yet. Maybe she had misread his look earlier. She crossed her fingers behind her back.

"Did you mean the dildo, the lubricant, and the-"

"Yeah. That one."

There was a small grin tugging at his mouth, but he hid it well. "I heard. The rumor was quite detailed."

"May I ask where you heard it from, sir?"

"I heard it last week."

Emily's brows knit. "I only talked about it this morning."

"Agent Prentiss, you shouldn't sit next to me on the jet anymore," he turned back to his paperwork. "Not if you intend to talk in your sleep."

Emily mentally kicked herself all the way back to her desk. "My big mouth. My big, wide-mouthed bass mouth," was all she was heard to mutter the rest of the day, as well as sometimes turn a shade of pink in her earlobes.